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Posted: May 8, 2019 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


Ok, I suppose the little teaser from my last post has been going on long enough! I promised at that point to reveal MY answer to one of the most asked questions in the Chastity Community.  I’ve always had opinions about this topic, but now I actually have a bit of experience to back myself up with when talking about it!

For anybody who follows me on FetLife, you may already have seen exactly what I’m talking about here.  No, Fet is still not my primary blogging platform, but in this case it was definitely easier to update there in near-realtime as events were unfolding for me, and now I have a little more time to share with the REST of the world!

Without further ado, the ultimate question that I am now capable of  answering for myself as well as any curious readers out there is…


…Drum roll please…


Flying in chastity! Going through the dreaded metal detectors and/or full body scanners at the airport, while locked. Will TSA agents see, or even care?

I am well aware of one popular opinion on this, which is simply “Don’t do it.” It is not fair to even think about exposing vanilla folks to our kink “non-consensually” yadda yadda. I do respect that stance but please don’t flood me with messages to that effect! Personally I am more in the other camp; that chastity is a personal choice, not illegal, and exposure to certain things like that may come with the territory of certain jobs. An occupational hazard, so to speak. It’s no different than exposing other very personal things like piercings or tattoos to the general public, including people who might find those types of things objectionable. I think as long as everyone remains professional, even a TSA agent can do their job to ensure our flights are safe, without infringing on anybody’s personal space too much.

Back in October when Angel and I agreed to lock the keys to my Jail Bird into a lockbox with the combination controlled by EmlaLock, I never anticipated this trip coming up at all! With only a couple weeks notice, I learned that I would be flying to Las Vegas for a tech conference for work.  When I’ve flown before, I’ve always made sure to not be in chastity at the time, but that has always been when flying with my family (children, mother, etc.). I would worry more about how to explain to THEM why it might potentially take me longer to get through security than they did! But luckily for this trip I would be traveling alone, so the only conversations would be between myself and TSA. What could go wrong? Lol

I’ve read plenty of other threads along these lines and people chime in with their own experiences flying chaste. I’ve seen everything from no issues whatsoever to being taken into a back room for a visual inspection. Some stories I tend to believe, others I’m not really so sure as they just smell of wank fodder… But one thing I’ve NEVER read about was someone being denied boarding a plane because of it! Nor should I ever hear of that happening, because as stated above – not illegal!

It was time that I find out for myself, once and for all, exactly what happens when going through airport security with a steel cage wrapped around the nether regions.  I have been through countless metal detectors at other venues (sporting events, theme parks, courthouse…) but this may just be the ultimate test of it!

And I did it! I showed up at the airport the morning of my flight with way more time than needed, just in case there was any kind of security issue that I’d have to deal with. I checked my bag, got my boarding pass and headed for the security lines. I followed their protocol to the T, separating out my phone, keys, laptop, shoes, etc. into different bins, then stepped up to the full body scanners. Admittedly I was a tiny bit nervous inside trying this for the first time, but I don’t think I showed my nervousness (much at least). I simply stepped in, raised my arms, and let them do their scan.

A lady TSA agent had been called over to give the woman in front of me a full pat down for some reason, and upon exiting the scanner I was directed to stand in this other little isolated area to the side. I thought for sure they had seen my chastity cage on the scanner and I was waiting my turn for a pat down. I was fully ready with my stock answer of “body jewelry” if I were to be asked about it.

But it turns out I was only asked to wait to the side until they were finished with the other passenger in front of me, so they could keep the line in the same order for picking up our belongings at the end of the conveyor belt! As soon as she was cleared, I was waved on through as well with not so much as a raised eyebrow about anything that TSA may or may not have seen on me!

That was MY first experience flying while still locked in a steel chastity cage! This meant that I would be out in Las Vegas for a week, hundreds of miles from Angel and from my keys. While it may be true that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” we could be pretty certain of one thing that would NOT be happening in Vegas that week! Lol

[insert a couple good FetLife comments here..]

One individual recounted his experience of the brass lock of a HTv3 setting off a detector at an airport resulting in a respectfully PG-rated patdown.  Just kind of comes with the territory of this lifestyle choice, which I completely agree with!

