Quick Break From Chastity (Part 2)

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial

In my last post, I wrote about a very hot encounter where Angel did very briefly choose to let me out of the Queen’s Keep for one of the more intense orgasms I have ever experienced for myself!  If desired, you can re-read that account, here.  That all went down about a week and a half ago.  As I’m trying to finally get caught up on some of my writing here, I wanted to finish up that story with how it continued this past weekend as well!

Angel had so much fun with that the week before, that she decided fairly quickly this past weekend that we should do it again.  The only stipulation was, that she didn’t really want to swallow it this time.  Instead she would go get herself a little cup to be able to spit into when she was finished with me. By the time she told me this, Angel and I were already in bed going pretty hot and heavy with her magic wand, and the last thing I wanted at the moment was to see her leave, so I ended up offering an alternative…

I told Angel that I would make an offer right then, but it would be up to her if she wanted to actually go through with it or not, because I would probably end up changing my tune after I came myself!  Plus it would probably be better for both of us if she took the lead to “force” this later..  If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes-  I told Angel that instead of just disposing of my ejaculate, she was welcome to try using MY mouth to get rid of it instead!  I almost hesitated and backed out of it before I could even get all of those words out of my mouth, but once Angel realized what I was talking about the idea of it sent HER far over the edge again with another toe-curling orgasm!  Seeing how hot Angel found it, cemented in my mind that as long as it made HER happy then I would gladly do it for her!

And so it began, with Angel again riding her magic wand tucked neatly into the new cushion between my legs as I was unlocked.  Instantly hard, she took me into her mouth again treated me to one of the best, most explosive orgasms that I have had!  When I was finished, I could hardly move as I was just completely satiated and still somewhat processing what had just happened!  I looked up at Angel and even though I knew exactly what she was planning I didn’t know whether to dread it or just go with it.  But there was very little time to actually think about it, as Angel grabbed me and pulled me in for a nice long kiss, during which she did transfer everything that I had shot into her mouth, right back into mine..  Now mind you, I have ventured as far as licking my own hand a little bit from time to time after coming, just to have somewhat of an idea of what it tastes like, but this is the first time that I ever actually had to swallow a whole mouthful of it!  I was a little bit surprised by it at first and almost felt myself begin to gag a little bit but then I just willed myself to quickly swallow it all down and it was done!  Very easy!

canstockphoto35024552Angel made a comment that she bet I wished I’d let her get that cup, but the truth is, I think I was looking at her with a whole new perspective at that point.  I absolutely adored her even MORE for this position of complete power that she can have over me!  As much as she can keep me locked up for as long as she wishes, she can also have me go ahead and have an orgasm any time she wishes, and can even get off herself from having me eat it afterwards!

Anyhow, to finish up this story, as we were laying in bed after all of this Angel said that she figured what we did wasn’t really “cheating” (by not staying locked until her birthday, as she had originally decreed) since I wasn’t actually inside her..  I reminded her that she holds the keys, so she gets to make the rules!  If this is what makes her happy then that’s what we’ll do!  She was very happy with that thought and we snuggled up to get some much needed sleep.

 On a somewhat related note, after all of this I did not actually go straight back into the Queen’s Keep that night.. Angel suddenly remembered that I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday for a general physical/wellness exam.  She was concerned that it might include a testicular check as well, and thought it best not to have any little surprises in my pants for the doc to find! I hadn’t even really thought of that, but it was probably a wise move.  As it happened, that would NOT have been an issue, but better safe than sorry I suppose!  Regardless, I was unlocked for about 2 full days, but now am back in the Keep again until Angel decides otherwise! 

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