Private New Year’s Party For Two

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Once again I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year, and take a few moments to recap the fun night that WE had this past weekend, albeit a day early for the new year.  I knew that Angel and I would be out all night with the extended family on new year’s eve, so I had planned our own little party the night before!  Once we were sure the kids were both sound asleep, I had Angel change into a sexy new piece of lingerie I’d bought for her and meet me in the bedroom.  I wish I could get a couple pics on here of that but I doubt she’d appreciate that very much!  But it is this bright red outfit, trimmed in black lace which just barely covers the nipples, then a pair of black fishnet stockings and some new strappy high heels.  Very tall heels have never really been Angel’s “thing,” but I bought her a pair this time anyway hoping she might try them on for me at least once, and I must say that they do look very HOT on her!  She is a tall woman anyway, and these actually make her even taller than me.  When she’s standing and I’m not, it’s as if Angel is just completely towering over me which just seems to add even more to the new D/s dynamic that has been growing ever stronger between us lately!

When Angel came to the bedroom dressed like this, she got to see the rest of what I had set up for her!  First she would find me on my knees, just inside the door, completely naked but for the chastity cage and a vibrating plug pushed deep into my ass.  From my perspective, she was absolutely STUNNING, and I just wanted to kiss those beautiful feet and work my way upwards from there!  When it comes to women I’ve always considered myself primarily an “ass and boobs” kind of guy, but there is definitely something to be said about a sexy pair of feet and legs too!  🙂

Once I had shown my complete devotion to Angel, we sat on the edge of the bed where I pointed out what I had prepared on her nightstand.  There were about three candles burning next to a bottle of one of her favorite wines, and a set of these little flutes I’d found complete with very appropriate little images of a padlock and a key. Yes, it might be better on an actual wine glass, but for now these little champagne flutes will just have to do!  Angel was very impressed by this, so we sat and had a bit to drink before continuing on with the evening.

It wasn’t long before Angel was stretched back on the bed, high-heeled feet over my shoulders, and I was giving her the first big orgasms of the night with her magic wand.  For myself, I was so close to being able to just slip right inside her, but that will never happen as long as she keeps me locked in the Jail Bird!  After a couple of intense orgasms from that I was able to go down and clean her up with my tongue; definitely one of my FAVORITE activities!

Then after another short wine break, Angel went into full-on Domme mode again.  She rolled me onto my stomach, and propped her wand between my lower legs so she could ride it while whipping MY ass with the crop!  I think that I had somewhat of a new experience here, too.  Angel started off fairly lightly, but the strokes definitely intensified in parallel to her own build-up towards another orgasm.  The more I would squirm the more she responded to it and the harder she would strike!  Towards the end, I had to take a few deep breaths through the “pain” and almost called her off, but then suddenly it just didn’t even really hurt anymore!  It was the strangest thing to be getting my ass beaten pretty hard, but to be practically LAUGHING from the pleasure of it!  This all happened right about the time Angel was reaching HER plateau as well, and was actually starting to let up on the crop a bit so I had to prod her to please keep going.  She was surprised, as my ass was already turning pretty red, but since we’d gotten to that point I didn’t really want it to end too abruptly!  For the first time, Angel gave me a whipping that I did continue to feel ALL night long and every time I would sit down well into the next day.  But it felt fantastic and was a wonderful reminder of the fun we’d had that night!

After another short break, I asked Angel if she would consider taking my ass with a strap-on again.  We’ve done this maybe once before and found it pretty enjoyable but never really got back to that again.  She agreed, so I helped her into the harness.  After lubing everything up (and of course removing the other plug I’d been wearing all night), Angel bent me over the edge of the bed and really made me her little “bitch!” It felt so good having her thrusting deeper and deeper into my ass, hitting the prostate and making me feel like I was about to explode all over the sheets!  I asked Angel if that would be OK if it happened, and she said that was fine–but we did go ahead and pull a towel underneath me to make clean-up just a bit easier “just in case.”  I have never been able to actually come from anal stimulation alone, and didn’t this time either though I must have been close!  I’ve been told that I just need a little more practice, so we’ll just have to see if I do eventually ever get there!

