Six Months in the Jail Bird

Posted: April 4, 2017 in Chastity, Fetish, Jailbird, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Sex

Today I have hit a full SIX MONTHS straight of being locked in the Jail Bird!  This is already roughly two months longer than my previous personal chastity record, and still counting.  Now this is not to say that I have had completely zero orgasms over the past 6 months or have been locked absolutely 24×7 since October 4, 2016, but both of those statements are ALMOST true.

According to my records on my Current Status page, I have only been unlocked very briefly a total of 4 times over the past 6 months, including two of them on the same day.  I would estimate that I have had less than 1 hour TOTAL of “freedom” since we began this lock-up session.  And each of those outings did include an orgasm, so I can say that I’ve had a total of 4 full orgasms plus 2 of what I like to call “Chastegasms.”  So I guess you could say that I am still averaging 1 “release” per month, give or take a few days/weeks.

Now I’m not going to lie, a chastegasm does feel pretty damn good and does provide a bit of relief from all of the pent up sexual energy that just keeps building inside of me during long periods of chastity.  It ends up being pretty close to a “normal” orgasm, but still very different at the same time.  There’s just something about being scrunched in a steel cage less than 2 inches long, not being able to get completely hard at all and not feeling the stroking motion all the way down your shaft that makes it a completely new experience.  The only way I’ve ever even been able to have one is with very strong vibrations (i.e. from a Hitachi Magic Wand) directly on the tip of the cage.  The most recent such experience was just this past weekend, and it’s a fun story!

To start with, as I’ve written numerous times Angel is very intimately familiar with her Hitachi Magic Wand, and that is pretty much her “best friend” when we are getting things going in bed.  Nothing can get her off faster, harder, or in more rapid succession than the wand!  In fact, it gets used enough that we actually burned it out!  🙂  The original wand that I got for her a couple years ago, won’t even turn on to the High setting anymore, and even Low seems to be quite a bit weaker than normal.  So let it rest in peace, and we had to get a new one.  This time I opted for the newer model which has a rechargable battery in it so it works without the cord.  It also has 4 speeds instead of two, and a few different vibration patterns (though we still tend to use the main one that just buzzes continuously)  I was also hopeful that since it is controlled by recessed buttons on the front instead of a big toggle switch, maybe it won’t be so easy to accidentally switch it off at the most inconvenient times when I’m trying to hold it up between my legs for Angel to ride on!

Angel is still getting used to this new wand, but her initial thought is that it still isn’t quite as powerful as her old one.  That’s kind of odd, since the specs seem to say that the high setting should have even more RPM’s than the other model, but whatever–we’ll figure it out.  Anyway, on with the FUN story!

Last Friday night we were playing with the new wand and Angel was of course having multiple earth-shattering orgasms for herself while making sure I stayed locked, as much as I said I wanted to be inside her!  Towards the end, she was riding the wand on top of me and it had worked itself down so that it was also kind of resting against my cage & balls.  I didn’t know how much of this I would be able to take, so I did warn Angel that we might need to reposition it if she didn’t want me to come myself.  We did move it, but then a few minutes later she changed her mind and said simply “You may come.”  So the wand went back down to the cage again and Angel continued riding right on top of me.  I could practically feel myself being squeezed inside of her..  only, wait–it was just being squeezed by a steel cage instead!

I could feel my impending chastegasm building up, and Angel could see that it was getting close as well.  She decided to move out of the way and let it happen, so she got off of me and started to move over to the side.  But right at that time I did completely explode, and even shot out pretty far, hitting Angel’s arm & stomach in the process!  As we cleaned up we both had a very good laugh about it as that has never happened before.  Normally there’s not too much more than a dribble when I’m still locked, so this was definitely a pretty new experience!

So as I mentioned above, a chastegasm does feel great and releases a bit of pent-up energy.  But even the more explosive ones like I just told about are still a very different feeling than a normal orgasm.  Not long after that I was still filling the Jail Bird to the max and feeling extremely horny, as if I hadn’t been allowed any kind of release at all.  I’d have been most happy by just being able to get Angel off again, but we ended up calling it a night and curling up into each other to go to sleep.  All in all I’d call it a very nice weekend to round out my first six months of continuous lock-up!


  1. When I first got my CB-6000S, I used the Hitachi on it and I could tell fairly quickly that it was going to be enough stimulation to achieve orgasm (that thing is an orgasm machine – so greatlful for all the times my wife has come with it!). Anyway, this was a solo play just to get the feel for it. I was already aroused by being locked up (which as I say was new at the time) and I did achieve orgasm, made a big mess and all, but it felt so weird. I didn’t regard it as a pleasurable experience, and it felt like something went wrong down there, like I screwed up the plumbing. Everything was ok, but I have not been tempted to do that since. If I’m locked, I’m locked and chaste. Perhaps it would be different with partner play, and it went be interesting to have her do a ruined caged orgasm.

  2. minion dan says:

    Congratulations on reaching your new milestone!

  3. Tony says:

    Ive been locked in my holy trainer chastity cage sence september 2016. Ive had 6 orgasm’s sence then. But i have to be unlock couple times be week for cleaning. Which id like to stop. which device could be left on longer between complete removal any advice to buy new a one be welcome

  4. Congratulations on the new milestone.

    Having had a “chastegasm”, I can attest to their pleasure and intense discomfort!

  5. I’m not sure I would want a “chastegasm”. When having sex and being super excited I’ll take whatever I can get but if I had my druthers, I would want a full orgasm. At the moment I would be lucky to get a ruined orgasm. But that’s not my worry anymore. My Queen makes all those decisions. I merely live by her rules.

  6. This might be totally off the mark but, would you consider a chastegasm similar to a ruined orgasm? Not that I would have any say in any of it! LOL But you have got my curiosity piqued! hehehe

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Hm, maybe.. sort of?? Honestly I’m not really sure if I’ve ever experienced a true “ruined orgasm” to compare it to. Once Angel decides I can come, whether I’m locked or not, it goes pretty much all the way. Good question!

  7. You have some serious resolve! I must admit the chastegasm sounds very interesting. It’s like you’re defeating the purpose of the cage. Like how an orgasm should be, uncontrolled ….even if you were allowed to cum. If that makes sense?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes, in a way you are correct. I do have to be a little bit mindful not to give in to temptation once in a while when I’m alone, and use Angel’s wand on myself! But I don’t really have much desire to actually do that without her explicit permission or even her doing it to me herself.. Almost makes an argument that if I can go that far WHILE caged, there may not really be much reason for it to EVER come off again!

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