Locked Dads – Happy Father’s Day!

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


To any dads out there, whether locked in chastity or not, Happy Father’s Day! Anyone who IS locked, especially with smaller children in the house, I know first hand what it’s like trying to keep that kind of “secret” away from prying eyes! Inquisitive little minds want to know about everything, and I have no idea at what age we might be able to expect them to start learning the meaning of privacy! Lol

Yes, door locks do help a lot when it comes to using the bathroom, showering, etc. but leave it open once and you can be sure to expect a little visitor, no matter what state of undress you might be in. I have gotten fairly good at being able to cover up or turn my body quickly to avoid having to answer questions about the shiny thing I’m wearing down there!  When traveling or out in public in general, often times a bathroom stop will involve having to take a 4 year old to the potty as well as going myself.  Luckily with the Queen’s Keep, I am able to use a urinal without generally making a big mess of things, so I can usually go at one spot while still keeping an eye on him using the shorter one next to it, and he still never sees anything! Anyway, sorry- this wasn’t really originally going to be a post about peeing! 🙂

For the record, I do love my kids very much, and wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything! Even when they drive you a bit crazy, they’ll just turn around a minute later and do something so cute and adorable that it’s hard to stay mad for very long!

Changing subjects slightly, I am locked back up again for Father’s Day, following a full week of being out after my birthday.  I hadn’t been unlocked for that long at one time since early April! At one point this past week, Angel mentioned that she was kind of missing the cage and had been half expecting to wake up and find one of my little notes with the keys, indicating I had locked myself back up again. I had considered it, and would have for sure if she had asked me explicitly to do so, but I hadn’t done it on my own yet for a couple of reasons.  One was that I had an appointment that Friday to do a little “Birthday Physical” that the medical department at my work offers every year.  I wasn’t sure what all that would include so I thought it might be better to be unlocked for that.  But it turns out they just drew a couple vials of blood and got a urine sample so they could run several tests on it, so it really wouldn’t have made any difference if I was locked.  The other reason is that I was trying out the other slightly smaller base ring again for the Queen’s Keep.  I put it on for a while just to see if it was still too tight.  It wasn’t too bad, but I think it would probably still be a bit too snug to be comfortable for very long at a time..

Anyway, later Friday night/Saturday morning, we were in bed fooling around a bit and Angel declared that we should have one more little romp of hot sex, then “someone should be locked back up again.” So we did, and I did! It was a very nice week being unlocked, and we did take advantage of that quite a bit, but when I was locked back up and snuggling up behind Angel again for the night, that just felt very right! I had been missing it too! Now that Angel is obviously getting a lot more comfortable with asking me on her own to do things like lock myself in chastity, I do have to wonder how long it might go this time around before I am released again!


  1. Happy Father’s Day!
    And congrats on the sex romp, lol.
    As for kids, I have a teenager and she was comparing me to a turkey several weeks ago, now it’s a running joke in my house. (I did NOT inform her that I was making those sounds because my face was duct taped shut.)
    WTF man?!? I thought teenagers were supposed to be asleep at 6am on a saturday???

    • pcguy0681 says:

      That’s very funny, thanks for sharing! It will be interesting to see how things change around our house as the boys grow up to be teenagers!

  2. Happy belated Father’s Day!

  3. Great read.. I like how you respect the innocence of your children, while keeping your marriage, spicy. Good balance.

  4. Carolina Cyclist says:

    Happy Father’s Day. I have been out for about two weeks letting some inflammation on scar tissue from a vasectomy clear up. MrsL’s Steelheart arrives this week…we can’t wait for it to get here!

  5. I just love reading about your life… Thank you – a very happy FatherS Day

  6. Joy says:

    Happy Father’s Day!

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