canstockphoto4190169.jpgI know there were a few more things that we did together that night but some of the details are fuzzy at this point.  The last most memorable part of the night happened after we were basically finished, and Angel had gone into the other room to clean up a bit.  While she was gone I had an idea of one other thing that I kind of wanted to try, so to start with I took it upon myself to cuff myself to the corners of the bed making it impossible to free myself without Angel’s assistance.  Almost surprisingly, this was the first we had used of any sort of restraints for that night!  When Angel came back to the bedroom and found me, she climbed back on top of me and asked what this was for.  So I told her that there was one other thing I was hoping she might do, since I was just a little curious of what it felt like…  And that was to drip some of the hot wax on me from the candles that had been burning next to the bed for the past few hours.  Angel was visibly excited about that suggestion!  She asked if I was sure, to which I said NO I’m not SURE about anything, but that’s why I was tied down now so she could do what she wanted anyway!

She picked up one of the candles and slowly tipped it over so a couple of drops dripped down onto my stomach.  I don’t know what I’d been expecting, but it really didn’t hurt at all; in fact it felt pretty good!  I told her this so she kept going, dripping more wax all over my stomach, around my nipples, then even down onto her dick inside the cage!  As I pulled futily against the tethers I told Angel she could keep going with this as much as she wanted, so she ended up emptying out all of the wax from two of the candles all over me.  I was now becoming her canvas for a work of art, too!

When she was finished, Angel released my hands and we began the cleanup process.  I guess the only bad thing about wax is that it’s a bit messy to play with, and of course we didn’t think to put down a towel or anything first.  So there were plenty of little flakes of wax getting all over the bed, etc. but that’s ok!  We scraped as much of it as we could off of me then I went to take a quick shower to get the rest of it off.  Even what had dripped inside my cage came out fairly easily with the help of a Q-tip!  I think one of my favorite parts of that whole experience was actually later as I laid back in bed with Angel.  I kept rubbing my chest and stomach, noticing just how soft and supple my skin had become!  This will definitely be an activity that we explore more going forward, and I think Angel would like to have it done to HER like that too!

This was definitely a New Year’s party to remember, and we were both very happy to have gotten to have our own little celebration with each other before the big family party the next night.  So long 2016!  And I do look forward to so many more adventures to come in 2017 with my wife, key-holder, and now even self-proclaimed “Mistress!”


  1. I love the strap-on. I bought one a while back and my wife uses it very little on me. I’m not sure why as she literally drips all over the place when we use it. She forces me to suck on it and she fucks me with it. sometimes getting pretty rough. and then when she has had enough, she takes it off and forces my face between her legs and I find her pussy and thighs soaked. Such a turn on to lick it up and it doesn’t take long before she is ready for my dick.
    I am still trying to figure out what about it makes her so wet and if it does this to her, why it’s not used more often.
    I enjoyed reading about your private party!

  2. minion dan says:

    What a wonderful evening! Where did you find those glasses?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      It’s from an Etsy shop. Take a look, I didn’t really point it out but I think I linked to it either from the pic itself or some of the text nearby. If not I’ll definitely look into doing that later..

  3. You need to be careful what type of candle you use. Some will seriously burn you.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yeah, these were actually made specifically for that purpose, as I had figured eventually we may want to play with something like that. It’s a good point though, thank you very much for the comment!

      • The first time I used candles on someone, I used regular candles. I burnt her quite badly. A really nice evening was spoilt and I felt like an ass. Parafin candles are safe–they burn at a lower temperature. Candles made with Soy also are safe–they burn at a much lower temperature. Enjoy the wax play!

  4. Sounds like an awesome New Years party for both of you! Thanks for sharing all your fun. It sounds pretty perfect really.
    Keep up with the prostate orgasm hunt. I’ve had one once from being penetrated by another man while he was laying on the floor and I rode him. The other times I’ve done it I’ve done it to myself with a vibrating massager or had it done to me with a vibrating massager, and a non vibrating stainless steel one. It’s intense, fun, and different from a conventional orgasm. Well worth it.

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