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I have conquered the metal detectors! 🙂  Anybody who has read my blog for very long, knows that there have been a few instances where I have been let out of the Queen’s Keep for at least a few hours at a time for the sake of going to a baseball game. Starting this season, they have installed metal detectors at the gates for all fans to pass through. While I understand the reason for them and am glad for the extra security measures to help keep everybody safe, it could be a bit awkward to try to explain a chastity device if it were to set off the alarm!


For all of the Mom’s out there who might read my blog, I want to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! In particular Angel (whether or not she ever reads it on here, I have already told her this anyway). Angel is first and foremost a fantastic mother for our children. Obviously any “motherly needs” that arise will always take precedence in our house but she STILL manages to keep her husband (that would be ME!) taken care of as well! She always knows just the right way to keep that spark alive in our relationship, and I do love how she has taken over more and more control of when I am allowed out of chastity to have an orgasm. (more…)


The counter on my Current Status page has reset again, starting the latest session this past Sunday. Saturday night Angel came to bed EXTREMELY horny and I was more than happy to help her out with that! We engaged in a lot of our “normal” activities with the magic wand, etc. After several very powerful orgasms for herself she began pushing my head down there, saying I needed to get a good taste of what I had just been giving her! Have I mentioned before that I LOVE it when she gets into that more “aggressive” mode and really tells me exactly what she wants? 🙂


I was out of chastity for 9 days, and dare I say that it almost felt a little bit strange NOT being locked up! I guess I have been getting used to not being able to touch myself, with the longer periods of denial that we have been practicing lately.  Even this time around, Angel didn’t explicitly ask (or tell!) me to lock it back up again, but she was definitely dropping subtle little hints that she wanted me to! (more…)


Happy Easter, everybody!  Whether it’s an important religious holiday for you or just a way to enjoy some fun activities with the kids (or both!) I hope you are enjoying your day! Around our house it’s been a fun time with at least the oldest boy really getting into finding eggs and everything this year.  MY Easter egg doesn’t look much like an egg at all! More like a little square box with a combination lock on it. And rather than candy it holds the keys to the Queen’s Keep! 🙂




Angel has really begun getting this whole “teasing” thing down to a science.  She is even great at it from long distance! Late last night, we were talking on the phone for a while (cleanly of course, being how she is in the same hotel room as our boys AND her dad!)  When we got off the call, she was going get a shower and go to bed.  Next thing I know, a boob shot shows up in my e-mail with a note about how she wishes she could be here to rub them in my face and let me suck on them! Of course that’s just pretty much an instant turn-on. We’ve never done these kinds of provocative pictures and texts/e-mails before–but hey, if that’s something she wants to try now then I’m certainly game!

I replied back about her sure knowing how to tease a locked guy from far away, and I DO certainly like the thought of sucking on those… among other things! This banter went back and forth for a good 45 minutes or so, with her telling me all the things she’d like me to do to her, and me adding extra things that I know would really make her squirm! She was already getting very “squirmy” (as she put it) and extremely wet! When she told me how turned on she was, I had to say “Good!” I was too, and with her sharing a room with the family, that meant that there was no way that EITHER ONE of us was going to be able to do anything about it!  🙂

I know I’ve left out most of the details here, but it was a VERY hot conversation, which just left me pretty much bouncing off the walls from being horny and having no way at all of a release! Fortunately, Angel will be back home tonight and we’re both hoping that we will be able to find some alone time to act out some of what we talked about! Not that I still have any chance of getting out, at least until the weekend, but that won’t stop HER from getting all the pleasure she deserves!


Angel has been out of town for only three days so far, but I have really been missing her terribly! It hasn’t been too bad during the daytime, as I have had plenty of things to work on and keep my mind occupied; but when I lay down at night alone, it has really been hitting me hard.  I have actually been finding at least a little bit of relief from the loneliness, by putting on and sleeping in a piece of Angel’s lingerie! I know it’s all a mental thing, but when I do that it really makes me feel like I’m close to her again and (though nowhere near the same thing as her) I can at least snuggle into a pillow a little bit and drift off to sleep with nothing but happy thoughts about her!

