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I have reached 100 days of being locked continuously in the Queen’s Keep, and still am not entirely sure when my EmlaLock session will end for me to be released! It definitely should be this month, I just will not know an exact day until it gets here..

Angel and I have been having lots of fun with it lately though! There was a ton of “action” going on while we both had a little bit of time off over the holidays, I just never really had much of a chance to sit down and write about it much. One of my favorites relates back to a previous post (Playtime for Angel?) where I had tried to prod Angel into having a little bit of solo fun one day when she was home alone.  It didn’t work out that day, but one evening later that week she decided to go for it!


I had a question from a reader regarding my opinion on purchasing a CB-6000 chastity device vs. saving that money to put towards a custom metal device.  I realized that I’ve spent pretty much the entire last year or so just raving about my own custom device, and haven’t really talked for quite a while about the other devices that I used to lead up to this.  So, I thought I would publish this question & answer in case anybody else might also care to read about it..

Outatlast wrote:

sorry to bother you.  Having a bit of a dilemma of what cd to buy.  You used to use the cb6000 as I recall.  Didn’t the 8cm tube stick out a bit and make it obvious that you are wearing something? I was thinking of going straight into custom – rather than blow £100 on a device that I may only use for a few weeks.  I’ve been chatting to a guy on the chastity forum who is about to start making devices out of titanium.  I could just spend the £100 on paying for adjustments to be made.  I’d really appreciate your opinion, if you have time.



I have been locked in the Queen’s Keep non-stop now for 76 days, and still counting.  On one hand I am practically climbing the walls with how horny I am, ALL the time! Sometimes, it seems that this is pretty much all I can think about! Angel has been thoroughly enjoying having me in this state, and egging it on even more.  I know she is anxious to have it off as well, but in the mean time she likes to pet me through the cage and comment about how it’s too bad somebody can’t come out and play–which just manages to drive me even more wild! 🙂

This past weekend, I did show Angel the EmlaLock session that is controlling access to my keys, and explained the little calculation error that I made when setting it up.  If she was very disappointed that I will be locked a few weeks longer than we originally thought, she didn’t show it much, and in fact we ended up having some of the hotter rounds of “chaste sex” that we’ve had for a while!  That’s where the other side of the catch-22 comes into play for a chaste man.. While I am extremely horny and want to be released very badly, it still just never gets old watching and feeling Angel as she loses control of her body time and time again, as her orgasms come in huge waves! At that point, I truly don’t even care that I’m not getting a release. I only want HER to have more!


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Angel and I have gone out of town for the weekend with some family, and of course with me still being locked up tight! I will have to check again to be sure, but I believe that by the time we get home from this trip I will have hit a new personal record for duration of a chastity session! Then it will just be a matter of waiting to see how much longer it will be before EmlaLock releases the keys back to us, and at that point waiting for ANGEL to decide when she wants to let me out!

I was looking back through my blog the other day, reminiscing about where I was a year ago. Chastity was nothing new to me at that point, but I had only recently recieved my custom-ordered Queen’s Keep in the mail.  I was still trying it out, and seeing how much more comfortable stainless steel was to wear than the plastic CB-6000s I had been using previously! Angel didn’t even know at that point that I had the Queen’s Keep, and I was very nervous about what her reaction would be to it!

Queen's Keep with security screw & anti-pullout pin

Finally, I have gotten around to sitting down and writing out an “official” review of the Queen’s Keep!  I submitted this earlier this week to Mature Metal’s page, at:

As of this writing, it hasn’t been published on Mature Metal’s site, but it might soon. Or, it’s just too long so they may choose NOT to put it up there! 🙂 Either way, this pretty much sums up everything I have discovered about the device over the past year, both in personal comfort as well as some of the more “technical” details around sizing/maintaining, etc.


I have been wearing a Queen’s Keep for almost 1 full year now, so I now feel that I can provide a fairly adequate review of it.  Bottom line: Best chastity device I have ever owned! My previous experiences have all been with plastic “one-size fits all” type devices, so that is all that I have to compare it to, but the decision to go with a custom fit stainless steel device has proved to be a very good one!  Mature Metal has many different designs to choose from, which all seem like they would be very comfortable and secure, so it all came down to aesthetics as to which one to choose.  Personally, I preferred the more “open” designs of the Jail Bird and Queen’s Keep.  I ended up going with the Queen’s Keep because I liked the look of the thicker bar at the very back of the cage portion of that device. 

