Six Weeks in the… (?)

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


OOPS!  Never mind, I was starting my normal Tuesday update, but didn’t actually hit 6 weeks in the keep for this round, did we? 🙂 I’m still out, just wanted to give an update on the condition of the “merchandise!” Starting with the steel..  Everything is looking good!  The Queen’s Keep is so much easier to keep clean than the plastic devices. There was just a tiny bit of some sort of build-up on the inside of the bars right at the end of the cage, so I guess I need to pay closer attention to that part in the shower the next time I’m wearing it..  But really I see no issues at all!

Then for MYSELF…  Again, looking good!  I did get a better look at the place where the bottom of the cage seemed to be rubbing a little bit.  It IS a tad bit red there, but really not too bad at all.  I think the lotion was helping a lot to keep the skin moist and somewhat lubricated so it stopped rubbing and started to heal up pretty well.  I’m sure I’ll probably be out now at least long enough for that to get completely better, and next time I’ll know from the start the best way to care for it.  I would suspect that with continued use my body will probably start “adapting” to it a little bit too, and make it even more of a non-issue.

There are no other issues to report at all though; everything is still functioning as expected!  I do forget sometimes how nice it is to be able to pee standing up! Sorry ladies!  Lol  🙂

  1. efe says:

    I’ve taken the cb two months and at last was a good punishment.
    I keep using it

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