Subliminal Cuckolding Fantasy?

Posted: June 4, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


Angel and I had somewhat of an interesting conversation a few days ago, about a particular dream that she had the night before..  Angel was clearly very nervous about even bringing it up, and wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t get mad at her.  I assured her that I wouldn’t, and she proceeded to tell me that she had this dream where she almost started an affair with a co-worker of hers.  She thought it was kind of weird because while she was friends with the guy, she had never really thought of him in that way!  She did say that if it made me feel any better, they didn’t end up going through with anything because they were both married… 

Angel seemed like she was feeling very guilty about the dream and felt she had to get it off of her chest and tell me about it.  I told her it was completely fine, only a dream, and I really was NOT mad about it at all!  In fact, as she told this story I actually found myself getting rather turned on by the idea of Angel finding her own ways to feed her vast sexual appetite, while still keeping me locked and denied, waiting for her to decide to let me out again!  What’s even more surprising is how obvious it was that I was rather turned on by it..  This happened to be the same morning this past week that I woke up very sick.  My stomach was hurting, I didn’t feel well at all, and sex was probably the furthest thing from my mind..  Yet despite all of that, by the end of her story the Queen’s Keep was getting VERY tight on me again!  🙂

Now, I have never really fantasized about being cuckolded before, and truthfully I’m not really sure that I would ever ACTUALLY be ok with it in real life.  But I CAN, in a way, see the appeal of such a fantasy!  I absolutely LOVE to see Angel’s body language as she orgasms, and am thrilled that most of the time I literally have the first-hand experience of helping her to get there!  As we’ve gotten more and more into chastity, “regular sex” is pretty rare for us, and in fact as of this writing I have not been allowed inside her since Valentine’s Day.  While I do miss that aspect sometimes, I also do love the build-up, the tease & denial, and the unknown of when I might be allowed that treat again!  The idea of her possibly making me wait even longer by taking care of her other “needs” with somebody else, does have a certain appeal!

The idea of cuckolding has come up on this blog before, over on my Discussion Board..  As clearly stated by at least a couple of folks there, it is DEFINITELY a slippery slope within a marriage and not to be taken lightly!  That’s one big reason that I really don’t believe it would ever really work in OUR relationship, but you still can’t fault a fun fantasy, right?!

I guess the question here is whose fantasy is it?  Are Angel’s subconscious dreams telling her something?  Was my own subliminal reaction to her dream even more revealing of MY mindset on the topic?  I’d be somewhat surprised if this conversation even repeats itself any time in the very near future at all, but it’s still kind of fun to think about!


  1. RMCSR says: this makes my chastity device feel tighter! Thanks!

  2. Roberto says:

    It turns me on to see my wife turned on by a sexy male athlete or a picture of a large cock, which is amplified when I’m locked up myself. I get cuckold fantasies, but I don’t think I would ever act on them. I see chastity too much of a play within our marriage.

    • Julie says:

      Roberto, this was a fantasy of my husband for a long time. He finally convinced me to put a chastity device on him. He enjoyed it from the first minute I put it on him. Things got interesting, he became very submissive when it was on. You might want to think twice before you go in this direction in your marriage. One of his friends came over one night after he had been wearing the device for about two weeks. The three of us were sitting around drinking beers and he let his friend know what he was doing to my amazement. His friend knew exactly what that meant, that he wanted to see me having sex with other men. His friend starting hitting on me,my husband to my disbelief sat there submissive like he didn’t even care. Before I knew it, one thing lead to another and I was having sex with his friend on our couch right in front of my husband. The next day he was bummed out, he knew it was his fault. Sex has never been the same with husband. His friend fxxxxxd me like I have never been fxxxxd to the point where I was begging for more. My husband to this day three years later can’t get this out his head. I never admitted to him, but I dream about having sex with his friend every day. He is no longer friends with this guy. Take my advice.


      • Roberto says:

        Thank you, Julie, for your cautionary tale.
        I wanted to upvote it, but missed the correct button and hit downvote, and I don’t seem to be able to correct it. Sorry for that.

  3. It is an ongoing fantasy of mine as well…fun to think about but after 27 years of marriage I am not sure how I would handle it, at all!

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