First, ordering from Mature Metal is a breeze–just make sure to take your time on getting good measurements.  It is well worth it to first order the sizing kit to help determine the size of the base ring.  However, in my case it ended up being the same size as the plastic ring that I was already using with another device, so if you already have a chastity device that fits fairly well you may be also able to use that as a guide.  I went with the oval shaped base ring, rather than the round, and have been very happy with it.  I can’t say for sure if the round ring would have been bad, but the oval one certainly is quite comfortable!

Next is determining the length and diameter of your flaccid penis, which can be a little bit tricky.  For the length, it is best to take MANY measurements at many different times of the day.  Go with the smallest number, and subtract at least another 1/2″ from that! Seriously, it made me nervous to go that small, so I only ordered it 1/4″ less than my smallest measurement, but if I were to do it again I would definitely go a bit smaller.  What I found with the plastic cage, was that I still had a good couple of inches to “grow” within the cage, so I was still able to get *mostly* erect.  When that happened, the entire cage would get pulled out away from my body, putting lots of (sometimes painful) pressure on the balls.  With this shorter length of a custom device, there is much less room to grow, and that pressure on the balls is virtually eliminated!  The lesson learned is that the shortest length you can possibly fit into the better!  That is why, when I see that I still do not completely fill up this cage when completely soft, I now realize that I probably should have ordered it even shorter than I did… 

For the diameter, the plastic cage I was using was 1 3/8″ wide and that seemed to work pretty well.  Using the sizing rings I had thought that I *might* be able to squeeze into one size smaller, but again chickened out on that.  This diameter is still good for me, and doesn’t seem to make quite as much difference as the length does, but if I were to redo my order knowing what I know now, I would still opt for one size smaller.  The main reason for that is in terms of being able to pull out of it, which is where I will now get into the optional “anti-pullout” pins.  

I did order the anti-pullout option with my device, which comes with your choice of 3 different pins.  I chose the small and medium blunt pins, then the small pointed pin.  I haven’t actually used the pointed pin, as I’m not really into feeling pain every time I have an attempted erection.  The blunt pins however, do work pretty well as far as preventing you from being able to pull out.  The medium pin proved to be a little bit too long, and I stopped using it after finding that it was rubbing a bad sore on the top of the penis.  However, I have had the smallest pin in place for weeks at a time and barely even notice it is there.  There are rare occasions (especially if I am ill), where the penis will shrink to a point it will even go all the way underneath that pin and I could probably STILL pull out the back if I really wanted to.  But why anybody would ever WANT to do that is beyond me, as the balls would still be trapped and I’m fairly sure it would be next to impossible to ever squeeze back into the device again without having it unlocked!  The point of this is, that in my case since the cage is still just slightly too large in diameter, the pin does a good job of filling that gap and keeping everything sort of pressed down into the right position inside.  I believe that with proper sizing (there should be little to no gap between the penis and side of the cage when completely soft), there would not be a need for the anti-pullout pins, and in fact they would probably only serve to make things uncomfortable–which some may be into, but not me!

I also ordered the security screw option with my Queen’s Keep.  A small padlock does work just fine, but in my own opinion that does make it pretty bulky at the top of the cage; even more so with the way it sits sideways as opposed to dangling down the length of the cage as the plastic devices do.. The security screw keeps everything nice and tight and doesn’t really stick out from the side of the cage at all, so there is no extra bulge.  I did have one small issue with the screws in the beginning, but I contacted Mature Metal and they were extremely responsive and quick to take care of the problem.  I have had no further issues with it since then.  At my request, they were also able to add a custom little “T-Handle” to one of the keys, which makes it much easier to hold onto when tightening/loosening the screw!

