Going For a Record Chastity Duration

Posted: November 2, 2015 in BDSM, Be Careful What You Wish For, Chastity, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


Ok, I gave a little teaser post on Halloween, but being how this past weekend was spent mainly focusing on the kids’ fun (as it should be!), now I finally have a chance to sit down and tell about what I was referring to!

I’ve written before about occasionally securing the keys to my Queen’s Keep into a little realtor’s lockbox, and uploading the combination pic to a site like CarliLock for a while.  This takes the control away from both myself AND Angel! The last time we did this, Angel and I sat down together to set up the session and upload the pic, making sure neither of us could ever remember the combination! We had talked briefly from time to time about doing this again, but so far had not done so.  Over the summer, I had suspected that we might do it pretty soon, so I had even gone ahead and set the lock on the box (making sure not to close it) and had the pic file stored in a specific folder on our computer.  I knew that as the weeks/months went on, there was no way I would remember what it was. So as long as I didn’t peek at that file, we would never know!  After our summer vacation, for various reasons we still did not go this route again with the keys, so a random combination has been set on this box for quite some time now!

Normally when Angel has me locked, it would not really be particularly difficult to get the keys and release myself.  I know where she tends to keep the keys–right in the front of her top nightstand drawer! Of course, I would never actually DO that, as that would really defeat the whole purpose of chastity, right?  For times when I take the initiative to lock myself up and leave her a little note with the keys, it might be a little bit harder, because in those cases I tend to at least seal them up into an envelope and write my note on the outside of that.  That would mean that if I DID ever cheat, I would have to tear the envelope open and she would know right away…  The point is, that the keys are pretty much always right there and easily accessible within arm’s reach.  Even if I’M not too tempted to cheat, I think that the easy access can also sway Angel’s decision sometimes to the point where she will “cave” and let me out in the heat of the moment sometimes.  Yes, when we’re both that worked up we both WANT me to be out, but afterwards… well, I can’t really speak for her on this, but for myself sometimes I do end up wishing it had gone just a little bit longer!

With that in mind, after our great Anniversary Get-Away last month, a couple days after we returned I locked myself up and gave her the keys again. I already wrote about that, but what I left out of that post was the fact that I actually did go ahead and put the keys into the lockbox, clicked it shut, and left the BOX for her to find with my note that time!  No, I did not do anything else with the combination picture–it was still located in its own little folder on our computer… but we would have to go all the way upstairs if we ever wanted to get it! So that’s how the past month has been for us.  The keys are still right there in Angel’s nightstand, but they are not nearly as easy to get to! When we’re just going about our day, we hardly think about it at all. And when things start getting hot and heavy in bed, there are times that Angel will make a comment like “Too bad we can’t get to these KEYS over here…” Often times I would really like to use the keys then as well, but neither of us want to leave the action at that point to go get the combination, so I remain locked!

Nothing was really said about either getting the combination, or uploading it to the web for quite a while.  But one night when I was helping Angel get herself off again, she started really talking about how much she “missed” me.  Knowing what she was referring to, I started ramping up the teasing on HER! I reminded her of a night the previous week when I’d been home by myself for a few hours, and asked her what she would think if I told her that I had done something “bad” and put the keys COMPLETELY out of reach for a good long while? She didn’t say a word, but the change in her body spoke volumes! As if she wasn’t already turned on enough, that thought put her straight into overdrive! I kept egging it on for a little while as she had a couple more massive orgasms while thinking that she no longer had any control over my chastity device! When she was finally finished and winding down, she asked me how long it would be. Of course I couldn’t keep up the joke at that point so I told her that I didn’t really do it, I just wanted to know what she would think if I DID–and I was pretty sure I had gotten my answer! She agreed that it was a very hot idea!

