Chaste Anniversary – part 1

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Sex


We are back home from our long weekend at the lake, to celebrate Angel’s birthday as well as our wedding anniversary, and what a weekend it was! I have already written about Angel’s Birthday Spankings on our first night there, and I’d have to say that the action didn’t slow down much from that point! There was so much going on both inside and out of the bedroom that I’m likely to not even remember parts of it, but will try to recap some of the highlights at least! Angel kept me locked in the Queen’s Keep part of the time, and let me out at other times. All-in-all I was probably out more than in for this weekend, so for the sake of my Current Status Page I just listed it as being unlocked for 3 straight days..

Following the spanking, Angel modeled some of her new lingerie for me.  This was the sexy, baby blue outfit which she had already shown me the package for, with matching stockings. Wearing this, she kept me locked so she could keep teasing me while riding her Magic Wand to several more orgasms on top of me. I never get tired of that view! We kept playing well into the night and wee hours of Saturday morning, with various positions and also with the larger butt plug again.  Angel was still not QUITE able to take that one all the way in, but very close! Eventually, she unlocked me as well, so she could feel me inside her at the same time as having a large plug in her ass. With over 6 weeks of build-up since the last time I was out of the cage, that was a rather explosive scene for both of us!

Saturday morning we woke to some great morning sex that we both definitely miss being able to do, now that we have small children who generally interrupt at that time of day! We were in and out of the condo all day, doing some shopping, boating on the lake, etc. While in, we certainly did continue our sexy adventures! Finally, Angel put on her other new lingerie that she had been teasing me as her “dirty” outfit. It turns out that this was a stretchy, black lace, cupless & crotchless Teddy–and I’m sure my jaw must have dropped open a bit when Angel first stepped out into the room to show me this one! It fit her perfectly, and she looked even more stunning than ever!

Angel clearly KNEW that she looked very hot in this outfit too, and it showed in every way! She is pretty hard on herself sometimes, with a few insecurities about her body image, etc. Not trying to be insensitive at all here, but that seems to be a fairly common issue with many women, at some point in their lives, is it not?  I reassure Angel all the time that I think she is beautiful and that she has nothing at all to worry about with me. Dressing up in her “stripper outfit” (her words! Lol) really did wonders for her self-esteem, and brought out a side of her I have never seen! She was almost immediately transformed into a much more sexually aggressive woman! For the first time ever, she even gave me a little lap dance on the edge of the bed, really flaunting her body (and naturally, turning me on like crazy!)

When she unlocked me from the Queen’s Keep for some more fantastic sex that evening, she had taken head-on the role of my “dirty little slut.” (Again, her words! I could never call her–or anyone else for that matter–something like that without knowing that she was embracing the title and getting off herself from being called that!) This was quickly turning into the of the most intense and intimate weekends of our married lives!

To be continued…
Chaste Anniversary – part 2 (Spa Day)


  1. I find your details fascinating! My life is so opposite…I delight in my Master deciding to call me His dirty little slut! Lol

  2. Souds like an incredibly erotic weekend!

  3. Mic says:

    That’s the way anniversaries shouled be celebrated! My best wishes for the both of you!

  4. 2beundone says:

    Wow! Happy Anniversary to you both! 🙂

  5. eonserotica says:

    Sounds like you guys had a blast! Happy birthday, and happy anniversary, too.

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