Chaste Make-Up Sex

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep, Sex


As much as it pains me to say, Angel and I had a pretty big fight with each other towards the end of this past week. Very possibly, I think, the worst we’ve had in all the years of our marriage so far!  I’m not going to get into the cause of the fight here, because it really isn’t relevant. I’m fairly sure ALL couples must go through similar things at some point in their relationships.  Money, kids, friends, general stresses of day-to-day life.. There is always some sort of disagreement lurking around the corner when people co-habitate, no matter how much they love each other!

This bout lasted for a good couple of days…  Most of our time was spent either arguing with or completely ignoring each other. We still managed to stay civil and put on a good front when the kids were around, but overall it was not pretty! Finally, Saturday evening after everyone else was in bed, we managed to get all of our cards on the table and really hash it out. It’s not like either of us WON the argument, as we both still have the same strong, differing opinions as we had going in to it, but we did at least manage to come to an understanding with one another and agree to work together to move past this. So that’s a big win for us both!

Later that night, Angel was quick to show me just how much she had moved past it! She began rubbing/squeezing my cage & balls again, trying to get things going. At first I still wasn’t sure I was quite in the mood for that just yet, but her teasing quickly changed my mind!  As I started to rub her as well and discovered how wet she already was, I knew that everything was going to be OK.  I was not let out of the Queen’s Keep, but Angel let me help her to several orgasms that night!  The last big one with her riding her magic wand on top of me, left me feeling like I had just exploded inside her as well!  I told Angel that considering that there was no actual sex involved, that was some pretty hot make-up sex! She agreed, and we fell asleep still naked and cuddling next to each other; both in a MUCH better mood than we had been the previous couple of nights!

This kind of make-up sex was so good in fact, that it picked up again at the same place the next morning! Even though I was still locked and straining against the end of the cage, I could still get my release vicariously by helping Angel have hers, and she was happy to let me do that! We picked up right where we had left it the night before, and Angel was thoroughly enjoying having my hands all over her as well as using her magic wand some more.  Until, it happened…!

Yes, the one thing that we’ve been rather paranoid about happening for quite a while. With me still laying on top of Angel sort of “grinding” the wand into her harder as she was getting closer to her biggest orgasm of the morning, and with our guard completely let down in the heat of the moment, we suddenly hear a little 4-year old scream and the word “Stop!” coming from the doorway! Of course the wand is immediately switched off and we hurry back into our respective positions on each side of the bed, but it was done..  Our little boy walked on in and climbed up into bed next to Angel–I think still trying to process things in his little brain.  Finally, he asked only one question: “Mommy, what was that noise in your bed, under the covers?” Whew, thank God we were under the sheets for this!

Angel managed to explain it away with some line about it just being “Daddy, just being silly” or something like that.  She told him not to worry about it at all, and basically just to forget all about it (however THAT works with a 4-year old!).  It seemed to work well enough though, as he was happy again and we never heard another word about it for the rest of the day! Normally, when he sees something he thinks is exciting, he figures out some words to describe it and we will hear that story several times!  So hopefully all is good and we haven’t scarred our child for life or anything like that! 🙂 At the very least, Angel and I have another funny experience and close call that we will be able to laugh about together for years to come!

I absolutely hate fighting with Angel, and we both find it to be very draining, both emotionally and physically. Fortunately, we don’t do it often; especially compared to quite a few other couples we know who seem like they are ALWAYS having it out with each other, even publicly! But in the end, if it can help us improve our communication skills with each other and (at least in this case) give us something to  lighten the mood and laugh about, I think it will ultimately only make our marriage that much stronger!

  1. franz says:

    sounds like us!

  2. Slacker5001 says:

    You guys sound like you have a wonderful relationship going on and that’s always really amazing to see. I was always convinced I would be open with my kids one day if I have them but it is definitely a rough spot. And embarrassing! I’m sure he will either never remember in the long run or look back on it as an adult and laugh.

  3. Ugh, i hate fighting!! i’m glad your guys seem to be doing better ^_^

  4. I’m glad it was resolved. Good for you two.

  5. I am glad everything worked out. I can so relate to both aspects of your post.

    MrsL and I have had numerous fights with great make up sex over our 26 years of marriage….some really big fights that I thought would lead to our parting ways. Fortunately, we live by the mantra we learned at a pre marriage weekend…”Love is a Decision” and we keep that top of mind at all times. It always brings us back to each other.

    As for the kids walking in…it is inevitable. Our oldest walked in on us at the ripe old age of 5. We tried to explain it away and thought we did a good job until we found some doodle drawings he did in his room of “mommy and daddy playing” and it was a pretty damn accurate doodle. That was in our early days of playing so it was easy to stop for awhile and then started ensuring our door was locked going forward.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Lol thanks for the comments! Yes, that is a great phrase to keep in mind! And while our son hasn’t exactly gotten into drawing actual meaningful pictures yet, we’re just crossing our fingers that he doesn’t go sharing this story around his pre-school or anything like that! 🙂 Yes, I think we’re going to have to start using the door locks too!

      • Mic says:

        Locking the door is the best way to keep you apart from the need to explain … details ;-). That’s something they don’t tell you before you get kids!

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