Valentine’s – Just “Another Day?”

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity


Valentine’s Day is approaching very quickly!  I find it funny sometimes that this one day is set aside as supposedly the most “romantic” time of the year.. Why is it only on this day that so many people take the time to buy their significant other nice presents, and actually say “I Love You?”

Angel and I probably won’t be doing a whole lot this year.  For one, neither of us are particularly keen on fighting the crowds that are sure to be out at all of the nicer restaurants, being that it is not only Valentine’s Day but also a normal Saturday night. BUT, we have had an offer for a babysitter that evening if we do decide to go out, so at least the option is still open!

Don’t get me wrong, even if we don’t go out and do anything, I will still get Angel some sort of small gift to show I appreciate her and everything she does for both me and the kids.  But the point is, I at least TRY to tell her that all the time! It’s not just for a single day! Ever since we’ve been married, every night before we go to sleep I make it a point to snuggle up with her and say “Good Night,” and “I Love You.” I don’t think I’ve missed doing that much, if at all, over the past 6 1/2 years. It’s a little thing, but I’ve always felt that was important to do every night, even when we might be upset with each other. Angel and I have never been the couple who fights tooth-and-nail over every little issue (I think everyone knows SOMEONE in a marriage like that!) but surely some disagreements are going to happen in pretty much any marriage, and I hate going to bed angry. Or worse, thinking that SHE’s still angry with ME!

But I digress, this wasn’t meant to be a post about dealing with arguments in a marriage! 🙂  The other day we had some friends over and somebody asked about what we were doing for Valentine’s Day. Angel responded (half-joking) that we probably wouldn’t really do anything; it’s “just another day.” To that, I responded that that is kind of true. I love her more than anything, EVERY day! I couldn’t possibly love her any MORE, just because it’s Valentine’s Day! So in that regard, Valentine’s really is kind of just another day.

I AM looking forward to Valentine’s Day though! Even without planning anything “out,” it will be nice to spend some more romantic time at home with Angel.  We can wait until the kids are both in bed, then break out some sexy new lingerie that I’ve already bought her for the occasion! Then for me at least, it’ll be back to the conundrum that anybody who’s ever played around with chastity before can relate to. Do I want to be unlocked and be inside her, or is it better to derive my own pleasure vicariously through all of the orgasms that I can help HER achieve? Of course, I’m sure I will WANT to be out, but ultimately it is completely up to Angel! And whatever she decides, I will thank her for it and continue to love her more than anything else in the world!

  1. babygirljb says:

    It’s so funny that you posted this. i wrote in my blog about Valentine’s Day yesterday. i feel the same as you. Every day should be Valentine’s Day.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Thanks for the input, it sounds like we think pretty much the same about that day! Of course, as much as I was kind of ranting about it a little bit, it IS a little better this year from a different perspective: Kids! I was helping my 3-year old get all of his Valentine’s cards with all the “Planes Fire & Rescue” characters ready for his pre-school party tomorrow, and realized that at least these little guys can (and should) still have a lot of fun with this holiday!

  2. datingflops says:

    For myself, Valentine’s is just another day. I see it more for those who are dating. As I have no dates currently, and are still trying to find a decent man that even turns up to an arranged date. I will spend the day with my kids. And totally agree with you on the sentiment that if you love someone, everyday with them is special, not just one particular day in the year. I hope you and Angel have a lovely day 🙂

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