Round 1 Success!

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Bedroom Bondage, Bondage, Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


I am happy to say that my first run locked in the Queen’s Keep, with Angel holding the keys, ended rather explosively (pardon the pun! 🙂  ) a couple of nights ago! As reflected on my Current Status page, the official count was 5 weeks 3 days, or 39 days total.

We actually had a Friday evening at home with no other company either, and BOTH kids even went down at a reasonable hour. Angel and I took advantage of that fact to also get to bed early and started our normal fooling around.  After a couple of orgasms for herself, she started hinting that maybe I should be out that night too.  I could tell she was really wanting more than what the magic wand could give her that night; she was really wanting to have me inside her again!  I was starting to get a little stir-crazy for an orgasm myself, too!  Still, I wanted to be sure that SHE was sure about it, so I made her an offer…  I asked point-blank if she was “sure” she wanted to let me out that night–or, would she want a little “help” to keep me locked a little longer?  I wouldn’t tell her what it was I was thinking, unless she chose the “help.” Then that would be it for the night.  She thought that sounded very interesting, and did choose to get some help leaving me locked!

When she stated that, I flipped over to the top, and quickly reached under the corner of the mattress where we keep a set of soft cuffs conveniently pre-tethered to the bed for whenever that particular mood strikes.  She allowed both arms to be secured to the corners of the bed, and I started in on her again with the wand, bringing out who-knows-how-many-more orgasms from her! It seemed I was either being a “good chaste husband” or I had missed a sure opportunity to get out… Either way, as long as she was happy I was too!  BUT, even in that state, she was so ready to have me inside her that no amount of the wand could satisfy that need for her.  She started literally begging for me to just unlock myself and take her, and pointed out that the keys were right there in the top of her nightstand.  (Though I had wondered that, I hadn’t actually bothered to look in there for the past several weeks!)

I kept it going for a little while, but eventually I could see that Angel TRULY would not be happy without that, so I did reach over to get the keys and let myself out.  As previously experienced with longer periods of chastity, it doesn’t tend to take very long for that first release, but it is soo incredibly satisfying!  Afterwards as we lay there cooling down and actually getting ready for bed, she asked if I was disappointed that she let me out.  The truth is I really wasn’t! 5+ weeks is a very long time to be locked up! Yes, I have gone longer before, but it felt very good, and that was also what made her happy that night.  That is the whole point of playing this game–she has control of the orgasms!  When she wants me to be out, I’m out.  And I’m very happy to be in that place with her at any given time, whether she is letting me out or not!

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