I still wasn’t sure about going completely “rogue” and securing the keys like that with little to no input from Angel. I made a suggestion that if she felt like going for a personal record (currently held at 8 Weeks 4 Days per my Current Status page), I would be game for that.  It was already right around 1 month for this round, so in order to beat the record I figured we would have to go at least through the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  That would certainly give ME much to be thankful for! 🙂 Angel wasn’t completely opposed to the idea, but expressed some concern about that being a rather long time! We more or less dropped it at that point, though from time to time when we’d be in bed I’d still tease her about how much she seemed to LIKE the idea of having me be completely off-limits.  Every time, I could immediately feel her excitement go up and the temperature in the room seemed to go up a couple of degrees as well! She may never come all the way out on her own and say it, but she was completely into it!

So, one night last week when Angel was out at a show with her friends, I made the decision to just go for it! After I got the kids down to bed I went upstairs to the computer.  All of my previous experiences have been with http://carlilock.com, but this time I decided to try out a different site I’ve been looking at more lately: http://www.emlalock.com.  There will be a more in-depth review & comparison of the two sites at a later date!  I set up a new session on Emlalock, and browsed to the folder containing the elusive comination, making sure that I never actually OPENED that file! A few clicks later, the session was started.  Before I could convince myself otherwise, I went back to that folder on the computer and completely DELETED the file, making sure to empty the recycle bin as well.

So it’s done! I am now completely locked away until after Thanksgiving, and there is not a thing that Angel or I will be able to do to change that! Sunday morning, we both woke up pretty horny again (as usual! Lol) and I told Angel what I had done–for real this time! I hoped she wasn’t upset that I did it on my own, but she wasn’t in the least. In fact, she was getting even more turned on just thinking about it again; but alas, we couldn’t do much more about THAT since we were paid another early-morning visit by a cute little 4-year old…  Oh well, I suppose that’s just something you have to learn to get used to with little ones in the house! Angel asked me how long it would be now, and actually–I have no real idea! On a whim while setting up the session on Emlalock, I decided to do a “random” duration.  I am looking to beat my previous record of 8 weeks 4 days, so I set the minimum duration such that it will be at LEAST 9 weeks.  Then the max is up to 13 weeks, which would fall just after Christmas.  On top of that, I set the options in Emlalock to not SHOW the remaining duration.  All I can see is Hot/Cold, etc. Right now, it says Very cold!

As of right now, EmlaLock is in control of my chastity time.  I’ll have to keep checking back to the site to find out when I will be released, but I can be sure that it will be sometime between Thanksgiving & Christmas–and at that point I will have a new personal longest duration to report.  Committing to that long of a lock-up with absolutely no control is a little frightening, but also exciting at the same time!


  1. You are a brave fellow. I’m not sure that I could trust in doing that. I have to admit that if you commit to going that way (long term lock up) that there is something very hot about being legitimately out of control. I hope you and she enjoy it, and I hope you keep us posted!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Thanks! So far it has been a lot of fun, and is still very hot for both of us to have no control! Yes, I will certainly have more posts with the progress, as it unfolds.

  2. Slacker5001 says:

    I’m curious, is there any safety issues involved with something like that? Though my curiosity aside I wish you the best of luck! It sounds like it’s going to be tough but I hope Angel cheers you on as I’m sure some of your readers will be too!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Hi, Slacker- thanks for the comments! Sure, I suppose as with anything in life there would be SOME safety concerns, but I do feel that is minimalized with a good, proper-fitting device like I have. I’ve worn the Queen’s Keep for long enough stints at a time that I pretty well know how my body does with it and what I can/can’t do while wearing it, so there shouldn’t be too much problem or surprises there. If there was a real emergency and I ended up in the ER or something, I’m also relatively confident that they’d have some way of cutting the device off as well. Not saying it would be pretty, and it would be a shame to lose a good device, but they’d be able to do it if absolutely necessary…

      I’m not sure if that entirely answers your question or not, but that’s what I’ve got for now! If you have any other questions I’ll be happy to try and answer the best I can 🙂

  3. eonserotica says:

    Mad respect, bro. I don’t know how you do it. Good luck!

  4. Interesting and terrifying at the same time. Can’t wait to hear the outcome. I can’t wait to read how things progress over the next few weeks.

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