Chaste Anniversary – part 2 (Spa Day)

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Sex


…Continued from Chaste Anniversary – part 1

After being released from chastity for some fun times with my “slutty wifey,” normally if Angel doesn’t say anything about going back into the cage then I will ask her myself if that’s what she is expecting or not.  Saturday night she didn’t outright ask me to go back in, and I purposely did not bring it up again either.  The reason was that I had another little anniversary surprise scheduled for the following morning: A full Spa day for the two of us, complete with an hour long couple’s massage! Angel does get massages for herself semi-regularly, but I’m sure it had been years since I’ve had a professional one, and we had never done anything like that together! I managed to keep it a secret until we were walking through the resort following signs leading to the spa, and Angel managed to figure out that was where we were heading. She was both surprised and thrilled at the thought of being able to share yet another fun, new experience with each other!

We arrived almost a full hour before our appointment, which gave us plenty of time to start the day off by taking advantage of some of the other spa amenities available us, including some sort of “mineral infused” co-ed hot tub as well as both a dry infrared sauna & a steam sauna back in both locker rooms.  The massage itself was VERY nice and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to look over at Angel from time to time to see her laying there getting her massage.  Angel also told me that she thought it was pretty hot knowing that I was laying naked a few feet away having the same thing done. She said that there were a couple times though, when she would overhear the therapist asking me things like how the pressure was (needing more or less) that the jealous woman would wake up inside her momentarily and make her think things like “What are you doing to my man over there?!” But that wouldn’t last long, and she would be right back to enjoying her own massage!

As I started off this post saying, I did make it a point to try and make sure I would NOT be locked in the Queen’s Keep for our spa day, and it did turn out well. If Angel had asked me to lock back up at some point before then, I’m not sure if I’d have kept up the surprise or spilled the beans in order to ask her if I could stay out for a while longer. I wasn’t sure if it would be an issue or not, to get a massage like that while in chastity. Yes, I was laying there under the sheets completely naked, so there’s always a chance that I might have been “discovered.” But looking back, the way they drape the sheets so that only one part of your body is exposed at a time, it may NOT have been an issue at all! The therapist really never even came particularly close at all to that area, and even if she HAD seen or felt a chastity device it’s very unlikely that anything would have been said. I suspect that most “real” massage therapists are professional enough that something like that wouldn’t phase them at all from just moving on and finishing their job.

Has anybody reading this who also practices chastity, ever gotten a full body massage while locked up? If so, I would be very interested to hear about your experiences with it!

After leaving the spa, both VERY relaxed, Angel and I made our way back to the condo for some more fun, sexy times, and a much needed nap! 🙂 And that is pretty much how we lazily finished out that day as well as the first half of Monday, before we had to clean everything up and come back to the real world of work, kids, and life!  We had been a little bit worried before this little vacation that we were going to hype it up so much in our heads that we could never be satisfied with the reality of it. But as Angel said to me, this weekend turned out to be everything we dreamed it to be and much more!

First thing Tuesday morning, I went ahead and locked myself back in the Keep and left the keys out on the bathroom sink for Angel to find when getting ready for work that morning. Of course, I made sure to also leave her one of my trademark little notes, letting her know that I was back where I belonged (under her control!) and also gave her a big THANK YOU for the absolutely wonderful weekend we just had!


  1. I ended up getting a massage while locked up recently. However, it was a post – surgery massage that was specific to a part of my body. The therapist did end up working on my legs for a short time (focus was around my shoulders/neck area) but she merely tucked the cover up under my inner thigh (not too high) and then worked on the leg and then pulled the cover back over when she was done. I cannot say if, when I was on my back, the cage was evident or not from under the covers. I guess I’ll never know. 😉

  2. Wow. Sounds like a wonderful, intimate weekend!

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