Reader Question: Measuring & Chinese Chastity Devices

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Next up is a question about measuring for a new custom chastity device as well as considering cheaper designs.

Juan C wrote:

Congratulations on your web, it is a joy for me to have found it. I have 55 and married since 25. I practiced chastity subject with the CB3000s but as a game only. I would like to buy the metal bird but I am afraid to be wrong with the measurements. Ademas live in Spain and possibly would have to pay customs.

I have ordered one in the Chinese are many cheaper $20. Do you think there is much difference? Thanks

Good day, Juan! Thank you very much for reading my blog, I am so glad that you are enjoying it! You have a very good question here, which I don’t know if I’ll have a great answer to or not–but I will certainly give it a try!

20160928_231925.jpgFirst of all, if you do try to order a Jail Bird from Mature Metal, I would HIGHLY recommend getting the sizing rings first. That will help tremendously to be sure you are getting the right fit. Then just keep measuring everything several times a day until you’re pretty sure to have the correct dimensions. Even then though, in my experience it is very difficult to get it completely perfect the first time around. You may have to send it back a time or two for small adjustments, but pretty much anything can be changed with the exception of the internal cage diameter. Mature Metal does tend to have very quick turnaround times for these adjustments, but I honestly have no idea how much international shipping would be, especially if customs became an issue. That’s probably something you could send an e-mail to ask Mature Metal about before you placed an order, as I’m pretty sure that they do regularly ship all over the world!

I don’t have any personal experience with other custom chastity makers in Europe, but would those be any easier from a shipping standpoint in your case? It may at least be worth your while to check out, if you are indeed going to go down the path of a custom chastity device.  Other vendors probably have their own instructions for measuring, so follow those guidelines as much as possible.

As for your real question here regarding the cheaper Chinese models, I wish I could tell you definitively that they should be fine, but the truth is I don’t really know! I’ve read some accounts before where people were very happy with these devices and others who hated them. My only real experiences with “cheaper” devices have been the CB-xxxx line, and even those were considerably more than $20!


Here is a sample of some “mid-range” chastity devices that may not be too uncomfortable and could help steer you in the right direction until you can get something for the longer term. I used several of these myself before ultimately going custom. Personally I would just stay away from the silicon devices or anything with spikes! 🙂

This is only my opinion here, based on my own life and the overall general consensus that I feel I’ve heard from other sources; I do think these cheaper devices have a place, but probably not for very long term chastity. If you’re intrigued by chastity and really want to try it out with limited funds, that’s a great way to go without having a heavy investment! If you buy one and like the way it feels but it just doesn’t quite fit right, there are many options in this price range to choose from, so you could even get several of them for pretty cheap and start figuring out what features you like and don’t like. You can start figuring out what size rings fit your anatomy the best, and see how much space you have left in some of the larger cages when TRULY at your smallest. These are all good things to keep track of so that if you DO eventually spring for a custom device you have a good idea of what measurements to start with.

canstockphoto14743778Here’s my biggest worry with the Chinese “knock-offs.” If you are brand new to chastity, and get a cheap device that doesn’t fit well at all (maybe too tight, pinches, etc.), I fear it could end up being one bad experience that could completely turn someone away from the lifestyle forever. You might just think that you’ve tried it, it “hurt,” so maybe it just isn’t for you and you’re not really interested anymore. To this I would say that like most things in life you really do get what you pay for! When I was starting out I went through several different plastic devices until I thought I had found just the right combination of ring sizes, spacers, etc. for the CB-6000s and it was pretty comfortable for at least a few weeks at a time. But once I upgraded to a custom steel device it was SOO much more comfortable that I couldn’t even believe what I had been wearing! The difference was like night and day!

wpid-canstockphoto2867977.jpgSeveral times I have wished that I had just started out from the beginning with a custom device. But realistically I know that probably wouldn’t have panned out very well. I think that I kind of needed that journey through different devices in order to learn what really worked for me and what didn’t. When I went to order my custom steel device, my body was already used to being in chastity and I could be pretty confident with the measurements that I sent in!

I hope that helps, and GOOD LUCK as you try to find the perfect fitting device for yourself!


  1. Good advice! I wouldn’t buy the cheap knock-offs at all. While more costly the custom ones are the way to go—particularly if hoping to live the lifestyle for a long while. You might try some midrange “off the rack” devices. But not those cheap copies. My take—not necessarily correct.

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