When The Kids Are Away…

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Anal Sex, Bedroom Bondage, Bondage, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep, Romance, Sex


When the kids are away, Mommy & Daddy get to play! 🙂

Sometimes, trying to plan too much in advance for a sexual adventure can lead to hightened expectations and possibly some disappointment when things don’t go quite like it was envisioned.  Not so for Angel and I, at least in terms of this past Wednesday night! Sometimes we don’t have much choice but to plan these things out in advance so we can take full advantage of the rare occasion when we don’t have to worry about having kids in the house to hear us and possibly be scarred for life. We had such an opportunity last night, and it was absolutely everything we had planned it to be and more!

After having dinner and dropping the kids off to stay with their grandpa last night, we arrived back home with lots of time to play, even with still needing to get up to work the next morning.  I’d say we managed to roll almost everything we’ve ever played with before into one long session, along with plenty of new things as well! Angel took off to the bathroom to change into some of her sexy lingerie, and while she was out of the room I took the opportunity to also pull out another of her pieces that I’ve worn myself before, and put that on so we’d BOTH be rolling around with each other in soft silk/lace! When Angel came back into bed with both of us dressed like this, things really started to heat up fast!

We both knew that a big part of the night was going to be seeing how long Angel could go with her Magic Wand strapped on, so we started with that.  I had picked up a nice leather harness that could hold it in place, we just had to take a little time to get everything adjusted right.  The only problem was that the straps down the front wouldn’t get quite short enough to get the wand into exactly the right position, so I will need to go back to it soon and add a few more holes for the buckle to be able to cinch a bit tighter…  Still, it wasn’t all bad, and took a lot of the strain off of my hands from having to hold the wand in place for that long! We turned on the wand and started the stopwatch on my phone in order to track how long she went this round.  Not very long at all into it, Angel stretched her hands up towards the corners of the bed and suggested I tie them down! I had suspected I would do that at some point, but she doesn’t normally initiate those kind of requests herself!  I quickly obliged, and soon she was completely helpless to do anything at all about all of the orgasms that the wand was likely to “force” out of her!

I started teasing Angel that soon I would have her ass too, or at least she would be getting a nice little butt plug up in it.  That is also when I let her in on another “dirty little secret…” I already had a plug in my OWN ass as well, and it had been there all evening so far! Watching her first-time experiences with it a couple nights ago, and seeing how much she lost control of her body for probably some of the most intense orgasms she ever had, made me realize it had been a while since I had last played with things like that, and I had to see if I could still handle it.  Angel wanted to know how it felt being in all night, and was even MORE turned on when hearing a description of the nice little prostate massage I had been getting every time I sat down.  Or walked.  Or pretty much moved at all! 🙂 I soon pulled out her plug from the drawer, and started lubing it up.  She thought I was going to have to release her hands so she could turn over on her knees like the last time we had used it, but I managed to raise her legs enough to slowly work the plug in from below.  Once again, it was fairly clear from her sudden gasp and a giant orgasm when it hit home!

I managed to get the magic wand in the right position and had Angel squeeze her legs together to help hold it in place.  I topped it off with a couple extra straps around her ankles and just below her knees, to make sure she couldn’t get away from it! Now both of us were plugged, our silk covered bodies grinding against each other, while Angel was tied and completely helpless on the bed and I was still locked in chastity, with the cage of the Queen’s Keep getting tighter by the second!

After a while, Angel was ready to change positions but I managed to keep her there until we had almost 30 mins on the timer.  I finally untied her and helped get her up into a doggy-style position to keep playing with her ass.  She was handling the “small” plug so well, I asked if she was ready to try the next size up.  It is actually the same diameter as the smaller one, but about an inch or so longer. She wasn’t entirely sure, but after a while I made the call for her and changed it out.  She took it like a champ, and said it didn’t hurt at all! This plug does have a larger base on it as well, so it gave me more room to keep playing with it (moving the plug around in a circular motion, as well as sometimes pulling it very slightly out and back in as if a real thrusting action.) Angel had her biggest orgasms of the night right there, and yes–if the kids had been home they would have surely been woken up! Lol

We kept going a while longer until Angel really was completely numb from the wand and ready to have it off.  Looking at the stopwatch, she had made it a record 46 minutes straight!  We both needed a little bit of a break and a snack to get ready for “round 2,” as she put it.  We had already pulled the butt plug out of Angel’s ass, and I had truly almost forgotten about mine until I was sitting up in bed with her.  I made a comment about needing to take it out, but Angel thought we should wait a while longer on that, and I would soon find out why!

Once we were both sufficiently hydrated again and ready for the sexual nightcap, apparently Angel felt that it was MY turn to be on the receiving end for a little while! I wasn’t sure what she had in mind when she turned me over onto my stomach, straddling my ass.  Suddenly she reached for her magic wand, and held it right against the plug, sending its powerful vibrations deep into my ass!  Angel was very happy that she got to see me lose control of MY body, and completely understood now why I found it so appealing to watch HER in that state! She laughed, saying she had that idea for the past hour or so, and had been wanting to do it ever since she found out that I was plugged.

We turned over again, placing the wand upright between my legs so Angel could ride it to several more orgasms, while still contemplating whether or not she wanted to let me out of the cage or not.  In the end, she DID indeed decide to unlock me! As I slipped inside her, I realized that I had never actually had full-blown sex with a butt plug in place before, and that little thing definitely made my own orgasm even stronger!

I would have been perfectly fine if Angel had decided to keep me locked and denied, even after all of the activities of the evening, but I was also very ready and grateful to be out! As talked about in my last post about Keyholder’s Control, Angel exercised her control quite well and got exactly what she wanted out of it. In the end we both collapsed, completely satiated and exhausted. We talked about everything we had just done, and how it went so far above and beyond what either of us had expected for the night! Not that we don’t ever do ANY of this type of thing late on other nights (after the kids are in bed) but we will certainly be on the lookout for the next opportunity when we might be able to get the house to ourselves again for a while!

I am so glad that I get to be married to a wonderful, open-minded wife, and that we are comfortable enough to be able to explore and share these kinds of great moments with each other! In case I haven’t said it enough recently, I am such a lucky man!

  1. subhubphx says:

    Sounds like epic fun! Sound glad I discovered your blog.

  2. Annie B says:

    Fantastic post! So glad you two enjoy each other to the fullest. It’s the greatest thing on earth to have a partner that accepts and cherishes everything about us.

  3. I loved your pretty casual mention of the fact that you also slipped into lingerie along with your wife. Is that something you do commonly, or is that a rare thing? How did you introduce that into your relationship? It really seems like you have a good thing going on there!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      It’s not extremely common, but has happened before with us! 🙂 I brought it up to her earlier this year when she was traveling with some of her family, without me. I wrote about it briefly on a couple of older posts, here and here. I realize, many of my “newer” readers probably haven’t made it that far back in the blog to read all of my first writings about subjects like that, but check them out and if you still have any other questions about it feel free to ask!

  4. Good for you! Such fun. Thanks for sharing all the details, I’m truly jealous!

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