Locktober / Anniversary Planning

Posted: September 26, 2018 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Romance, Sex


wpid-canstockphoto7890332.jpgI’m still unlocked–for almost 3 full months this time.. Way too long! I don’t believe Angel is going to be ordering me back into the cage any time soon, so I suspect I’ll do it myself and give her the keys back starting for Locktober! We’ll see how long it lasts after that, as we have some other big plans coming up next month.

Namely, this October marks our 10 year wedding anniversary! I’m planning a suprise, long-weekend trip in a couple of weeks for the occasion. It’s not a complete surprise, as I had to tell her to at least get an extra day off of work and we had to coordinate some family to help watch the boys that weekend. But she has no idea WHERE we are going and that has been a pretty hard secret to keep!

In fact I need to tell SOMEBODY about what we’re going to be doing, so why not anybody in the world who reads my blog? 🙂 I’m pretty sure Angel does NOT read it, so my secret will be safe.. If I’m wrong, it will be worth giving up this little surprise in order to find that out! Lol

wpid-il_570xn.557555454_sk0s.jpgI wanted to suprise Angel with a couple’s only getaway that we could squeeze into a long weekend. It had to be far enough away from home to feel like actually getting away, but close enough that we’re not spending too terribly much time on the road to get there. For our 10th anniversary I’m willing to splurge and spend quite a bit more per night on lodging than we would normally do, and I wanted this experience to be over the top unique–unlike anything we have ever done before. That’s a fairly tall order, because we have done a lot together over the past 10 years!

Luckily this past summer when we were traveling with the entire family to the NorthEast, we had one overnight stop along the way that gave me the answer. Watching TV before bed that night, there was a commercial for a luxury, couples-only resort, which has the draw of an entire private pool INSIDE each of the suites! This immediately caught my eye as Angel is always looking for the pool no matter where we ever stay. In October, things are starting to cool off enough that most places swimming would be questionable. Sure some places do at least have an indoor option, but having it attached right to our bedroom would take that to a completely new level! If anyone’s interested in where we’re going to be staying, check out http://www.sybaris.com (and NO, I do not get anything from driving any traffic there!)

Sybaris has resorts in a few different cities, so we are going to the one closest to us. It’s probably not an area that Angel would get particularly excited about going to, if I were to tell her even that part ahead of time. But in this case the trip is definitely more about the accommodations than it is the destination, and she will completely get that once she sees the place!

I’ve booked a “Majestic Suite” so we’ll have our own 22′ heated pool complete with a simulated tropical waterfall over the center of it. Along with a nice fireplace in the bedroom, a massage chair, steam room, and the list goes on. The only thing I stopped short of for this trip was the next (highest) level of accommodations, the “Chalet Suite.” That one actually has the bedroom up in a little loft, with a SLIDE from there down into the pool! That could be fun, but I couldn’t really justify the extra cost for that one…

20170610_222240All I’ve told Angel so far is that she should be ready for a LOT of orgasms! I won’t be holding anything back on this trip, and chances are our van will be filled with a lot more sex toys/equipment than clothes! One thing I’m particularly looking forward to is bringing the Sybian back out for her. A Sybian at Sybaris! 🙂

Besides that I’ve got a large, multi-person air mattress that we can float on together in the pool with some waterproof vibes, etc. Obviously Angel’s magic wand will be getting quite a workout, but we have the corded version of that so it’ll have to stay away from the water! When asked what all she should pack for this trip (i.e. a swim suit?) I told Angel that chances are she won’t actually NEED one (it is October, after all), but she can go ahead and throw one in anyway “just in case.” I can’t wait to see her reaction when she learns that the hidden meaning of that statement is that the pool is completely private and therefore “clothing-optional!” Lol

I’m sure there will be much more than just those things, but I’ll try to write about as much of it as I can remember after the fact. The plan is to at least start off this trip locked as of Oct 1, but it is yet to be seen if I will be allowed out at all DURING our stay. That will be totally up to Angel to decide, but I will be perfectly content even if my own orgasm count stays at zero while hers creeps into the dozens!


  1. Great plan. Enjoy and hopefully we will get to read some of the highlights!

  2. cincy34 says:

    I think you talked me into it…there is one 90 miles away.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. I long to read about it afterwards!

  4. That is a wonderful surprise. I hope it goes well for you both. <3

  5. bluebird says:

    That sounds fun. I’m sure Angel will love it 😊

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