Somebody else wondered if perhaps I wasn’t flagged because TSA has simply seen enough people wearing chastity devices at this point that they know what it is and don’t consider it a threat at all.  Or maybe the conspiracy theories are correct that the scanners are just for show anyway and don’t really do anything?  (I find the last option very doubtful, personally!)

[end FetLife comments]

So was it a fluke that I got through security one time without triggering any alarms?  That question could possibly be answered with a repeat attempt coming HOME from Las Vegas!  The cool thing is, after being there all week for work, we managed to work it out so that Angel could fly out and join me that Friday evening and we could spend the weekend hanging out “Vegas Style!”  So the flight home meant the two of us going through security together.  And it appears that my first flight the previous week may NOT have been a fluke, as I’ve now gone through the full body scanners a second time with no issues whatsoever! To make it even more humorous, Angel WAS subjected to a patdown, not because they saw anything metal on her body but she had a light day pad in her pocket which apparently was detected as suspicious by the scanner!  Lol

It may seem like combining chastity with being alone in a place like Las Vegas would be a VERY frustrating experience.  But to be honest I’m kind of glad that we were somewhat “forced” into keeping me locked for this trip!  A big part of the reason that we started an EmlaLock session for so long this time was that when I was “free” for quite a while last summer, I tended to take things into my own hands, so to speak..  I’d always feel a little bit bad about that afterwards but you know… it just kind of happens!  🙂  I’m pretty certain if I’d been waking up all alone in a Vegas hotel every day, it would have been sure to happen again.  Instead, I would wake up feeling only the familiar embrace of a tight steel cage, and look forward to getting MY release vicariously by giving ANGEL as many orgasms as she could stand that weekend when she would be joining me in Vegas!

When searching for a good little graphic involving airplanes and locks to place on the top of this post, I couldn’t resist the one I found (above).  I suppose that flying in chastity really is some form of “travel insurance,” at least ensuring that I don’t do anything stupid in Angel’s absence!

In conclusion, it does seems kind of odd that I could get all the way through airport security (twice!) without them appearing to notice my steel chastity cage in the least, but I suppose that maybe they do see enough things like body jewelry and such in that area that it would take something with significantly more metal than my Jail Bird device to actually set off any red flags.  Normal disclaimers apply (your mileage may vary!), but if anybody ever has any different experiences than mine while going through security checkpoints in chastity, I’d be very interested to hear from you!


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  3. Lisa Stone says:

    airport workers have seen a lot. and there is nothing to surprise them

  4. I’ve only flown with a CB6000 and a plastic lock. No issues with that. How long is your Jailbird? Just curious.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Very short! I’d have to look back to remember exactly what I ordered, but it’s only something like 1.5″. Maybe 1.75 at the most, but if my memory serves me right I’m pretty sure it was only 1.5!

      • I have more metal. Mine is around 3” long (2.75”?). Might make a difference

        • pcguy0681 says:

          That could be correct, yes. Who knows what the size cutoff might be before they’d actually think there was something significant enough in a person’s pants to investigate further. Sounds like we definitely need more research! With many more data points to analyze! 🙂

          • I’ll let others do the research—unless my Queen says differently!😜

            • pcguy0681 says:

              You said you’ve flown with a CB6000 before, right? Was that through the body scanners or the regular metal detectors? Because size-wise, that may not be much different than your 3″ Jail Bird. For the body scanners I would think that would be picked up the same as any steel device. Normal metal detectors would be a different story of course…

              • I’m not sure what I went in front of with the CB. Possibly body scanners possibly not… don’t recall. I do know the CB6000 is smaller than my Jailbird. The diameter is smaller and the length is a little shorter. I think I may have gone through body scanners at one airport—but if so, it’s unlikely I would be bothered about it.

  5. Pelgris says:

    Body scanners tend to grey out any object placed centrally on the body. It may be that it wasn’t enough to warrant a pat down. Plus it’s often demeanor that gets the pat down or internal bias.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Something like that would probably make the most sense! Far more likely than thinking they didn’t see anything at all. Thanks for the comments!

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