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Posted: February 16, 2016 in Anal Sex, Chastity, Chastity Poem, Key-Holder, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Strap-On


My last post, A Chaste Valentine, described a gift that I had given Angel for Valentine’s Day.  It involved locking myself back into the Queen’s Keep, and giving her the keys again inside of a special card that I created just for the occasion.  Yes, most of that post was pre-written, based on what I PLANNED on doing for Angel for Valentine’s Day.  Once it actually happened, that made it much easier to just get online and publish the post with only minor changes.  What I couldn’t pre-write at all, obviously, was Angel’s reaction to it–which was absolutely phenomenal!

My Valentine’s card for Angel was written, printed, and ready to go, so all I had to do to complete the plan was to lock myself back into the Keep, tape the keys inside the card, and place it somewhere that she would easily find it.  We had some friends over Saturday evening, and Angel had excused herself to go get ready for bed before everyone had even left, so in my head I thought that it should be easy to lock back up before I went to bed, without her noticing it at all.  However, once everybody left and I peeked into the bedroom, Angel was still lying there awake reading a book, so it it was already on to Plan B.  I changed clothes and joined her in bed still unlocked, and therefore did get to enjoy a final little bit of rubbing/teasing on her part before she turned out the lights and rolled over to go to sleep.  I had to lay there for a while to make SURE that she was asleep before I got back out of bed and went into the bathroom to complete my plan..

Being rather excited for what I thought might be coming (which alas, would not be me! Lol), it did take a little while to get myself down to a point of being able to fit back into the cage again.  But eventually I did get it, then I taped the keys to the inside of Angel’s card and left it sitting prominently on the bathroom vanity.  I went back to bed and drifted off to sleep feeling very secure and “home.” Back home where I belonged, in the Keep.

Now HERE’s where the story gets much more fun & interesting!

2016-02-11_23.03.14A few hours later, I was still half asleep but I did sense that Angel was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom herself… Much earlier than I would have expected her to!  And she was gone (or so it seemed) for a very long time! When she eventually came back to bed again, she snuggled up behind me and immediately reached to confirm for herself that I was indeed locked up again.  She HAD read the card and it left her feeling quite frisky!  My references to her using the wand and of me going down for a good taste of her, definitely had Angel wanting it… ALL of it!

So there we were, around 5:30 in the morning, running on only a few hours of sleep, but things were about to get very hot & heavy! First Angel asked for her “friend,” the magic wand, so we pulled that out and placed it between my legs.  Angel rode on top of that for several minutes, bringing herself to a number of great orgasms while of driving ME crazy with desire the entire time! That was only the warm-up!  Angel wanted the feeling of something in her ass, and insisted that I should have one too, so into the toy drawer we went to find a couple of butt plugs!

I grabbed the mid-sized, vibrating plug to use on Angel, and after plenty of lube it hit home.  That vibration, combined with still using the magic wand from the other side, sent her over the edge yet again! For myself, I thought that maybe I was ready to go for the largest plug we own, so we tried it… but no. So far neither of us have ever quite managed to get that one all the way in! So we backed down to another, more mid-range plug which I’m much more comfortable with.  I got it started myself but then asked Angel to do the honors of pushing it the rest of the way in, and found out that it is SO much more hot when someone ELSE is playing with your ass! 🙂  With both of us now plugged, Angel decided to give the vibrator a bit of a rest and put my tongue to work.. After all, a couple of my poems had practically begged to be given a “taste!”

wpid-20151027_201715.jpgI managed to get her to another orgasm or two with my tongue, afterwhich Angel really wanted to be filled up from BOTH sides, so she requested (more like “ordered!”) me to get the strap-on over my cage..  I gladly did so, as much as I was really wanting to be unlocked and use the real thing–and remember, it had only been a few hours at that point! 🙂 I pulled on the strap-on and got to work, and it wasn’t long at all before I was rewarded with seeing that face on Angel of complete and utter satisfaction.  That face that I’ve only gotten to see a couple of times, when getting much deeper inside of her than I’d ever be able to go with the “real thing!”

Some may ask “Why Chastity?” For me at least, THIS is the kind of experience that makes being locked, so worth it! That look of pure bliss on Angel’s face.  The ability to stay right on the edge of an orgasm myself, yet I can keep going and going, to make sure that Angel DOES get all the way to pure bliss!  Chastity is fun even solo, but it is even more rewarding when doing it with a key-holder who gets into it as much as I do. All the extra little nudging and teasing that Angel likes to do to me throughout the day.. The fact that I can write sort of a “dirty version” of a Hallmark card, and get Angel all wet and wanting just from reading it! It seems like every day (or at least every holiday and many weekends in between) is a new adventure for us, and we have both taken great joy in exploring our sexuality in so many new & exciting ways!

Just one last little fun tidbit, as Angel and I were reaching the peak of her pleasure on Valentine’s morning. If anybody has ever played any of the ever-popular “Cards Against Humanity – A party game for ‘horrible’ people” then you will probably appreciate this even more! Lol  A comment was made about how we were BOTH plugged and she was taking it from BOTH ends, and she couldn’t resist quoting part of one of the white cards…  She said “Yes, it’s like ‘three dicks at the same time…’ Only YOURS isn’t one of them!” Mmmm, I am such a lucky man! 🙂


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