The Plugged Duo

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Anal Sex, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Sex


Wow, there is so much to write about and so little time lately to do it! I’m hovering right around the two week mark again for my current period of chastity.  This tends to be the timeframe where I generally start to hit a peak of being VERY horny and antsy pretty much all the time! Once I get over that hump (No pun intended! Lol), I know I’ll still be extremely horny and ready for a release any time I’m with Angel and particularly when we are playing, but it should start to slip off of the top of the mind a little bit as I go through my normal day-to-day work activities.

As far as Angel goes, she has also been doing a lot to KEEP me in that heightened state of horniness! She pretty much never misses an opportunity to grab the cage, even through my clothes, making sure I know who’s in charge of the keys.  And any time I’m walking behind her, she will make it a point to step back into me and grind her ass into it for a few seconds, immediately making the cage get a bit tighter! Speaking of that ass, Angel has become extremely good at teasing me with that, as well! I remember one morning, probably a little over a week ago now, where we weren’t playing much that morning since the 4 year old had come down and climbed into bed with us again. But, when he got up and Angel was going to go start some breakfast for him, she very purposfully lifted her nightie to give me a great view of the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear! Wait–she wasn’t wearing any underwear… Meaning she must not have had them on all night! I called her back to bed to make sure she knew that I did see and appreciate that fact, and to get in a few extra minutes of fondling before the toddler got too impatient!

Yes, we have been getting into quite a bit of “ass-play” lately.  It still amazes me sometimes just how far Angel has come over the past month in regard to rear entry; from being completely off-limits to now she not only allows it but has been enjoying it immensely! Not that she hasn’t always had very powerful orgasms, but combining it with a butt plug seems to send her off the charts! On more than one occasion, she has even had very big orgasms from anal play alone, without any other stimulation at all!

To start experimenting with this uncharted territory of our marriage, I had bought Angel a little kit with 3 different sized butt plugs.  The first two are the same (smaller) diameter, just a little difference in length.  She now takes either of those with ease, and is definitely ready for something a bit larger.  However, the third plug in the package really does seem to be a bit daunting, as it is even longer and also twice the diameter of what she’s gotten used to! Luckily, I did find another plug that is somewhere in between, so we have been able to try that one out.  Angel got it right in and enjoyed it a lot, but she said that this one did hurt just a little bit, especially later when she had to use the restroom.  So we’ll just keep taking it easy and make sure she’s good and comfortable with this plug before we ever try to move on to the much larger one!

I haven’t exactly been on here keeping a record of EVERY sexual encounter between Angel and I, but I did want to mention one rather fun time a few nights ago.  Angel was feeling rather frisky, and asked for the help of her friend the Magic Wand, AND she turned over with her ass in the air asking for the butt plug as well! I was happy to oblidge, but when getting her plug out of the drawer I decided to grab an extra one as well..  I kneeled behind her, got everything lubed up properly and slid the first plug into her ass. Then, as she was clenching down on it and getting into grinding against the wand, while I could see her orgasm building I let her know that I was also in the process of plugging my OWN ass as well! That thought seemed to push her right over the edge, and as the orgasm hit she nearly knocked me right off from on top of her!  That was only one of many great orgasms (for her) for the night.  Even though I remained locked for the entire time, by the time we were finished playing I truly felt as though I had come myself, several times!

Angel has been getting more and more adventurous in the bedroom and continues to enjoy keeping me locked and denied in chastity as well!  I surely can’t complain about it though, as this is exactly what I signed up for the day I gave her the keys.  Orgasms may be out of my hands now (again, no pun intended!) but right now, if I had to choose, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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    Great post!

  2. Nicely done. It appears you may be in for more anal play of your own.

  3. I do so adore reading your news – I makes me long for Mr F so so desperately… only 6 days before Blighty beckons and we are home again…

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