The River Chaste

Posted: August 17, 2015 in CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


The more/longer I am locked in chastity, I find that I’ve gotten so used to it that at times it is very easy to completely forget all about it! That happened this past weekend.  One thing that Angel and I really enjoy doing in the summertime is taking our boat out and cruising around on the local rivers.  It has been kind of a crappy season so far this year with lots of rain, flooding, unpredictable currents, etc.  Finally, this past weekend was nearly perfect out there! The weather was very nice with lots of sunshine, and when we arrived at one of our favorite places to anchor we found that the current was not strong at all this time–meaning we could safely do some swimming off the back of the boat without having to worry as much about being swept too far downstream!

Angel was the first to jump in and start swimming around the boat.  After making sure that some friends who were with us would keep an eye on our 4-year old, I dove right in to join her.  After several minutes of having a good time and trying to convince our son to jump in too, it suddenly occured to me that I couldn’t feel the Queen’s Keep down there!  I stealthily slipped a hand into my trunks to check, and was pleased to find everything still in place, locked and secure!

It was nice to know that I could swim around in cool water, even jumping and diving headfirst into it, and the Queen’s Keep wasn’t going anywhere or causing any discomfort whatsoever! I think that is probably one huge advantage to a custom-fit device.  I can’t remember whether or not I was ever in the river in years past when I wore a CB-6000s, but I do know that I at least wore that device a couple times in swimming  pools.  I remember always being extremely aware and self-conscious about it.  Some of it may have just been that I wasn’t as “experienced” in chastity overall yet, so I was always worried that someone else might notice the extra bulge through my swim trunks.  Or in the case of the CB-6000s, I always noticed the light tapping of the padlock against the outside of the cage as I walked, and might have been a little paranoid of somebody else hearing it too.  Or, I think the CB-6000s also just didn’t feel very good with the inevitable effects of “shrinkage!” With that device, it seemed like I would feel a lot of pressure when the balls would start to retract a bit.. The Queen’s Keep, on the other hand, is already much more snug on my body, so there is basically nowhere else for the boys to go!

I really can’t say this enough for anybody who might be interested in trying male chastity.  The stock options like CB-XXXX devices can be a great starting point just to get a feel of what it’s like being locked up, and to start figuring out some sizing options.  For longer term though, it is WELL WORTH the extra money if you can afford it at all to spring for a custom stainless steel device!  There are many options out there to choose from based on personal tastes.  Myself, I still prefer the slightly more open designs like Mature Metal’s Jail Bird and Queen’s Keep.  What swayed my vote towards the Queen’s Keep, was the fact that it has that wider portion at the base of the cage which (in my eyes) makes it appear a little more solid.  But to each their own! And of course, I can only write about my own personal experiences/opinions.  Everyone’s mileage will vary greatly!

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