All in all I do highly recommend both Mature Metal and the Queen’s Keep.  With the more open design, the Queen’s Keep is very easy to keep clean in the shower.  And, I typically have no issue using the bathroom standing up as long as I am at a urinal (it is still much better to sit, with a regular toilet!)  Most importantly, my wife/key-holder also loves the way it looks on me and has thoroughly enjoyed keeping me locked in it, sometimes for weeks and even months at a time!

I am so sorry this review has gotten so long, but to sum it up: In my opinion you cannot go wrong with a Queen’s Keep for long term chastity! Or at the least, whatever other Mature Metal product might meet your personal needs/tastes!


It has been one year today since I published my first ever blog post, here on Thrill of the Chaste! It was, and in a lot of ways still is, just a personal little “diary” of my experiences being locked in chastity. I had no real idea what I was doing, or how long I would keep it up. (Minds out of the gutter, I’m talking about the blog! The very purpose of chastity is to make sure something else is NOT up… much! Lol)

The amount of following and feedback I have received since starting this blog has been incredible, and in a word: Thrilling! It is certainly a lot of fun to hear other’s ideas and experiences as well, and to be honest I suspect that in some ways the fact that I HAVE gotten such a following has helped me to keep going with my own writing!

As Angel and I have gotten deeper and deeper into the chastity lifestyle over the past year, it has become even more thrilling than I ever imagined!  That in itself makes it very easy to keep writing, because it seems that there is always some new experience to share.  I also really enjoy going back myself on occasion to read about what I was doing several months ago, and seeing just how far we’ve come since then!

So thank you again to all of my readers who make it feel like the time I spend writing this blog is worth it! Here’s to one thrilling year down and (hopefully) many more thrills to come! 🙂

P.S. As I was searching for some sort of celebration-themed clipart including some variant of a lock/key to represent chastity, I wasn’t actually finding much out there that I felt like attaching to this post.  What I DID find though, was the real set of lock/key champagne flutes that you can see in the picture above.  Some day, I may just have to order those for us.. They would be very appropriate, don’t you think?  🙂

The source of that pic as well as the sale page, is here:



A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post called Courtroom Chastity about my having to report for Jury Duty at our county courthouse, and pass through metal detectors at the door while wearing the Queen’s Keep.  In that post, I wrote about a little business-card sized note that I keep in my wallet in case of “emergency,” with a brief explanation of what I am wearing and why I could be setting off an alarm.  I did mention at the time that there was another somewhat funny story that I might eventually share related to this particular note..

I don’t know how many readers caught that, but I did have at least one request to tell that story, so here it goes! 🙂



For the first time in my life, I was summoned for Jury Duty this week. It is a very interesting process, which took 2 days just for the selection of twelve jurors and two alternates. In this case I was not chosen in the end, so I did not have to return for day 3.

I was a bit nervous when entering the courthouse on the first day, considering that I would have to pass through metal detectors while wearing a stainless steel chastity device! As I’ve previously written about, I have passed through the detectors numerous times at baseball games with no issues, but I can easily see how they might have the machines calibrated quite a bit tighter here. I even considered asking Angel to unlock me beforehand to make sure I didn’t set off the alarm. I’m sure she would have gone along with that, but the more I thought about it I decided to go ahead and take the risk. What’s the worst that could happen? A security guard would find out about my “situation.” I mean, it’s not like there’s anything illegal going on here!



Angel’s birthday is coming up towards the end of September, followed shortly after by our wedding anniversary (7 years).  To celebrate, this year we have been planning a little getaway, leaving the kids with their grandparents for a long weekend.  For us, we have reserved a small condo on a lake, about a 3 hour drive away.  We are both really looking forward to having a few full days alone, away from everybody!

It was very cute the other day, when Angel decided to do a little shopping for some new lingerie to take on our trip.  Rather than go out to local stores, she decided to do it online this time instead.  I didn’t even know she was doing this, until she sheepishly came to me asking if I could show her how to clear all of the search history, etc. from the web browser.  She wanted to be sure none of these sites would come up if other family/friends might ever happen to be over and use our laptop for anything!  She was also rather worried about the “discreet shipping,” but was pleased when it did come in a completely plain, unmarked package.  Angel apparently found two new outfits for herself.  She has only given me a preview of one so far, and I know it will look very sexy on her!  The other, she says I will have to wait until the trip to see, but has teased that it is a bit “dirtier…”  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!


