Long Locked and Loving It!

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep, Strap-On


I have been locked in the Queen’s Keep non-stop now for 76 days, and still counting.  On one hand I am practically climbing the walls with how horny I am, ALL the time! Sometimes, it seems that this is pretty much all I can think about! Angel has been thoroughly enjoying having me in this state, and egging it on even more.  I know she is anxious to have it off as well, but in the mean time she likes to pet me through the cage and comment about how it’s too bad somebody can’t come out and play–which just manages to drive me even more wild! 🙂

This past weekend, I did show Angel the EmlaLock session that is controlling access to my keys, and explained the little calculation error that I made when setting it up.  If she was very disappointed that I will be locked a few weeks longer than we originally thought, she didn’t show it much, and in fact we ended up having some of the hotter rounds of “chaste sex” that we’ve had for a while!  That’s where the other side of the catch-22 comes into play for a chaste man.. While I am extremely horny and want to be released very badly, it still just never gets old watching and feeling Angel as she loses control of her body time and time again, as her orgasms come in huge waves! At that point, I truly don’t even care that I’m not getting a release. I only want HER to have more!

One of my favorites from this past weekend was when I was wearing the strap-on over my cage.  I had given Angel the magic wand to use on herself as a “warm-up” while I was getting everything in place.  Then as I’m laying on top of her, I have to rely on her to tell me when the strap-on is “in,” as I can’t feel it at all.  Once there, I could proceed with slowly thrusting it harder and deeper.. It isn’t long at all before she is squirming underneath me as she takes it all in.  On one hand, Angel somewhat laments the fact that it isn’t the “real thing.” But then again, I can keep it going pretty much indefinitely like this (something we BOTH know would not happen if I were unlocked!)

Using the strap-on with her, we have almost all of the same close, intimate contact with each other as what comes with more traditional sex. I love squeezing Angel tightly as our hips get into a nice rhythm with each other.  I love looking into her eyes as both of our heart rates quicken, and (her) orgasm builds and builds. I love feeling her tightly squeeze me back, as she screams out in pleasure when her orgasm takes over the show!  For myself, I almost feel like I truly am right there inside her. Except that I’m not really hard at all, and the only thing I’m actually feeling is the insides of a steel cage! When Angel has HER orgasms, they are plenty powerful and satisfying enough for BOTH of us!

I tell Angel often, how lucky I am to have her. She says that she doesn’t feel like she actually DOES anything, but that’s not true at all! When I am locked up like this for weeks/months at a time, she is the one who makes it all COMPLETELY WORTH IT!


  1. I never feel lowly with MrsL…I feel empowered to be myself. Even when I try kneeling at her feet after licking her to multiple orgasms…she quickly pulls me up to my feet.

    As for Her control…I Love it. She doesn’t count days…I do…and today is 31 days since I was locked up this time. Nowhere near pcguy…!

    Enjoy your remaining lock up, pcguy!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Agreed! I never really feel “lowly” either. In all other areas of our lives, Angel and I are equals. In the bedroom, I gladly give up control of my orgasms to her (or in the case of using EmlaLock now, currently NEITHER of us have full control!) It greatly enhances the experience for both of us, so in my mind we are still in it as equals–as much as it might look on the surface like she has all the control and my own needs/wants are secondary. The truth is, Angel only got into this to begin with because I wanted it, and I am still amazed sometimes at how much she has gotten into it since then!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I just spent a month in chastity, licking my Goddess to orgasm after orgasm and fucking her with a strap on dildo. These women get us to the point where we feel so lowly beneath them, being able to participate in her fun is enough of an honor that we’re willing to sacrifice our own pleasure.

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