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Posted: February 4, 2016 in Chastity, Long Term Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


I recently had a question from a reader regarding Chastity Game Rules; specifically how I actually count time locked vs. unlocked.
Servinghimwithchastity wrote (in response to “Four Months in the Keep“):

A super congratulations! That was a very long time and much longer than we have been able to go, hats off. I believe we are caught up with all your past posts but am wondering what your “game rules” are. We never know how long my hubbie has been “officially” locked. About 2 weeks ago he had an accident right in his cage (my fault), we don’t believe that counts as an unlocking. And about 3 weeks ago I was not having a good day (it happened to land on a bad day of the month 🙁 ) and I unlocked him out of anger and told him to give it to me. I wasn’t even warmed up and as he had been locked for a few weeks at that point he lasted exactly 2 pumps and I put his device back on, the whole thing ended up being a lesson but does that count as unlocked? We were thinking it maybe it counts if he sleeps without the device on. I know it’s whatever “rules” you want it to be but if you can post (or point me to where you already posted) your rules of an official unlocking, we would love to follow them! You never know, your rules may become “The Official Rules to Chastity Time Locked”.

Thanks so much for your posts, we always look forward to reading them and get so excited for you and yours.

I hope your release is mind blowing.

Thank you for reading, and for the great question! First of all, you are 100% right that you should just use whatever rules work the best for the two of you.  There is no absolute right or wrong way of playing the game!  I had to do some thinking about how I count days locked vs. unlocked, as I don’t think I’ve ever explicitly written them down anywhere.  I HAVE had some similar situations as you along the way such as “accidents right in the cage” (what I like to refer to as a “Chastegasm“) and also being unlocked just long enough for a “quickie” then the cage is put right back on.  Generally speaking, I don’t count either one of those scenarios as truly unlocked..

When you say that you never know how long your hubbie has been “officially” locked, the thing that really helped ME in that regard was when I started actually tracking it, via the Current Status page on this blog.  Before I started the blog I’d usually have some vague idea of how long I’d been locked but it was sometimes difficult to remember for certain.  When I started tracking it, I was in the middle of what would end up being my last long lock-up period with my old CB-6000s. Right after that is when my new Queen’s Keep arrived, and once I got that broken in I haven’t looked back since!

On my page, when you click the image link to see exactly how many days I have been locked or unlocked, I am actually using a little free counter provided by Whenever my status changes, on the back-end I just have to change the date in a short HTML snippet, and it will start over with counting from the new date.  It’s pretty simple, but this method does have a few degrees of possible error.  For example, I COULD enter an exact time of day to start counting (like down to the minute that I am locked up or unlocked).  That is a lot more difficult to keep track of though, especially if I end up coming back the next day to actually update my site.  So, I opted to just use 00:00:00 (Midnight) for all dates across the board.

What this means is, there could technically be up to 24 hours discrepancy at either end of the period.  Please bear with me for the following example, as it might seem a tad confusing at first…

  1. Locked at 10:00 PM on January 1
    • It would count me as having been locked for the entire day.  As soon as midnight rolls around on January 2, it would already read 1 day (even though it is really only 2 hours at that point)
  2. Unlocked at 10:00 *AM* on January 5
    • It would read 4 days locked, so that is how I would record it (even though really only 3 1/2 days)
      • Assuming I STAY unlocked, as soon as it passes midnight again on January 6, that would be counted as 1 day unlocked. Simply put, your idea of counting it as unlocked if you “sleep without the device” isn’t far off at all!
      • If I was only unlocked for a 20 minute quickie or even a few hours (but back in later the same day) then I probably wouldn’t even bother changing the counter.  I would just continue my current “locked” status on to the next day and beyond..  This is where you might see a few notes scattered around my Status page as being unlocked for <fill-in-the-blank> reason on day X of the session.

I hope that makes sense… It’s not an exact science by any means but I’ve always felt that if I’m adding extra time to my “Locked” status then it is made up for with the same thing being added to my “Unlocked” status.  Reading back through your question again I think I’ve covered what you were wondering about, but if not feel free to ask more questions and I will try to elaborate on it better! If my example here doesn’t make much sense, I do suspect that if you read through some of the “history” section of my Current Status page, you might be able to see a little bit clearer how I’m counting it.  I very well might not have the best method in the world, but this is what has been working for me and I’ll probably continue with that method for the foreseeable future!

  1. Bob says:

    I use my Diary for keeping track, I’ve been keeping it like this:
    Email entry “XXXXX Diary 2016”
    Orgasms this year-Mz. C-0 Orgasms, mini 0 Ejaculations
    Ratio: 1 to 1
    Last time we had intercourse 1/23/16 Fri.
    Her last orgasm 12/23/16 Fri.
    My last ejaculation 12/23/16 Fri.

    Abbreviated ejaculations 2011-2, 2012-0, 2013-0, 2013-0, 2014-2, 2015 ½, 2016-?
    Wet Dreams 2015-1, 2016-?
    Last Masturbation-4/10/14, Longest period without masturbating -606 days. This year-25 days, Total
    Masturbations this year-0
    Longest straight Lock up with no ejaculations- 59 days, This year- 25 days
    straight Lock up with ejaculations. 87 days locked.
    Longest locked up total days 2006-61, 2007-94, 2008-122, 2009-143, 2011-335, 2012-172, 2013-194, 2014-340, 2015-355 this year- 32 Days locked
    Free since //. locked.
    Currently not Free since 3/10/15.
    Days free this year 0, Least number of free days in a year .
    Stints locked up this year or between releases, 12 last year and 7 days plus , 22, 9
    This Chronic Masturbator is back in rehab.

    Last year I felt lucky to receive 12 releases! We started in 2001 and the past 9 years I’ve kept pretty much locked all the time.

  2. Thank you for your reply and there is quite a bit of good stuff there, i guess my question was more specific. At what point would you reset your timer? After 2 hours out of cage? Overnight unlocked? 3 days? How much time out of the cage do you consider a reset or officially unlocked? Thanks!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      The easy/simplest answer would probably be as you describe it — Overnight unlocked.

      To be a little bit more technical, based on the specific counter that I use: whenever I am unlocked, once the time rolls past midnight that counts as “1 day unlocked.” So if I lock back up again in the morning it will be starting a brand new session. Any time I’m let out but then locked back up within the same day (midnight-to-midnight) I generally won’t count that as being unlocked at all. It just continues the previous lock-up session. Does that help?

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