The more/longer I am locked in chastity, I find that I’ve gotten so used to it that at times it is very easy to completely forget all about it! That happened this past weekend.  One thing that Angel and I really enjoy doing in the summertime is taking our boat out and cruising around on the local rivers.  It has been kind of a crappy season so far this year with lots of rain, flooding, unpredictable currents, etc.  Finally, this past weekend was nearly perfect out there! The weather was very nice with lots of sunshine, and when we arrived at one of our favorite places to anchor we found that the current was not strong at all this time–meaning we could safely do some swimming off the back of the boat without having to worry as much about being swept too far downstream!

Angel was the first to jump in and start swimming around the boat.  After making sure that some friends who were with us would keep an eye on our 4-year old, I dove right in to join her.  After several minutes of having a good time and trying to convince our son to jump in too, it suddenly occured to me that I couldn’t feel the Queen’s Keep down there!  I stealthily slipped a hand into my trunks to check, and was pleased to find everything still in place, locked and secure!


When the kids are away, Mommy & Daddy get to play! 🙂

Sometimes, trying to plan too much in advance for a sexual adventure can lead to hightened expectations and possibly some disappointment when things don’t go quite like it was envisioned.  Not so for Angel and I, at least in terms of this past Wednesday night! Sometimes we don’t have much choice but to plan these things out in advance so we can take full advantage of the rare occasion when we don’t have to worry about having kids in the house to hear us and possibly be scarred for life. We had such an opportunity last night, and it was absolutely everything we had planned it to be and more!

After having dinner and dropping the kids off to stay with their grandpa last night, we arrived back home with lots of time to play, even with still needing to get up to work the next morning.  I’d say we managed to roll almost everything we’ve ever played with before into one long session, along with plenty of new things as well! Angel took off to the bathroom to change into some of her sexy lingerie, and while she was out of the room I took the opportunity to also pull out another of her pieces that I’ve worn myself before, and put that on so we’d BOTH be rolling around with each other in soft silk/lace! When Angel came back into bed with both of us dressed like this, things really started to heat up fast!


We arrived back home this past Sunday evening from a nice and (mostly) relaxing vacation.  As I previously wrote, Angel did decide that I should be unlocked for the duration of that trip.  It was nice, and we did manage to find a fair share of “alone time” as well! Of course, Angel had the most benefit from those times with numerous orgasms, but I’m sure I had no less than 4 of them myself over the past couple of weeks! By the end of the trip though, Angel was telling me that she WAS missing having me locked (she loves how horny she can keep me in that state), and was ESPECIALLY missing her “friend” (the Magic Wand)! We planned on playing with the wand some on Sunday night, and work on Angel’s endurance with it a little bit, but got home quite a bit later than expected and have been so busy ever since that it is still yet to happen.  Soon enough though! 🙂

As for me, I was rather missing being locked as well.  Looking back through the history on my Current Status page, I have not been out of chastity for that long since late January! Still, I did not go back into the Queen’s Keep immediately upon arriving home, or even the next day.  This morning though, I woke up before the alarm clock, very hard, and was fairly sure that if I didn’t get back into the cage right away I’d probably wind up taking other matters into my own hands too! Lol


To any dads out there, whether locked in chastity or not, Happy Father’s Day! Anyone who IS locked, especially with smaller children in the house, I know first hand what it’s like trying to keep that kind of “secret” away from prying eyes! Inquisitive little minds want to know about everything, and I have no idea at what age we might be able to expect them to start learning the meaning of privacy! Lol

Yes, door locks do help a lot when it comes to using the bathroom, showering, etc. but leave it open once and you can be sure to expect a little visitor, no matter what state of undress you might be in. I have gotten fairly good at being able to cover up or turn my body quickly to avoid having to answer questions about the shiny thing I’m wearing down there!  When traveling or out in public in general, often times a bathroom stop will involve having to take a 4 year old to the potty as well as going myself.  Luckily with the Queen’s Keep, I am able to use a urinal without generally making a big mess of things, so I can usually go at one spot while still keeping an eye on him using the shorter one next to it, and he still never sees anything! Anyway, sorry- this wasn’t really originally going to be a post about peeing! 🙂

For the record, I do love my kids very much, and wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything! Even when they drive you a bit crazy, they’ll just turn around a minute later and do something so cute and adorable that it’s hard to stay mad for very long!


