Back in the Keep, By (Subtle) Request

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


I was out of chastity for 9 days, and dare I say that it almost felt a little bit strange NOT being locked up! I guess I have been getting used to not being able to touch myself, with the longer periods of denial that we have been practicing lately.  Even this time around, Angel didn’t explicitly ask (or tell!) me to lock it back up again, but she was definitely dropping subtle little hints that she wanted me to!

It started last Friday night after the baseball game that I wrote about in my last post. We got home fairly late from that, and being how we had acquired a sitter for all night again, it might have been a good opportunity for us to take full advantage of more “alone time.” We were laying in bed, and Angel flipped on the tv to catch up on one of her shows from the DVR.  For the record, I had already been putting in some pretty long nights almost every evening last week trying to make some progress on our remodeling project going on in the house, so I was very worn down by that point. That, plus the fact that I knew we were going to have to get up pretty early again Saturday morning, meant I was quickly falling asleep. At some point (after her show, I assume) I’m pretty sure Angel did try to get something started, but I was completely out of it at that point and barely noticed… The next morning, Angel did make a comment that this is a reason she DOES like having me locked. She was pretty sure that if I had been, I wouldn’t have been falling asleep the night before without attending to her first!

That was the main thing leading up to me being locked again, but there were a few other times after that where Angel would make more very subtle references to the fact that she wasn’t really getting what she wanted.. For example on Sunday we were running a few errands with the whole family, and it was a very dreary, rainy day. At one point as Angel was trying to get our 3-year old to sit still in the car seat so she could get his harness fastened, she told him to “Hurry up, mommy’s getting wet!” Then glancing up at me with a little smirk, she added “Finally!” 🙂

All that being said, I woke up this morning rather craving to be locked back in the Queen’s Keep again.  Also knowing that Angel would really enjoy having me back under her control, I went ahead and put the cage on, tightened the security screw, and went to find an envelope to seal the keys in for her. Since she was already up getting ready for work as well, it was too late to sneak it in and tape it to the bathroom mirror or anything like that as I sometimes do. Instead, I slipped it into her lunch bag so she will discover it at work today! It will be interesting to see what she thinks of the note I wrote for her on the outside of the envelope, and hopefully she manages to keep it hidden from her co-workers…  In response to her remarks this past weekend, my note reads:

A “wet” wife is
a HAPPY wife!
Your keys to happiness, inside!


  1. Very Nice. I like her approach on this.

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