Freedom In Knots

Posted: April 28, 2018 in BDSM, Bedroom Bondage, Bondage, Chastity, Fetish, Key-Holder, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Rope, Sex, Strap-On


WOW, OK… Being locked in a chastity device for so long must definitely mess with a guy’s mind a bit, huh? I mean, could I really get to a point where I truly don’t even WANT to get out and have a “real” orgasm? Am I already at that point? I’ve long said that I don’t CARE when I get out, as I want it to be completely Angel’s decision… but in the heat of the moment I always still WANT to be out! Let’s back up a little bit though, and analyze my real-life account of last weekend (yes, I’ve been working this draft for several days now)…

This story takes place a week after I had ventured out into the local community to attend an intro “Rope Bondage” class. It went pretty well and was a lot of fun (read about it here and here.) I just hadn’t had any chance yet to practice any of my new knots on Angel. Saturday morning we woke up both a little frisky, but still couldn’t do very much because we heard that the kids were already up and moving around the house as well. Still, I rolled on top of her to simulate what she had to look forward to LATER if she wished! I held both of her wrists together over her head and said that I might just have to tie them like that to make sure she couldn’t stop me from giving her extra orgasms!

That moment didn’t go much further than that as little ones suddenly pushed their way through the door into our room. But later that night after everyone else had gone to bed… Angel came and sat down in my lap to start cuddling, and asked if I remembered what I had said about doing something with her hands?? Of course I did, so we quickly made our way back to the bedroom again. I asked if she was OK with me “practicing” a little something I had learned the previous week on her, and she was. So I pulled out a length of bright red, soft, silky rope, and executed a near perfect two-column tie on her! After making sure it wasn’t too tight and that it definitely couldn’t cinch any tighter, I secured the other end of the rope to the edge of the bed with her arms up over her head.


After completing the look with a matching red blindfold, I checked to see how wet she was (let’s call it… SOAKED!) and it was time to get to work with her magic wand! It didn’t take long at all before she was just bucking underneath me as wave after wave of ever-increasing orgasms rushed through her entire body! The more I encouraged her to TRY to get out of her bonds, the more powerful the orgasms came! While I was sitting on her legs trapping the magic wand against her, I even brought out our soft, suede flogger and began lightly smacking it back and forth on her breasts, which this time she didn’t seem to mind at all! I reminded her that if it got to be too much to use “yellow” or “red” and I would slow down or stop accordingly. I eventually got a “yellow” out of her, but it took a LONG time to get to that point!

Finally, I could tell she’d had enough for the time being so turned off the magic wand and removed the blindfold so I could see the full expression in her beautiful blue eyes as I continued worshipping her entire body with my kisses and tongue.. I checked again to make sure the ropes weren’t getting to be too much for her, and the response almost surprised me! She says, and I quote: “I kind of want you to fuck me like this… Like, REALLY fuck me!”

I knew exactly what she meant. Obviously she wanted to have me unlocked and making love to her flesh to flesh! This was my chance, right?? I’ve been locked continuously 24×7 since New Year’s, and here was the golden opportunity to get out! All I had to do was ask where the keys were (even though I pretty much already know, I still would never go there without her specifically asking me to!) Then I could be out, and have a real orgasm inside of my wife for the first time in several months. And with her all tied up, looking extremely sexy and vulnerable, there’s nothing she could do about it other than take my entire load!

Obviously, the cage was very tight on me, and had been pretty much from the moment she had come over and sat in my lap to ask me to take care of her that night. I’m sure a big part of me REALLY wanted to get out and fuck her just the way she asked for! But that part of me went completely AWOL right at that moment. Without missing a single beat, my immediate answer to her was that as she knows–if I were out it wouldn’t last any time at all, and I intended to draw out her pleasure for as long as possible. So I guessed I would just have to use the strap-on for her instead!


Angel didn’t say another word about that, but her smile… God, that gorgeous smile, spoke volumes that she liked what she was hearing! I helped her position the wand back between her legs to keep things interesting while I prepared “Richard” and got him attached right smack over the top of my cage. Keeping the wand buzzing between both of our hips, I slowly slid into her with the strap-on until it was hitting places inside of her much deeper than I would ever be able to go for real!

Angel moaned as more orgasms came and went. Each one making me feel like I was having one myself right along with her–only amazingly I was still extremely horny and could keep going like that indefinitely! I was still doing all of the work of thrusting, and could feel every little reaction of Angel’s body beneath me as she continued to struggle against her bonds, but there was pretty much zero risk of coming myself and ending the scene earlier than we needed to!

I know that I’ve had similar epiphanies before, but I definitely realized in that moment that this… this is where I belong. This… is what I enjoy doing more than anything! Angel’s orgasms are SOO much better than my own and she deserves to get as many of them as possible even if that means that I never have another! I never want this feeling to stop, and I am almost afraid that whenever I am eventually (inevitably) allowed another release, I’m going to be somewhat disappointed to be let out!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will be absolutely amazing–It always is! I’ll just have to keep the mindset that Angel is in control, so when she really wants to have me out (and has her hands free to get the keys herself, of course! Lol) then she will get what she wants. And as long as she’s happy with that short time that I’ll be able to treat her to the “real deal,” then I’ll be happy too.

To wrap this up, Angel and I talked afterwards and I asked her how she liked the ropes. She agreed that “maybe” it WAS worth it, having let me go to that rope class.. She’s never been AS into bondage as I am, but she admitted that there is definitely something better about being tied up like that for sex.. She says that sometimes when the orgasms almost get to be “too much,” she tends to try and push me away so she can get a break. But with her hands bound she just has to take it and the orgasms really do end up feeling much stronger!

That’s music to my ears, as I can foresee more hot scenes like that in our future! In case you’re wondering where the title of this post came from, I settled on “Freedom In Knots” as a double meaning… Angel feels more “free” to let the pleasure take over her entire body while she is tied up in knots, and also MY freedom is LESS possible while her hands are tied in knots! Being locked in a tight steel cage, unable to get hard in the least, really is becoming my default position in life. I truly cannot even start to imagine going back to the days BEFORE Angel had full control of me like that!


  1. CaliGirlsBoy says:

    That was incredible. I can’t wait for my girlfriend, who is just learning about male chastity, reads about the wonderful experience you and your wife shared. She will be thrilled that it demonstrates a caged man can and will take her beautifully aggressively as she too loves to be taken. As the KH she can be delightfully ravaged….
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    New to this site… not sure how to give you a thumbs up or a star… very Hot every KH should read this wonderful story of your ‘bond’ with your wife!!!

  2. It’s been so long since I had an orgasm that I wonder what it will be like when next I do. Will she make me go as long again? Will she make me orgasm far more often? Honestly I don’t know what I want!

  3. Carly Quinn says:

    Some pretty amazing insights into how a caged man thinks and experiences his situation. Thank you for that!

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