Not-So-Chaste Fireworks!

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep, Sex


Wow, what a 4th of July we had this year! A day that began very family friendly with a local parade in the morning and fireworks by the riverfront at night, gave way to much more exciting fireworks when Angel and I found some alone time in the bedroom!  We were both fairly tired from the day’s events, but that did not stop Angel from coming to bed wearing some very sexy lingerie, and she made it very clear that she intended to have some explosive orgasms that night! And so she did..  With my fingers, with my tongue, with her magic wand, while riding on top of me with her magic wand, you name it.. Except for that night I was NOT getting out of the Queen’s Keep for my own orgasm!  That’s quite ok though, as I NEVER get tired of watching Angel, plus I was just out for a little quickie the previous weekend, so I had figured that would probably be it for a while! 🙂

The next morning was a little different story. We had one last baseball game to go to from a ticket package we had bought each other for Christmas last year.  Our babysitter who was keeping the boys for the day came and picked them up a good couple of hours before we actually had to leave the house.  This meant that we were home alone!!  I was able to get Angel back in the bedroom very quickly, telling her she needed to “practice.” To explain what exactly that means, I have been teasing Angel for some time now about something we are going to do eventually, sometime when we have a whole evening/night to ourselves (no kids in the house!) As much as she has come to enjoy her magic wand, I’ve been telling her that I am going to tie it to her, and see how long she can handle having it just keep buzzing away continuously, basically forcing orgasm after orgasm out of her, and she’d have no way of getting away from it or turning it off even when things started feeling a little “sensitive” down there! Angel gets VERY wet and turned on whenever I bring that subject up!

Anyway, back to the “practice..” We were not quite ready to actually tie the magic wand on to Angel yet, but we still started a stopwatch to see how long she could make it while I held the wand in just the right place for her. She didn’t think she would be able to make it past about 5 minutes, so right off the bat I was shooting for at least 10! Lol  The first 5 minutes were actually very easy, and she had (at least) 3 orgasms right off the bat in that amount of time. After that she did start feeling like she needed a little bit of a break, but I had already told her I wasn’t going to turn it off for a while.  I DID show a little mercy and temporarily flipped the switch back down to the “Low” setting!

Angel’s orgasms started coming in waves, and what a beautiful site it was! At first I had most of my body between her legs, making sure that she was keeping them spread. Later, we experimented with squeezing her legs together, effectively helping to hold the wand in place, and that just seemed to intensify her orgasms even more as every move she made just proceeded to grind the wand against her even harder! 10 minutes passed, and as we were approaching 15 she was practically begging me to turn it off.  I was about to do just that when Angel’s biggest orgasm yet came and she completely lost all control of her body for well over 1 minute! By the time I actually turned the wand off, she had gone for a total of 16 minutes 20 seconds! I had thought that last wave was several orgasms in a row, but she corrected me saying that it was just one very long, continuous one!

At this point Angel was completely spent, but she really wanted to finish it off with feeling me inside her, so she dug out the keys and very quickly got me out of the Queen’s Keep.  I was already very worked up from the awesome fireworks show that I had just gotten to see, so we both knew that it probably wasn’t going to last very long.. It turns out she still had one small orgasm left in her as well, which she managed to release at about the same time as my own for the grand finale!

I asked if I was to go back into the Keep, but Angel thought it might be good to go ahead and stay unlocked for a bit.  I know we don’t have to worry too much about the metal detectors at the ballpark, but it was still nice being able to go to the game “Free!” I am still unlocked a day later, at the time of this writing, but chances are it will be fairly short-lived. I can’t see going an entire week this time around like we did the last time I was let out.  This was an amazing end to a long holiday weekend, and we are both looking forward to when we have a chance to REALLY push Angel past her normal comfort zone with the magic wand! Why wait for the 4th of July when we can have those kind of fireworks any time we like? 🙂

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