Temporary Freedom

Posted: November 10, 2014 in CB-6000s, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


I’m out!  After basically 7 weeks of being locked continuously in the CB-6000s, Angel did decide to go ahead and take it off last night.  Officially I’d have to call it a good 49 days (maybe a few hour shy of that), making this the second longest duration I’ve gone to date.  My personal longest right now is 60 days, just a little bit short of 9 full weeks.

She had considered letting me out earlier in the weekend, but we were both so exhausted by the end of those days that we ended up falling asleep a little early both nights.  In the mornings, when we USED to get some playtime, now more often that not we end up with a toddler jumping around in bed with us so that time is out!

Last night though, after getting the kids to bed we started playing around a bit and Angel let me help her to multiple orgasms again.  I could practically feel myself inside her the whole time, even if only in my head (obviously all I could really feel was myself pressing up and TRYING to get hard against the inside of the cage!)  I asked if she was still going to let me out that weekend, and at first she was fairly adamant about NO, that was yesterday–she had changed her mind now!  I kept on it though, continuing to ask (she says “begging”) if she would just let me get a feel inside her… and eventually she was so turned on and worked up herself that the answer changed to OKAY!  That took me aback for a second and I had to ask to be sure, “Seriously?”  And she said yes.. she really wanted to feel me right then too.  She got out the keys and within a minute I was out of the device and finding my way inside her.  I can’t say it lasted particularly long, as seems to often be the case after an extended lock-up, but it was wonderful!  She could feel it too, and I’m pretty certain she had herself another orgasm at about the same time that I did!

I suppose in a way it might have been nice to have kept going a little longer to see if we could get closer to (or even past) my previous record.  But Angel wanted me out, so I came out!  And yes, I did really want out too.  I had been locked for 7 weeks but it was probably the better part of 3 months since I’d actually had an orgasm, being how we just had a baby during that time and all!  And did I have somewhat of an ulterior motive for continuing to press her until she changed her mind on letting me out last night?  Yea, I suppose I did…  Because now I will also be able to start trying out the Queen’s Keep! 🙂

We’ll see how things go with that, and as long as I don’t encounter any major issues and don’t need any extra little adjustments at this point, I’ll start trying to figure out a good way to introduce Angel to my new device as well. Otherwise it probably won’t be too long before I’ll end up locked back in the CB-6000s. Either way, I’m sure my time of “freedom” will be fairly short-lived!

  1. ruguy79 says:

    Nice update. Do you have any complications with chastity at and the family? I’m in the same situation, but my wife is insisting on the honor method, which after only two weeks of some intense teasing is getting pretty hard. Pun intended!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      No, no real issues to speak of with the family. We took a break from it for a while when we were potty-training our 3 year old since he was in the bathroom with me a lot. But since then I definitely use the door locks! 🙂 I have the kids in my lap quite a bit and they really don’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary at all. I’d say the most I notice it myself is if I’m playing on the floor with the kiddos and try laying on my stomach for any length of time. But I can usually get around that just by pulling one leg up underneath me so I’m kind of half on my stomach and half on my side, if that makes any sense..

      The honor system is certainly one way to go about it, but if you ever get to the point of trying an actual device I can say that it certainly does take those feelings to a whole new level of intensity!

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