And now for the REST of the story!  (If you haven’t read my last post yet, I highly suggest starting with that, HERE!)

I left off my story with Angel relaxing on a chair in the basement, still calming down from at least one big orgasm that I had given her while she was hanging by her arms from a hook up in the rafters.  It was such a sight to see, and now she was kicking back, still glowing in post-orgasmic bliss, and still wearing nothing but her black lace teddy covering all but her most intimate parts.

I, for one, knew I had to have more, and I was pretty sure that Angel wasn’t quite finished yet either!  I dropped to the floor at her feet, and began kissing her toes, feet, and legs, making her giggle as I hit some rather ticklish spots.  I worked my way up her legs, eager to taste just how wet she still was from just a few minutes prior.  I was definitely not disappointed to get there and find that she was still VERY wet! Angel scooted forward a bit to give me easier access, and I didn’t have to lick very long before I could tell that she was very close to yet another orgasm!

But before she even got to that next orgasm, Angel suddenly nudged me away to make me stop.  She pointed across the room where the flogger had ended up after I used it on her, and asked me to go get it for her.  Of course I obliged without hesitation!  I came back, handed it to her, and sank to my knees in front of her again to continue what I had started.  This time, Angel began taking more control herself! With one hand she pushed my head deeper in between her legs making sure I was getting just the right spot.  With the other, she began whipping with the flogger across my back and as far as she could reach of my ass and thighs.  With each smack I would moan out into Angel’s wet pussy, causing another very good reaction from her!

As Angel did reach orgasm once again, I couldn’t hear a whole lot due to her thighs clamping down around my ears, but I did make out several words of how good this felt and how she just loved the power that she had over me right then!  She loved having me on my knees, locked in a chastity cage, completely devoted to serving HER desires!  Hearing Angel go on like this as she took exactly what she wanted from my tongue, had me feeling even more submissive to her than ever before!  I just wanted to melt into her and somehow provide a CONSTANT stimulation so she could have these kinds of orgasms over and over again whenever she wanted them, any time of the day or night!

canstockphoto10593238When she was satisfied for the moment, Angel completely reversed the roles that we had started off the night with.  This time, I was in the suspension cuffs and hanging from the ceiling, completely helpless to anything that Angel wanted to dish out!  She slipped the blindfold down over my eyes so I wouldn’t know what was coming, and began with the same flogger I had used on her.  It wasn’t long though, before she switched over to the riding crop.  Every smack and sting from that would have me jumping up and as much away from the impact as I could. Angel loved having me in this position and making me sort of “dance,” as normally I’m really not much of a dancer and will go out of my way to keep from getting pulled into things like that at weddings, etc.

Angel was still a little worried though about “hurting” me, when she saw my ass turning pretty red from her whipping. She asked a few times if she was hitting too hard.  Of course some strikes would sting more than others, but right afterwards it truly felt quite good!  The bottom line was that I was absolutely loving it; not even just the spanking itself, but I loved how much Angel was getting into it and taking even more control!

When Angel was finished and let me down, I sank to my knees again in front of her to express my gratitude.  She told me how “hot” she thought all of this was, and that she almost felt like a real dominatrix there for a while!  Hearing things like that from her made my Queen’s Keep feel even tighter (as if that were possible!) and I made sure that she knew that I am always available anytime she feels that she needs/wants to exercise more of that dominance!

canstockphoto24126002It is so fun to watch Angel continue to grow into this role!  I’ve always known myself to be primarily submissive but as far as BDSM-type titles go I think I’d fall pretty solidly in the “switch” category, though leaning heavily towards the “sub” side.  I think I am most content and at home when completely giving myself up for Angel to “use” however she sees fit.  But at the same time, I certainly do ALSO enjoy having Angel in those compromising positions as well!  As I’ve said she still ALWAYS has the upper hand as far as holding my keys, but she still seems to enjoy submitting her body to me from time to time as well.  So it’s probably safe to say that she’s rather “switchy” too, though lately has been coming out a bit more on the Domme side of the equation, so I think we have a pretty perfect match!  Especially when it comes to impact play, Angel definitely seems to enjoy dishing it out much more than receiving.  I, on the other hand, do greatly enjoy being spanked/whipped; and while I am definitely willing to do it to Angel as well, I am always concerned about pushing it too far to where it’s not enjoyable for her..  So I think some of that worry also makes it a little less fun and I’d rather just turn it all over to her to do as she wishes!

So that’s the latest on Angel beginning to become even more than just my wife & key-holder, but also in a way, my Domme!  I have no idea how far we’ll ultimately go down this path but I’m sure there will be much more to come!


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