This is my Birthday weekend, and Angel has decided to let me out of the Queen’s Keep for a bit! It is nice, of course, but at the same time it almost feels somewhat strange NOT being locked, being how I have been wearing the device almost continuously for the past couple of months! The funny thing is, I might have been able to get out LAST weekend but blew it.. Angel was, as usual, enjoying having me help her orgasm a few times, and suddenly asked if I was “ready” to come out and play. As much as I wanted to, somehow I just told her that I would be happy to be out if SHE really wanted me out then, but I would also be fine with waiting a week for my birthday if she wanted to do something like that instead. I am either a good chaste husband or a sucker, one of the two! 🙂

At any rate, once she remembered that my birthday was coming up, Angel really liked the idea of keeping me locked until then. And I quickly found that no amount of “begging” would change her mind again at that point either! She even teased that she might make me go even longer than that, we would just have to see!



I have conquered the metal detectors! 🙂  Anybody who has read my blog for very long, knows that there have been a few instances where I have been let out of the Queen’s Keep for at least a few hours at a time for the sake of going to a baseball game. Starting this season, they have installed metal detectors at the gates for all fans to pass through. While I understand the reason for them and am glad for the extra security measures to help keep everybody safe, it could be a bit awkward to try to explain a chastity device if it were to set off the alarm!


It is a national holiday here in the U.S.: Memorial Day! And while I do understand the real meaning of this holiday and in no way at all want to take away from remembering all those who have died in service to our country, I am going to take this post in a little different direction to fit with the theme of my blog.  Do you remember… your last orgasm?


The counter on my Current Status page has reset again, starting the latest session this past Sunday. Saturday night Angel came to bed EXTREMELY horny and I was more than happy to help her out with that! We engaged in a lot of our “normal” activities with the magic wand, etc. After several very powerful orgasms for herself she began pushing my head down there, saying I needed to get a good taste of what I had just been giving her! Have I mentioned before that I LOVE it when she gets into that more “aggressive” mode and really tells me exactly what she wants? 🙂


I experienced my first ever “chastegasm” on Friday night. I know that’s not really a word, but I’m going to use it here anyway for lack of a better term! Heck, I will even give it a definition, to make it official. (If Webster picks this up in a few years, remember that you heard it here first! Lol)

Chastegasm:  Achieving sexual orgasm while direct genital stimulation is not possible due to presence of a chastity belt/device.



I was out of chastity for 9 days, and dare I say that it almost felt a little bit strange NOT being locked up! I guess I have been getting used to not being able to touch myself, with the longer periods of denial that we have been practicing lately.  Even this time around, Angel didn’t explicitly ask (or tell!) me to lock it back up again, but she was definitely dropping subtle little hints that she wanted me to! (more…)


I have been wanting to post about my being let out of the Queen’s Keep this past weekend while it is still somewhat fresh in my mind, but have been far too busy lately to be able to actually sit down and write much!  Last weekend was definitely one to remember, though! To start with, our oldest boy was taking a little trip out of town with his Grandma.  That left only the baby with us, and Angel convinced another family member to watch him over Saturday night meaning the two of us would have the entire evening to ourselves to do whatever we wanted!

To begin with, upon returning from running couple of errands in the afternoon, I was rather surprised to find Angel waiting for me in bed decked out in some of her sexiest lingerie!  I hadn’t really expected to be getting down to business before we even had dinner, but if she was ready for it I sure wasn’t one to complain! She let me help her to a couple of “mild” orgasms, and as usual it wasn’t long at all before I was really wishing to be unlocked.  Angel decided that she wanted to go ahead and let me out for just a little bit, and I could have one orgasm myself to get the night started.  BUT, I was to go right back into the cage before we left the house to eat!  This was rather carefully planned out, as she wanted me to be ready to go for the long haul that night, and we know from experience that my first time after a long period of lock-up tends to be rather quick!