Long Distance Teasing

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Chastity, Cyber Sex, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


Angel has really begun getting this whole “teasing” thing down to a science.  She is even great at it from long distance! Late last night, we were talking on the phone for a while (cleanly of course, being how she is in the same hotel room as our boys AND her dad!)  When we got off the call, she was going get a shower and go to bed.  Next thing I know, a boob shot shows up in my e-mail with a note about how she wishes she could be here to rub them in my face and let me suck on them! Of course that’s just pretty much an instant turn-on. We’ve never done these kinds of provocative pictures and texts/e-mails before–but hey, if that’s something she wants to try now then I’m certainly game!

I replied back about her sure knowing how to tease a locked guy from far away, and I DO certainly like the thought of sucking on those… among other things! This banter went back and forth for a good 45 minutes or so, with her telling me all the things she’d like me to do to her, and me adding extra things that I know would really make her squirm! She was already getting very “squirmy” (as she put it) and extremely wet! When she told me how turned on she was, I had to say “Good!” I was too, and with her sharing a room with the family, that meant that there was no way that EITHER ONE of us was going to be able to do anything about it!  🙂

I know I’ve left out most of the details here, but it was a VERY hot conversation, which just left me pretty much bouncing off the walls from being horny and having no way at all of a release! Fortunately, Angel will be back home tonight and we’re both hoping that we will be able to find some alone time to act out some of what we talked about! Not that I still have any chance of getting out, at least until the weekend, but that won’t stop HER from getting all the pleasure she deserves!


  1. The teasing is often the most fun…

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes, you are certainly right about that! I will sometimes jokingly give Angel a hard time about being a big “tease,” but it doesn’t phase her in the least because she knows I like it. And so does she! 🙂

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