Reader Question: Releasing for Hygiene?

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I said recently that I was going to finally start trying to answer a few questions that have been piling up in my inbox from readers, so here’s the first of them!

Graeme asked:

I have recently become caged and I’m slightly concerned about hygiene. How often realistically should I be allowed out for a proper wash?


First of all let me apologize for taking so long to answer this. If you haven’t already figured out a good cleaning routine I hope you haven’t gotten discouraged and given up on chastity for that reason!

Hygiene is certainly an important issue for anybody who’s locked for more than a day at a time. Failing to keep things clean can lead to any number of problems, ranging from fairly minor (stink) to more serious health issues like infections (especially if there are also any open sores in the area which can sometimes happen with chastity).

So how often should you actually be “allowed out?” Well my short answer is, it depends! I think the biggest contributing factor here would be what kind of cage you are using. Some folks like the fully enclosed tubes that completely hide the penis from view. That’s great for “feeling” more secure and completely preventing any chance at touching yourself through the bars, but I think they also would tend to be more difficult to keep clean. I have never personally owned a full steel tube, so the closest I can relate to might be “The Curve” device that I tried towards the beginning of my own journey. It was mostly enclosed, but did have a few slots for “vents” and also a pretty good sized hole at the tip for peeing through. For that matter the CB-6000 was similar, maybe just slightly more open in places.

wp-1470685343488.jpgThe biggest problem with these devices that I found, was that no matter how hard you try there will always tend to be some residual urine in the end of the tube after you use the bathroom. It’s very important to always get that out as much as possible, or you will definitely start smelling yourself down there! When I was in the CB-6000, I got in a habit of carrying a small baggie with a few Q-tips in my back pocket so I would always have some available to help soak that up.

I would also keep plenty of Q-tips handy in the shower, and use them to get soap up as far into the tube as possible. I could kind of scrub the inside walls a little bit as well as the penis itself. That always seemed to work pretty well as a daily cleaning regimen for me, but mind you that was with a clear cage with a few strategic gaps to be able to clean myself through. Your mileage may vary greatly with other enclosed tubes. If this is the type of device you are wearing, and are particularly worried about hygiene, I would say to start with going a couple of days trying to get it as clean as you can in the shower, then take it off for an inspection and more thorough cleaning. If that looks ok, you could try a little longer the next time before you take it off. That way you can gradually figure out your own schedule of how long to go between full cleanings, since it’s likely to be different for every person. But I would NOT skip out on the daily routine of getting things as clean as you can with Q-Tips, running soap & water down inside the tube, etc.

20160928_231925.jpgAll of that being said, hygiene was one of the primary factors in my choice of Mature Metal’s Jail Bird chastity device. This cage is much more open on the sides, making it MUCH easier to keep clean! The bars are still close enough together that I can’t get any fingers inside, but I can get enough soapy water in there now to keep it clean without even having to use the Q-Tips. And the tip is also open enough that I can pee through it without leaving several drops behind!

I literally NEVER take off my Jail Bird solely for the purpose of cleaning, and have had no issues with that whatsoever! So it’s just something to keep in mind.. If you are cleaning it (while still wearing) every day and still don’t feel like you’re staying clean enough, you may want to consider a different device with a more open design.


  1. I can’t stand the solid tube types of cages for the very reason that they are difficult to keep clean. I also wear the Jailbird and use a shaving brush to clean with while wearing it. Works fabulously well and happens at least once a day.

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