The first morning after I did that, I was texting with Angel and told her how much I missed her, and that I had worn one of her sexy outfits overnight!  I almost chickened out before hitting the send button on that message. I can’t explain why, but part of me still always seems to be a little nervous about opening up with new little “kinks,” even to my wife who has shown nothing but support and acceptance, even to the point of keeping my junk locked in a steel cage for weeks at a time! To my relief, Angel truly did not seem to find it weird at all. She thought it was “interesting,” and after seeing a picture she commented about it being sexy, and she thought I even pulled off the look better than HER! I will have to disagree with her on THAT one, but the point is that she was just as accepting as ever, so I really didn’t have anything to worry about! Plus her clothes are so soft and comfortable… I slept like a baby! 🙂


I’ve reached six full weeks for this round of chastity, making it the longest so far being locked in the Queen’s Keep, and the third longest overall that I have been locked.  It has certainly been quite a ride, which continues to get more and more intense as Angel dives deeper herself into the role of being my key-holder, and deciding if/when I am able to orgasm! Of course this week she didn’t have much of a say in the matter, being how the keys are now locked up and under the control of, but even that was HER decision to do!

It is incredibly hot, seeing Angel take/embrace that kind of control.  She asked me once after I had just finished getting HER off, if I wished I could get out then.  I told her Yes AND No! Of course it would feel absolutely amazing to get out and be inside her again. But when I’m still at the same level of “horny” hours later, I feel perfectly content with having my own orgasms sort of vicariously through hers!  And she certainly does have enough for the both of us! 🙂


Home Alone… “Bachelor” again for a few days… Good chance for a guy like me to be able to have some fun personal time and take care of my own…?! Oh yeah–wait a minute–no I can’t! I’m still locked in a chastity device! 🙂 And I know exactly where the keys are, but they are secured in a lockbox to which I have no clue what the combination is! But Angel is sure loving that right now!  She and the kids left town this morning to go visit some family out of state for a few days.  Of course now she knows that I will DEFINITELY be thinking about her all the time, and have no way of doing anything on my own!

Angel certainly did take advantage of every opportunity for HER to have orgasms before she left though! Friday alone, we both woke up early and managed to get in some very hot sexy time before work, then managed to do it again that night before bed! In the morning, we were talking afterwards about whether she would have unlocked me or not “IF” she had access to the keys.  She claimed she wouldn’t have, that she’s been getting much better at her own self-control (which is true!) She did say though, that as good as I am at making her have incredible orgasms by other means, there is still just a little something missing by not having me inside her.  There’s just a connection when we do that which can’t really be completely replicated any other way.  I get that.  I do feel it too, and I DO love being out and being able to have my own orgasms inside her as well, but wow, I’d also still have to say that getting HER off is pretty darn close to being even better than my own!


Well we’ve done it! It has been almost a week since we floated the idea of securing my keys in the lockbox and starting a new session on CarliLock.  But tonight, the topic came up again and this time we did something about it!

I showed Angel how the site worked, and let her set the random combination and upload a picture without my ever seeing it.  She was still thinking for now, that sometime around Easter weekend might be a good time for a possible release, so we set the session times (both Starting and Max duration) to 2 weeks. Already 33 days into this session so far, and now it is for sure going to be at least another 14 days! IF it comes off that day, that would put me just short of the 7 week mark. We will just have to see how Angel is feeling about it at that time to see if I will end up going even longer than that!


This morning brought about a new “first” for me: being unlocked just long enough for a quickie then being required to go right back into chastity again! Angel and I both somehow woke up well before the alarms would be going off, started cuddling a lot, and it wasn’t long at all before that started escalating into much more!

I was busy going down for a good taste of her, and helping her to some nice orgasms with my fingers, when Angel asked if I wanted to come out. I was actually quite content at the moment just helping HER, and hadn’t really expected to have that offer on the table this morning, so I just turned it around and asked if SHE wanted me out. She said she did, but ONLY if I put it right back on when we were done! That is, after all, exactly what I offered to do whenever she wished, when we first started talking about some long-term chastity!



Last night I got the first feedback from Angel regarding my note about Long Term Chastity, but not exactly in the way I expected!  I had actually gone and laid down in bed a little early, trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold that I was feeling coming on, while Angel was still up finishing some work that she had to bring home. When she did come to bed, she asked if I was still awake, which I “barely” was.. She tried starting a conversation about what she had read (my note) earlier in the day, asking if I really wanted to stay locked all the way until my Birthday??  I wasn’t sure I was really awake enough to have that conversation right then, but managed to mumble something about being willing to go that long if SHE wanted to try it!  She commented about that being a LONG time (which it is!), then it seemed to drop at that for the time.  Eventually, she rolled over and turned off the lights, saying we could talk more about it later…

BUT THEN, as I was snuggling up behind her and truly starting to drift off to sleep, Angel suddenly grabbed my hand and guided it down to her crotch in a clear indication that she wanted some attention! Somewhat late, on a work night even… That virtually never happens anymore since we started having kids! 🙂


One thing I failed to mention in my last post, is that I AM actually locked again! Yesterday evening as I was finishing writing down my ideas for Angel, I did go ahead and lock the Queen’s Keep back on. So if she DOES decide to go for a longer period, it it already in effect as of February 15, after only one day of being “free.”

