Queen’s Keep: First Impressions

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep

They say you only get one chance for a good first impression, and so far I am quite impressed with Mature Metal’s chastity devices–specifically the Queen’s Keep!  I had a chance to try out my new device for a couple hours tonight, and at least so far I do think I nailed it on the measurements!  I found getting into it the first time was a tiny bit trickier than the CB-6000s, but once in it fits very snuggly and certainly will not allow any sort of erection to happen!

The tricky part to getting it on has to do with what I talked about in a previous post, the solid round base ring. The CB-6000s base rings have an open top, so it’s almost like a very distorted “U” shape.  This makes it easy to slip right in and then close it off with a couple extra pieces on top.  With the solid ring, everything has to be squeezed through a somewhat small hole.  I find I have to kind of pull a bit of “loose skin” through first, then push one ball through.  I then get more skin through, followed by the second ball. Truly the most difficult part, I think, is managing to keep both balls through the ring while I work on getting the penis through as well! This took a bit of time, as I was already rock hard (probably as much due to excitement of trying a new device as anything else!) So I had to wait around awhile until I was soft enough to push my way through the ring. Once everything was in, there wasn’t much chance of losing a ball anymore!

Of course getting this far turned me on again big time, so I knew there was no chance of getting into the cage until that subsided. I ended up just pulling my pants back up and went about my normal business around the house for about 10 minutes or so until I thought it might be safe to give it another shot.  Sure enough, I was soft enough then that the cage slipped right on and I quickly locked it in place! I ordered the security screw with this device, but I know you can also use a regular, small padlock to secure it. I tried this first, to see how that looked with the “sideways” installation that is common with Mature Metal devices. That part I didn’t particularly care for… The lock seems to stick out and up far too much for my taste, and was pretty easily seen through my underwear (not nearly as much with pants, though.)  For padlock placement, the CB-6000s wins. But at least the security screw should be much better!

Here’s a pretty good picture showing how much smaller my custom “made-to-fit” Queen’s Keep is compared to the stock CB-6000s. Also shows the inferior (in my opinion) padlock placement on the Queen’s Keep.


Again just for an initial reaction, the Queen’s Keep is VERY comfortable!  I do think that oval shaped base ring has at least a small part to do with that. But besides that, everything is so compact and snug, it seriously wasn’t very long at all before I barely noticed it was even there! Even doing some work around the house, I was bending, squatting, lifting, you name it–and it really didn’t get in the way one bit! I can even bend all the way to the floor from a sitting position (think putting on and tying your shoes) with no difficulties whatsoever.  That last scenario was always just a small pain-point with the CB-6000s, so it was nice to feel the improvement!

I also did go to the bathroom once already while wearing the Queen’s Keep, and that seems to be much better as well! Everything was already lined up perfectly with the opening at the end of the cage, and since the cage is much smaller to begin with, it was no problem at all to keep it there. I was surprised how little “spray” came off of the bars.. Pretty much everything went right where it was being aimed! 🙂  I’m sure I would always be too nervous to ever try standing at a regular toilet, but could it be possible to use the urinals again in public? I suppose time will tell on that one!  The tiny bit of “dribble” that did happen was extremely easy to clean up with one square of TP, and really probably wouldn’t have even been noticable if I HADN’T!  Lol

So that’s it for my initial findings.  I only wore it for a few hours tonight to start getting used to it. It will be interesting to see if longer wear will reveal any different pinch points that I haven’t identified yet. I also don’t know, will the steel device cause any more (or less) chafing on some sensitive areas than plastic?  We will see!

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