Quick Break From Chastity

Posted: August 30, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Key-Holder, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial

I wanted to write a little bit about last weekend (As in, a week ago. This story will continue later with updates from the weekend just a couple days ago!), as we had one VERY fun, hot night!  As I said in my last post, Angel has said that I should be locked until HER birthday, in late September, but in a lot of ways I think that’s almost more difficult for her to enforce than it is for me to “endure!” 🙂  She definitely does enjoy my horniness levels when she keeps me locked this long, and enjoys the endless stream of orgasms that she is able to achieve with me in this state, but I know there are just times that she still really wants me inside her.  And I do want that too, but it is quite liberating to know that it will only happen at HER discretion!

For quite a while now, Angel has been very attached to her “best friend” the Hitachi Magic Wand.  She can come so hard and so often with this vibrator, and it is truly amazing watching her!  It is especially fun when the wand is placed between my legs and she straddles it (and me!) so I get the best view!  The only bad part about that, is when I have to use one hand to hold the wand in place and help press it into her a little harder.  Over time, my hand tends to go a bit numb, but that’s not even the bad part…  Frankly, my hands would be of better use in OTHER areas! 🙂  So lately we’ve actually been trying a NEW toy, which is this little cushion with a wand holder built right into it, like this:


This thing is great, because Angel can ride on top of it completely hands free!  Her hands are free to support herself on top of it (and me), and MY hands are free to explore and stimulate all kinds of other areas on her body, if you know what I mean! I can also move around behind her to play with her ass while the wand continues to hum.  Our imaginations are truly the only limit to how many different ways this can be used to enhance play!

We have had this for a few months now, but I don’t think anything to date could compare much to what happened last Sunday night!  We got to bed a bit early and started playing around some.  When I asked if she wanted to ride her “friend,” of course she was completely on-board with that!  We got the wand out, with the cushion, and she began riding it between my legs.  As she began to have one orgasm after another, she (and the cushion) began slowly inching her way further and further down the bed, until her head was pretty much right in line with the Queen’s Keep.  She decided to start teasing me in earnest, by licking as much as she could through the bars, and also licking/nibbling a bit on my balls, which was driving me absolutely crazy!

I was wanting Angel so bad right then, and I could tell that she wanted more of me as well.  I started teasing HER, saying how nice it would feel to have me out and inside her, or at least all the way inside her mouth..  I do this from time to time and she has generally always been able to stay very strong and keep me locked, especially when she has already decided on a specific date!  But this time, she suddenly agreed, and jumped over to the side of the bed to grab the keys.  I was a little bit surprised, and asked if she was sure, to which she replied “Yes, but you ARE going back in!”  Angel knew what she wanted and was in total control at that moment, which made me practically melt inside from how hot she was with just that tone!  So much so, that I couldn’t even really fathom what she had in mind NEXT…

Angel handed me the key, then jumped back aboard her vibrator as I unlocked myself.  I was so excited that there was no chance of getting the base ring off right then, but it didn’t really matter since it was clear that this freedom would be very short-lived anyway.  I was pretty much instantly at full attention, and as Angel kept riding her wand she took me completely into her mouth and began sucking as I’ve never felt before!  Getting to feel this, while watching her go down on me at the same time as she was working on yet another massive orgasm for herself, was almost more than I could handle at the moment!  Just the fact that it had been almost 7 weeks since I was last out, I knew that chances of me lasting very long were slim to none.  Just to be safe, I asked if she was giving me permission to come, and she nodded affirmative as she continued working me to the edge and beyond!  Sure enough, it wasn’t too long before I lost control of my body just as I witness Angel do so many times.  As I exploded into her mouth, she proceeded to hungrily suck down every last drop as she rode through another toe-curling orgasm of her own.

Yes, this was yet another “first” for us.  Even on occasions when Angel might let me come in her mouth, she really doesn’t particularly like that aspect of it very much so usually has to have a trash can or something ready to dispose of it as quickly as possible.  And that is totally fine, I can’t say that I blame her!  But the way this evening went with both of us getting totally caught up and lost in the moment with each other was one of the most amazing feelings ever!  I’d have to say that these long periods of chastity and orgasm denial have been an integral part of us being able to have so many of these new, incredibly sexy experiences with each other!

When we were all finished and pretty well exhausted, I excused myself to the bathroom where I went ahead and locked back up.  Total time out of the Queen’s Keep was less than 20 minutes, so as far as my Current Status page goes I can’t even really count it as a “new” lock-up session.  When I came back to bed and handed Angel the keys back, she was very happy that I had taken her words to heart about locking up again, without her having to remind me again.  I’m quite sure this memory will be etched in my mind for a LONG time to come




  1. vinnieh says:

    Wow, this sounds hot. She let you cum in her mouth? A lot of girls deny that but you sound as if it was a real thrill.

  2. What an intriguing little bolster that is, I love it! And what a fun and surprising encounter, you had me licking my lips in anticipation😉

  3. thequeensminion says:

    Sounds like an incredible evening! Have you guys ever considered getting a hollow dildo so you could be inside her but still be denied any pleasure?

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