Final Thoughts on Holy Trainer V3

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Last week I recieved my Jail Bird back from Mature Metal, with a new key and new security screws that are now countersunk into the device. Ahh, it is GOOD to be home! The Holy Trainer is pretty decent as far as stock off-the-shelf plastic chastity devices go, but there is still a huge difference to get back to a custom steel device!

I will completely stand by my initial assessments of the HTV3 found here, but I did just want to elaborate a tiny bit more on a couple things now that I’ve had almost two weeks of continued usage.

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HTV3 Design:

Let’s start with the extra little “flange” on the top of the cage. The way it slips underneath and actually sits about an inch or so behind the base ring is fairly unique, at least among any cages that I have personal experience with. My first reaction that I previously wrote about is that it’s pretty nice! It certainly does make it easier to hold all of your excess skin/hair out of the way while you secure the cage to the base ring. It feels pretty good too, at least at first. However, over time I would start finding that extra little flaps of skin from my pelvic area would start going over the top of it.

I should have taken a picture.. Maybe I will some other time if/when I’m ever back in this device again. But basically, looking down at the cage I couldn’t even tell that flange even existed anymore. In fact at one point I DID completely forget about it since I’m not even used to having a device that comes back that far! All I could see was skin, going all the way up to the base ring. Which puzzled me for a brief moment as to why I could feel something “hard” under my skin… Then I realized that I needed to pull that flab of skin back and there was the HTV3 cage! It didn’t really feel like it was rubbing blisters or anything, so that’s good. It was just slightly uncomfortable at times.

I would especially notice it when I needed to make “other adjustments.” Every now and then the balls might be feeling a little extra tight against the bottom of the cage, so you have to just kind of pull a little extra skin through to give them some breathing room… Other guys in chastity: You probably know what I’m talking about, right? I don’t think I’ve ever talked about that phenomenon here on my blog, but surely I’m not the only one who runs into that situation! 🙂 So the problem here was, if I would try to pull some skin through, there was none to be found–because it was all wrapped around the top of the cage! Freeing it from there would allow me to work things on through and be a little more comfortable.

The Five O’Clock Smell?

I was actually contemplating a whole separate blog post with this title, but since I’m wrapping up my overall review of the HTV3 it seems fitting to include here instead. Everybody knows the concept of a five o’clock shadow, right? Basically a guy can have a close shave in the morning, but by late in the day (5:00 PM or so) he might have enough beard stubble starting to grow again that it looks like a little shadow beginning to form on his face…

canstockphoto10169037I started feeling like a similar thing was happening with the HTV3, but with a SMELL! I had to kind of change my routine a bit to try and combat it. I’m normally more of a “night shower” kind of guy because I hate waking up early. And when I’m up in the morning there’s usually too much to do as far as getting ready for work, taking care of kids, and everything else. But for the past couple of weeks I did start showering in the morning. I would take great care to try to make sure the cage was as clean as possible, and would start the day smelling fresh. But inevitably by late afternoon I would start catching a few whiffs of something not quite so pleasant, and I definitely think it was coming from the chastity device. I’m hoping nobody else noticed; if they did then thankfully nobody ever said anything about it!

I’m really thinking it is mostly due to the more closed in design, compared to the open steel bars of my Jail Bird. If I remember correctly, the CB-6000s may have been similar, though I don’t recall it being quite so strong. The CB-6000 did have a couple extra vent holes along the sides though that are lacking in the HTV3, so that could help too for letting things air out a little better.

Maybe it’s just not really feasible to go weeks at a time in these kinds of devices without removing it at least once in a while for a very thorough cleaning, inside and out? I do hear plenty of instances of guys who do get released at least weekly for that purpose. Personally, I would prefer to not HAVE to be let out, so that’s another reason I’ll stick with my Jail Bird as much as possible. Rinsing it out with some soapy water once a day has always been enough to keep it from getting all smelly as the hours go by!

canstockphoto9429958All in all, I can still recommend the Holy Trainer as a decent starter device or even as a backup. But personally I am very partial to a custom-sized steel chastity device. This experience of wearing plastic for a couple weeks then going back to the Jail Bird has only reinforced in my mind how much more comfortable it is!

  1. Greg Joe says:

    I have experience the flap of my skin turn over the flange. I found that this tricks my body to accept the device as non existence. Not sure why but usual daily movements like pressing my body against the device. Usually it causes the flange to dig into my skin but with my skin flap goes over the plastic flange, it’s very comfortable 🥰. I am locked into Nano Tube wuth dia 40mm. Waitng my Nub as my coming as Birthday presrnt to myself.

  2. jack B Gethmann says:

    Seems like the V3 needs one more accessory. If you had the nano type but made shorter to where the end was where the penis hat starts then the nano or small could be removed and the new adapter installed while taking showers and cleaning the tube unit. This would keep pressure on the flacid penis so I would not feel released. I had a V2 but am much more comfortable with using the V3 – with the nano and amall tube units.

  3. (Cheap Chinese knockoff) Holy Trainer customer says:

    Maybe it’s just not really feasible to go weeks at a time in these kinds of devices without removing it at least once in a while for a very thorough cleaning, inside and out?

    Oh, gosh, yes. Any enclosed device needs to be cleaned frequently, or it gets extremely gross. You were wearing one for WEEKS at a time without removing it?? Y i k e s. I unlock mine for a few minutes every morning in the shower, clean the inside a little with a squirt of dish soap, and put it back on.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Back in the day I did wear my CB-6000s for weeks at a time without ever removing it, but it did seem to be a little easier to keep clean than the Holy Trainer. Not sure if the extra little vent holes on the sides had anything to do with that or what.. Preferably, I never have to be unlocked for anything–including hygiene. Angel is the only one who touches those keys, until the rare times when SHE wants me to be out!

  4. confewzhed says:

    I have a cheap Chinese knock off of an HTv2, and noticed the smelly thing myself and wondered if more holes would help it. As the smallest right I have for it doesn’t really fit (I cal still slide right out) I was thinking I would try adding some ventilation holes to the tube portion of the device. Any thoughts on that idea? I’ll try to remember to follow up with the results of that experiment.

  5. I haven’t had many devices. Three have been steel while I also have the CB6000. The three steel ones all have lots of openings and I’ve never had issues with cleanliness. Since I ordered my Jailbird, I haven’t worn any of the other steel devices—in fact I got rid of one that I hated and have forgotten where the other one is. The Jailbird is easy to wear and still get everything clean. It works for me. I have only worn the CB 6000 a little bit, but I find it starts to smell within the day—a single day!! Aesthetically it also isn’t as pleasing. I’ll keep it because sometimes my Queen wants me to wear it when we travel or go to concerts etc. But I don’t really like it that much.

  6. furcissy says:

    Thank you for sharing. I had similar experiences with the “flange” being an issue on the V2, and it was worse the smaller the base ring that was used. It looks like I will probably be avoiding the V3.

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