Happy Father’s Day!

Posted: June 19, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


I know it’s almost over at this point, but I wanted to wish all of the dad’s out there who read my blog a Happy Father’s Day!  If you are chaste, good for you! I know first hand that it can be somewhat challenging at times to practice something like chastity around your kids, but it’s doable…

I am actually still unlocked for the time being, partly because Angel has been a bit under the weather for the past week.  There hasn’t exactly been much (any) play-time to speak of, but I’ve been good and also refrained from any other kind of release for myself during this time that I’m unlocked!

At this point I’m really not even sure at all when she might want me to lock back up again.. Next weekend we will be heading out on our bigger family vacation for the year, so it’ll be about a 15 hour drive to get there, then a week stay, and 15 hrs back.  For a trip like that, she could likely just opt to keep me out until we return from the trip, which will end up making it the longest that I’ve been FREE for quite some time!

Oh well, we’ll just see how it goes.  It’s a very busy time in our lives right now so I’m sure that as always, it will eventually settle down again and we’ll get back to being able to have more kinky bedroom fun as well!  🙂



  1. Happy Father’s Day to you as well.

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