No End In Sight

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Sex


After a great, romantic get-away last weekend for our anniversary, Angel and I have had to get back into the grind of normal life this past week.  The weekend seemed to be especially busy, as we both had different obligations to fulfill so it didn’t feel like we even SAW each other all that much!  We did wake up on Sunday morning though, both feeling rather frisky.  Being how it hadn’t even been 1 week yet since starting this latest round of chastity, it was a pretty safe bet that I wouldn’t be getting an orgasm any time soon. But that sure didn’t mean that Angel had to do without!

As we started with some heavy petting, and working my fingers to all the right places down her body, it took a little while for Angel to completely let go and enjoy the sensations. She always had one ear tuned for some little footsteps coming down the stairs, since more often than not our 4-year old will end up climbing into bed with us by that time on the weekends!  Once it became fairly apparent that he was actually still asleep, she was able to have some fun!

I was able to help Angel fairly quickly get to her first orgasm, after which she decided to do a lot of rubbing/tugging on my cage to make sure I remembered who was still in charge! When I told her how horny I still was, she just chuckled a bit and said that she wasn’t going to be able to help me with that–unless of course giving HER another orgasm would help! I was happy to do just that, as I often DO in fact find that helping her get there does indeed relieve a lot of my own tension as well!  At one point she asked about using her vibrator, but unfortunately that was still packed up in the suitcase across the room with the rest of our toys… Neither of us felt like stopping what we were doing to go dig it out, so my fingers had to do the job again!

As we cuddled afterwards and she continued with her relentless teasing, Angel told me that she really didn’t know when she might decide to let me out this time.  The last time I was locked we had our little mini-vacation to look forward to, and she knew that if she could just hold out that long it would be well worth it when she let me out on our trip!  It could be a while before we have anything like that again, so she would just have to decide how long to keep me chaste. With the high that I was still feeling right then, from getting to watch Angel orgasm a couple of times while my own was so close (yet so far away!), I told her that however long she decided was perfectly fine with me!

I also told Angel that for the last round, leading up to our trip, we had gone over the 6 week mark. She didn’t actually realize it had been that long, and seemed to be rather surprised and pleased with herself at the same time!  If she could make it that long before, it really is hard telling how long she might decide to go this time around. When we first started dabbling with chastity, I could generally predict fairly closely when my next release date might be. But now, as Angel has gotten more and more into it, I cannot tell anymore.  For now, there really is no end in sight!

  1. Mic says:

    And that is where the fun begins ;-).

  2. Enjoy the ride…!

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