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Posted: September 8, 2016 in BDSM, Bondage, Chastity, Fetish, Key-Holder, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Spanking, Submissive


Lately I’ve been writing about several new “firsts” that Angel and I have been able to experience together recently, and this past weekend leading up to the holiday presented yet another!  It’s no secret (at least to readers of my blog here) that we like to “play,” whether it be with light bondage, spanking, vibrators, butt plugs–you name it!  Well a while ago (I can’t really remember if I wrote about this particular experience or not), we played once with some of these “cheaper” little door jamb cuffs, and had a lot of fun with each other actually standing up this time instead of just being tied to the bed or something..  Angel was definitely interested in doing that again, and since we had last Friday night with no kids in the house, I had teased her starting that morning before work by saying that by the end of the day I would have her strung up by her hands and be turning her exposed ass a nice shade of red!

Little did Angel know, that since that time I had acquired a somewhat decent set of actual suspension cuffs, complete with a D-Ring meant to be bolted to something very solid and capable of supporting weight.  I wasn’t going to tear up any walls or the ceiling in our bedroom of course, so I ended up attaching it to the rafters in an open area of the basement so it would be ready for us to have some fun!

After we finished running a few errands, cleaning parts of the house, and basically just a few other chores that are much easier to do with no children, it was time to play!  Angel came into the bedroom all decked out in her favorite cupless & crotchless teddy, ready to give herself up to “whatever” I wanted to do–except of course be unlocked..  Even when I’m taking the lead role of a power-exchange between us, she ALWAYS still has control of the keys!  I quickly stripped down as well, revealing the red mesh thong underwear I was wearing, which barely covered the cage and had Angel getting even more wet herself!  Angel glanced over at the closet door, where we had played the last time, and seemed slightly disappointed that it wasn’t set up to support a person.  At that point I slipped a blindfold over her eyes, assuring her that I WAS going to make good on all of my promises from that morning, just in a slightly different way and different place.  I also put a collar around her neck letting her know that she was now mine for the evening, and carefully led her to the basement with a short leash.  And now is when the fun could REALLY get started!

canstockphoto24125982I first had Angel kneel on her exercise mat which I had strategically placed directly under the suspension ring.  I let her know that she was about to get a far different/better workout on this mat than she was used to!  I then secured our new cuffs to her wrists and attached them to a strap which could easily tighten and pull her arms well up over her head.  I had her stand for this, and soon she was “hanging” there, completely helpless and at my mercy! 🙂  I took our suede flogger and began lightly warming up her ass.  She does seem to enjoy having this used on her, at least better than some of our other “impact” implements like a leather paddle or a riding crop!  I worked her ass for a while and also moved on to her boobs, as she has also recently learned that she rather enjoys having those flogged a bit as well!  The way they jut out a little extra with her arms tied above her head made them that much more inviting!

Once I had Angel really squirming under my touch, I decided to make things a little more interesting with a butt plug.  I lubed up the one we’ve played with quite a bit on her lately, and slipped it right into place.  It went in with almost NO resistance this time…  might almost be time to start trying the next size up again, huh?!  Anyhow, with that in place we did just a little more flogging and I began rubbing/kissing all over her body.  From her toes and feet, all the way up her legs, then kind of skirted around her wet pussy for the moment to leave her waiting and “wanting” for a bit longer.  I kissed all the way up her sides, back, and arms, feeling the goose pimples pop up on her as she sort of shuddered in anticipation.

wpid-20150925_085440.jpgFinally, I went for the grand finale and grabbed her magic wand which I had brought down earlier in preparation, and plugged in nearby.  As I turned it on low and held it up to Angel, she was instantly trying her best to rub against it to get as much stimulation as possible.  Of course I had to toy with her for a while, holding it there then pulling it back for a second to keep her on the same edge that I feel almost 24×7 these days!  🙂  Finally I flipped it to high power and held it where Angel could completely finish herself off.  It didn’t take long at all before she was completely losing control and getting lost in her orgasm.  Being (quite literally) weak in the knees, her legs eventually gave out underneath her leaving her swinging from her arms as she peaked! It was definitely a good thing I had found a very secure place to attach the D-ring to support her!

When she was finished Angel gently got back onto her feet and indicated that she needed to have her arms lowered, which I gladly helped her with.  I helped her to a chair so she could regain her composure and got her a bottle of water while she caught her breath.  The whole scene was so incredibly sexy, and my cage was feeling VERY tight the whole time, always there to remind me who was ultimately in charge!

The night was far from over, but oh how the tables would turn!  Stay tuned! 🙂


  1. That was hot. I can’t wait to read how she turned the tables!!

  2. You seem to have fun 😀

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