Permanent Ink – part 1: The Justification

Posted: January 26, 2022 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


One of my main motivations for getting back into writing here in my blog now, at this particular time, is that I actually have something very big about to happen in my life that I wanted to be able to write down and share, as it’s happening.

I am getting a tattoo!! Specifically one to permanently commemorate my status of being locked, chaste, and “owned” by Angel. Now I realize that many of my readers here probably already have one or more tattoos on your bodies so this might seem like a boring topic. But for me it is still pretty exciting! This will be my first tattoo ever, and likely the only one I will ever get. It will be done in my pubic region, right below the waistline, as to not be able to peek out at all above my jeans or even swimming attire. When out in public, only Angel and I will ever know that the tattoo even exists.

I have been wanting to do this for such a long time! A few years ago, I even made a design from a stock piece of artwork that I had purchased of Angel wings with a heart-shaped padlock in the center of them. With just a little dab of photoshop I was able to resize the padlock a bit and add the text “Property of Angel.” I sent this off and had a whole stack of little temporary tattoos printed with that design.


I LOVE wearing this temporary tat as often as possible, and Angel does love seeing it on me as well. Every time I see it, whether going to the bathroom or getting ready for bed, it’s hard to explain but it just does something to me inside to have that little reminder that I have given myself completely and entirely to Angel! And that she has accepted me for who I am and was willing to keep that control! Obviously the only down side to temporary tattoos is right there in the name.  They are temporary. Sometimes if very lucky, I might get close to a week out of a temporary tat, but normally that was stretching it. It always makes me kind of sad when it starts wearing off and I end up having to scrub off the remaining residue in the shower. The only way to fix that, is to make it a real permanent tattoo!

I floated this idea by Angel several times to see what she might think of me getting permanently inked. I promised I wouldn’t do it without her knowledge and blessing, but I really did want to know where she stood on it. It seemed like in general she was OK with the idea, but her main concerns were more for MY wellbeing.

canstockphoto30269928One was that it is probably going to hurt. A LOT! Especially in a more sensitive area like that. And yes… she is probably right. But, I do think that I should be able to manage to sit through a couple hours of intense pain for the purpose of something that will last and bring joy for the rest of our lives!

The second reasoning was a little more morbid. Angel is worried about what might happen if something were to happen to HER before ME? She says that if she were to ever die unexpectedly, she would still want me to be “happy” and possibly even find someone else to live out the rest of my life with… Losing Angel is definitely NOT something that I ever really want to think about! But since she brought it up I did try to give it some serious thought.

My conclusion was that at least right now at this point in my life, if something did ever happen to her I honestly can’t see myself ever WANTING to get into another deep relationship like that. Certainly not to the point of actually getting married or anything again. But IF (and that’s a very big IF!) I were to ever get involved with another woman, she would simply have to understand and accept the fact that my previous life with Angel was a very huge, important, and defining time of my life. It has made me who I am today, and this tattoo would be with me forever as a constant reminder of that time of my life. If [potential new woman] was not OK with that, then it could never work out between us and we would have to go our separate ways very quickly.

canstockphoto87519558I told Angel that honestly, if (God forbid) something were to ever happen to her while I was locked, my first inclination would most likely be to bury the keys right along with her and plan to spend the rest of my life locked in HER chastity cage! But most likely, in the end reality would prevail and I would realize that this wouldn’t exactly be a very good idea. The second best option, in my mind, would be this. Having her tattoo permanently inked on my body as a way to always have her close to me even when she wasn’t physically there.

I told her that “for now” I had promised that I would not proceed with the tattoo without her blessing. But if something were to happen to her like that, then I would be the only one left to make the decision. And chances are I would have it done then as soon as feasible, maybe adding some extra words/dates to remember her by.  I reasoned in my head that if I’ll just end up doing it by myself under those circumstances, we may as well go ahead and do it now so we can BOTH enjoy the tattoo for as many years as possible!

canstockphoto38512116.jpgSee, I told you that conversation turned much more morbid! LOL But at least Angel seemed to accept that I would be OK living with such a tattoo for the rest of my life whether she was still around or not! The only other consideration that we briefly talked through was the fact that I would have a “kinky” tattoo plastered on my body which eventually WILL be seen at least by certain medical professionals. My primary doctor may or may not ever see it, but for example the next time I have a colonoscopy – the doctor and nurses there will see it for sure! And there are bound to be other instances in life besides that one, as I get older. I asked Angel if she was OK and comfortable with that, and she is as long as *I* am! Again, I do think I can live with that.  Even though it will be seen, the fact is that these people are PROFESSIONALS for a reason, and chances are they will never say anything about it to either myself or Angel.

So to make a long story short (now that I’ve already given the long version!) Angel did agree that it would be OK for me to start shopping my design around to various tattoo shops in the area to get a little more information on what they can do, how much it will cost, etc. YAAY!


  1. I agree with Nora. And I have been trying to come up with a tattoo that my Queen might like. Similar location and motivations are behind my ideas. So far she hasn’t budged. But one day that may change.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes, you never know- keep it up! I would maybe suggest trying what I did, which was to come up with a design, and have some temporary tattoos printed of it to try out. Maybe once she sees something actually there it could warm her to the idea a bit? At least that way it’ll be gone within a few days anyway so no permanent damage if she hates it. There are a ton of places online where you can upload a pic of anything you want, to turn into temporary tats. I always ordered a bunch at a time to save on shipping costs!

  2. naughty nora says:

    I don’t think the conversation was morbid at all….it was realistic, and the kind of conversation that long-term partners need to have about things like that. Your tattoo is VERY exciting! I love this idea and have often thought of getting my husband’s name tattooed on me somewhere. As a girl with only one small tattoo…this feels like a big deal. It does sound like where you will be getting your tattoo will be a bit painful, but it will be so worth it. Best of luck! Hope it comes out exactly how you want. XOXO

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Thanks, Nora! You’re right, it was a needed conversation. I think things like this often start off mostly as an extension of a fantasy, and when it starts jumping over to reality it definitely pays to be reminded of the long term, lifetime implications of such a decision. I am glad Angel was able to keep me grounded in that regard. But this is not a spur of the moment decision or anything, it’s literally years in the making inside my head. I am ready! 🙂

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