We will see where things go from here!


As I alluded to in my last Valentine’s post, Angel and I did start having a conversation about possibly doing some longer periods of chastity.  A couple of the main issues that we have with this are:

  1. She thoroughly enjoys having me unlocked on occasion for “real” sex. (And so do *I*, I’m not going to lie about that!)
  2. We both rather enjoy leaving the “power” in her hands, to decide at any particular moment in time whether she wants to unlock me or not.

So we are both rather hesitant about setting a hard end date and saying that I HAVE TO stay locked until that time with no exceptions.  One “middle ground” option that was mentioned, was to be locked up for a set amount of time, but it wouldn’t technically be a hard limit because she would still get the option to let me out any time she wishes.  If she DOES unlock me, I would lock the device back on again immediately after we are finished playing, whether I actually have an orgasm during that time or not.  Angel did say that she might not mind at some point, if we were to put the keys back in the lockbox again (see my CarliLock post to read about previous experience with this), but we’d have to think about how much time to put on it.


Valentine’s Day started off pretty low-key for Angel and I, but ended with a bang! Coming off of one kid being sick the day before, we weren’t going to get him out in the cold at all, but Angel decided to run down to Dunkin Doughnuts for some of their little heart-shaped, cookie dough filled goodness, for breakfast.  We had some good time with the boys, exchanged some chocolates, cards, etc. and then just had pretty much a normal Saturday with the family.  It was fun!  In the evening though, once the kids were both in bed, the fun could REALLY start!


Valentine’s Day is approaching very quickly!  I find it funny sometimes that this one day is set aside as supposedly the most “romantic” time of the year.. Why is it only on this day that so many people take the time to buy their significant other nice presents, and actually say “I Love You?”


I’ve been unlocked for a little while now, until today!  It was 16 days free, according to my Current Status page.  I had been contemplating going back in earlier, but Angel hadn’t said any more about it since we last took the device off a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes, I do almost feel a little bad about always locking myself then dumping the keys on her.  I know she does enjoy it when I’m locked, but she hasn’t ever really taken a notion to ask me to go back in on her own.  I don’t know… Am I pushing this on her too hard?


Hmm, it seems I’ve inadvertently started a whole “Chastity As…” series! I’ve written before about Chastity as a game, as a lifestyle, and even as birth control. This next part will focus on Chastity as Religion. Let me just clarify up front though. I am NOT saying that chastity IS the religion; rather I am referring to chastity WITHIN religion. And I don’t care what religion it is.. This may focus mainly on tenets of Christianity, but I think similar points could be made about chastity within ANY other religion out there!

This stemmed from some comments left on my blog which I ended up moving over to the Discussion Board. In general I hate talking (even writing) about anything political or religious oriented, because it can bring out such deep emotions in people that often they aren’t capable of “reasonable” debate (Generally speaking. I am NOT saying that is true with this gentleman!) I’m also not always very good at articulating my own thoughts on these matters. I really debated whether or not I should even write any more about this, or just let it drop. But I decided to at least make it an actual post, with a few final thoughts. Then most likely will just let the topic drop for good!



We were driving home from the in-laws house the other night following some very busy, tiring days of Christmas activities. Angel looked over and asked if I was “too tired” or not. Of course I knew what she was referring to, and let her know I’d be up for whatever she had in mind! She was happy about that and made it a point to say that I wouldn’t be getting out that night though, because she hasn’t been taking her birth control recently. (We just had our newest baby recently and chances are that might be it for us.. Keeping options open for now though!) It’s always fun seeing her take advantage of the control I’ve given her and to blatantly deny me like that.  It was interesting though, hearing her throw that out as a “reason” to deny me that night!

It got me thinking.  I’ve written before about Chastity as a Game, and Chastity as a Lifestyle, but Chastity as a form of birth control?  I’d say YES!  Great idea! Traditionally speaking, even as far as other birth control options have come these days the only 100% effective way to not get pregnant (outside of a tubal or vasectomy) is with complete abstinence.  (more…)


Wow, wow, WOW!! Last night turned into a pretty incredible night after we finally got to bed! Angel was laying there all anxious to see the new device again and get a better look at it, so of course I was happy to oblige! I asked if she liked it, and she does–just still worried that it would “hurt” me. I assured her again that it doesn’t hurt a bit. I compared it to wearing any other sort of jewelry. Anything from a wedding band around the finger to piercings that some people will put all over their body; this was just a “larger” ring, in a different place. And it happened to serve another purpose of containing erections and thereby denying orgasms until it gets taken off! She seemed to feel a lot better with that answer.

Anyhow, it wasn’t long then before the REAL fun began!