Fun, Free Birthday Week

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Key-Holder, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Spanking


So it was my birthday this past Monday, and it has been a pretty fun week!  It has been extremely busy too, as I also started a new job on the same day, so there has been the normal concerns of learning a new environment, trying to make a good first impression with a new boss, etc.  But on the bright side, as we anticipated the busy days ahead Angel decided to give me a little birthday surprise and unlock me the weekend before!

It was well after the kids had gone to bed on Friday night.  In fact, well after midnight, which is why I marked Saturday as my official release date for this round, after 29 days of trying out the resized Queen’s Keep.  I am very happy to report no more issues with it at this point!  Of course, we had to begin the fun with several orgasms for Angel, as she “considered” whether or not to let me out of chastity or not.  I do think she had most likely already decided, but nonetheless she was having fun with keeping me in the dark about whether or not I would get out that night!

Once Angel was (mostly) satiated with my tongue and her magic wand, she did decide that she really wanted to give me a birthday treat, and also wanted to have me inside of her again!  So she reached for the key and handed it to me so I could remove the security screw and the cage.  Once it was off, as usual I was pretty much instantly hard, making it slightly difficult to get the base ring off too!  But eventually I managed, and Angel pulled me on top of her and let me slip inside, for the first time in several months!  Of course, it felt absolutely wonderful, and I was in heaven as she allowed me to have a long-awaited orgasm inside of her!  I do feel a little bad sometimes that it doesn’t last very long under those circumstances, but as long as I had been denied there wasn’t much chance of prolonging it! 🙂  Angel has pretty well come to accept that fact though, and just knows that she will be able to go as long as she wishes and have as many of her own orgasms as she wishes by any OTHER means!  We do both still very much relish this level of connection between us, with nothing (not even a steel cage) between us.  The times may be few and far between, but they are ALWAYS worth the wait!

We were able to have repeat performances a couple of other times over the weekend, but we’ve both been far too busy to continue much through this week so far.  But Angel has also not asked me to lock back up yet, so there could well be more in store for us some other upcoming evening or even into this next weekend!  I suppose that will be up to her! I do know one thing… Angel has NOT yet administered the traditional little birthday spanking that we have gotten into the habit of giving each other for the past few years, so I have a feeling THAT might be something in store for us soon!

I really am such a lucky man!

  1. Caged Lion says:

    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. bmayes76 says:

    Congrats, however you want to take that! And happy belated birthday!

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