Home Alone

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Sex


Home Alone… “Bachelor” again for a few days… Good chance for a guy like me to be able to have some fun personal time and take care of my own…?! Oh yeah–wait a minute–no I can’t! I’m still locked in a chastity device! 🙂 And I know exactly where the keys are, but they are secured in a lockbox to which I have no clue what the combination is! But Angel is sure loving that right now!  She and the kids left town this morning to go visit some family out of state for a few days.  Of course now she knows that I will DEFINITELY be thinking about her all the time, and have no way of doing anything on my own!

Angel certainly did take advantage of every opportunity for HER to have orgasms before she left though! Friday alone, we both woke up early and managed to get in some very hot sexy time before work, then managed to do it again that night before bed! In the morning, we were talking afterwards about whether she would have unlocked me or not “IF” she had access to the keys.  She claimed she wouldn’t have, that she’s been getting much better at her own self-control (which is true!) She did say though, that as good as I am at making her have incredible orgasms by other means, there is still just a little something missing by not having me inside her.  There’s just a connection when we do that which can’t really be completely replicated any other way.  I get that.  I do feel it too, and I DO love being out and being able to have my own orgasms inside her as well, but wow, I’d also still have to say that getting HER off is pretty darn close to being even better than my own!

I also did remind Angel then too, that if she REALLY wants to feel something kind of similar inside her, while in sort of a “normal” sexual position (going for the deep connection theme here), that we do still have the option of a strap-on over the top of my cage…  We have one, which we did try once or twice before with my CB-6000s, but it was a very long time ago and Angel seemed like she’d forgotten all about it.  But once I reminded her, she had kind of a mischievous grin and said maybe we could try that out that night!  And try it we did! 🙂  For “round 2” that evening, after she was warmed up with a couple smaller orgasms she asked for the strap-on and I was very happy to oblige!  I put it on, then treated Angel to another toungegasm (If that’s not a word, I’m making it one now! Lol) to make sure she was still good and ready and didn’t lose any of the mood while I was fumbling around with the harness…  Then with a tiny bit of lube I slowly began thrusting it inside her.

We kept going with that for far longer than I’d ever be able to go myself after being locked up for this long, and I could just tell that she was practically in heaven! Seeing Angel in that state of ecstasy just turns ME on even more, which of course just means straining against my cage even more, which means being turned on even MORE… Quite the catch-22!  But here we were with me on top AND “inside” her, and our bodies such that she could hug me very tightly as the waves of pleasure came over her time and time again… That moment definitely seemed to fulfill at least a portion of the “connection” that Angel has been missing by keeping me locked up!

Afterwards, I was once again completely exhausted and truly felt as though I had come myself, several times over!  Angel commented about how “sweaty” I was at the moment, and I said “Yes, you would think I had just had some very hot sex… Oh wait–I DID just have some very hot sex! Lol”  It might still be “Chaste Sex,” but in my ever-expanding experience chaste sex is every bit as fulfilling as “normal” sex…  And when the wait is finally over, normal sex becomes absolutely, off-the-charts incredible!!


  1. Yes, I love how chastity makes my hubby think of me when I have to be out of town. He calls me often, he texts me often. I know that chastity keeps me on his mind. I often find a pair of my soiled underwear under his pillow, so I know that he was missing me and thinking of me.

    Plus, all that time and energy he used to spend looking at porn and masturbating while I was away, he now spends on house cleaning, laundry and planning my homecoming dinner. I return home to a clean house and a hot cooked dinner. My boots are shined, my laundry is done and folded. He brings me my glass of wine and a cheese platter and takes my suitcase, briefcase and purse up to my room. Then he comes down and sits at my feet to massage them while he inquires about my business trip. When I’m ready, he serves my dinner.

    I know that his behavior is primarily driven by how horny he is. After a week alone, unable to even so much as touch his own penis, he is always hoping to earn as many “obedient husband points” as he can. It doesn’t take long before he asks if he is going to be allowed a roll of the dice so he can have a chance for some time out of his device, or maybe even a release.

  2. 🙂 sweatin’, turn the aircon on, please..i like this…

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