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Posted: June 23, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial


I’ve had a couple of reader questions in my inbox for a few weeks now and I feel a little bad about taking so long to respond to them, so I wanted to take a few minutes to go ahead and address these.

The first is a multi-parter.  Wade wrote:

Hey Mate,

Just found your blog, I am currently in the ordering process of getting a Mature Metal Device too, I was looking at the Jail Bird purely because it is open so I figure it will make cleaning easy for prolonged wear. You had some serious sores wearing yours is that issue sorted out now? Was it just caused by sizing?

Sizing is a bit of an issue everyone seems to order so small I have worn the Birdlocked Maxi device so far and it can really slide down and put pressure on my balls when getting aroused, I bought the sizing rings and am trial wearing the 1 3/4 ring to see if it is comfortable along for a day or two like I read else where is good to do. length wise overtime I measure I get almost 4 inches so that means I should order like 3.5-.75″ like I never see people ordering such sizes from what I have read, I know that hard I am 8″ or so but should I be trying to squish it up more or just go off the true measurement I get…

My other question is about the boxer shorts you wear they are a one size fits most, what size are you? curious if that will help me to know if they would fit me, I am guessing they won’t as I am 6ft3 250lbs with a 40″ waist so a bit above average any help you give me is great I found them on amazon too…

My Wife and I am starting our own blog but only just its FYI only one post but there will be a lot more…

Cheers for the informative blog look forward to reading more



Thank you very much for reading, and for the great questions!  I will try to address them all in order.

1) First of all let me say that I think you’re making a good choice with the Jail Bird, and you’ve nailed it with your reasoning.  Like the Queen’s Keep, the more open design DOES make it much easier to keep clean than the fully enclosed tubes!  Yes, I did have a bad sore pop up, but it does seem to be ok now.  That one was strange, as I wore my Queen’s Keep almost continuously for well over a year with zero issues, then suddenly it popped up.  The key, I think, is getting as good of a fit as possible right from the start, then continue to monitor it over time to see if any adjustments might need to be made to your device as your body starts to adapt to wearing it.

The other thing I’ve actually changed in my routine since then which might be helping, is with keeping the Queen’s Keep well lubed.  I had generally always used some lotion all around the ring and as far as I could stick a finger under the cage.  It was some kind of “deep penetrating, ultra-healing, yada yada” lotion that was supposed to last longer and keep your skin softer for longer than some…  It seemed like it worked fairly well as long as I made sure to always apply some immediately after showering and maybe at least one other time through the day if I thought about it.  But now, per Mature Metal’s recommendation, I have been using baby oil gel.  Not just regular baby oil, the gel is much better!  It’s clean, non-sticky, and really does seem to last a very long time!

wpid-canstockphoto2867977.jpg2) When it comes to sizing, if you’re seeing ~4″ when totally soft I think you’re on the right track and would definitely recommend going down to at least 3.5″ if not even a tiny bit shorter…  If you’re like me at all (and maybe you’re not–I have no idea if I represent “normal” at all! Lol) you might be surprised on how much smaller you REALLY get when you’re not touching yourself trying to get measurements, etc.  The trick might just be getting yourself soft enough to get it on in the first place…  But if you are starting totally flaccid, I don’t think it hurts anything to “squish it up more” as you put it.  Give it a week or two of being locked up, and my bet is that when you’re going to the bathroom in the middle of the day sometime, not thinking about sex in the least, you’ll find that with your TRUE flaccid length you might actually have the right size!

I do believe it’s better to go as short as you can possibly fit into though, to prevent ANY sort of erection at all!  From my experience, when I could start to get partially hard inside the cage, that’s when it would start to pull everything outward and put the most pressure on the balls the way you described.  I don’t know how long your Birdlocked device is, but I suspect that could be at least part of the issue there too!

3) As for the shorts, that link does look like the same “Peek-a-Boo” mesh shorts that I purchased.  I AM a bit smaller though, so I’m not entirely sure just how “one-size” they really are…  I’m about 6ft, 175 lbs, and only a 32″ waste.  These fit me, but they are snug.  So you can make your own judgment based on that as for whether these might work for you.. I did have someone recommend on a previous blog post, “pouch” briefs and thongs from  I don’t know if they have any see-through versions, if that’s what you’re looking for, but overall these look pretty nice for holding a chastity device.  I haven’t tried any yet myself, but I’ve been thinking that I might at some point!

If you have any further questions around this, feel free to ask.  Or I’m sure if you’ve already been dealing with Mature Metal then you’ve probably also found them to be extremely responsive and helpful as well!  Good luck to you, both with your device as well as your blog!

  1. Caged Lion says:

    I’m a bit surprised you use any lube under the base ring. Have you tried a 1/4-inch larger ring? It may be worth the small cost. If your balls remain trapped and you no longer need the ring, you may be a lot more comfortable. I wear Obviously underwear (from Australia). It has a pouch that nicely holds the Jail Bird and balls very comfortably.

  2. I like underwear that is snug and has a bit of a pouch. Gives support to my jailbird encased dick and is comfortable. I also use Vaseline each morning under the ring. No problems and quite comfortable too.

  3. myfemdomlife says:

    Great questions – I love that you’re taking time for your readers !

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