Reader Question: How Do You Get Release?

Posted: July 7, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Romance


I had a question from a new reader today regarding sex & masturbation while in chastity. I was afraid the response might get a little long winded, so I thought I’d make a new post out of it so others could also see and offer any input you may have as well!

TheClassyWoman asks:

I do have a personal question, I am a curious woman, Wink… First I understand you have not had sex for a very long time and wear a chastity Belt. Do you masturbate to get release, this is healthy for us physically and emotionally.

First of all, thank you for reading and for the great question!  I do wear a chastity device more often than not lately, but I want to dispel any misconception about chastity being synonymous with “not having sex.” In fact, I would venture to say that Angel and I actually engage in even MORE sex since we started experimenting with chastity than we did before! Of course it all comes down to semantics, and what you actually define as “sex.” Yes, traditional intercourse is out of the question while locked up, but there are many other ways to have sex which are every bit as fulfilling!

These “other ways” generally all revolve around helping Angel to orgasm, and I have described much of this rather explicitly in several of my previous blog posts.  One of the most amazing things about being locked, is how even when I am not having an orgasm for myself I am just right there on the brink of it for so long that when Angel has one it is like I am having my own vicariously THROUGH hers!  And as she has them over and over again in the same setting, I also get that repeat experience. It truly is about as close as a man can actually get to multiple orgasms!

Plus, at least in our situation, “traditional sex” is never completely off the table either.. It is simply left completely up to Angel to decide! My Current Status page has a good listing of when I’ve been unlocked over the past ~year, and generally speaking that usually involves at least one round of good old fashioned sex, including a release/orgasm for me! Sometimes I am out for a few days or so at a time, and other times I might be unlocked ONLY long enough for a “quickie” then I’m right back into the Queen’s Keep again within about 20 minutes tops.  In those instances I generally don’t even count it as a new chastity session, rather just a continuation of my previous lock-up period.

For the second part of your question, No. Masturbation is not really possible while locked in a chastity device so I wouldn’t be able to do that either, unless Angel unlocked me and allowed it.  But if I’m unlocked, it’s because SHE is wanting sex, so no point in masturbating then, right? 🙂

As far as having a release being important and “healthy,” there are at least 2 sides to everything I suppose, depending on who you ask!  From my personal experience, it seems that when my body absolutely HAS to release it will find a way to do so whether I’m locked up or not.  It might be in the form of a “wet dream” or it can happen while engaging in other sexual activities with Angel. I wrote about one such experience where I had what I called a “Chastegasm.” Others have referred to similar things as a “ruined orgasm.” Basically a full-blown release but without the over-the-top feelings of a real orgasm.

From an emotional perspective, as long as I can help Angel with HER orgasms from time to time, I can go to sleep afterwards with my whole body (and mind!) feeling completely satiated–exactly as if I had just had my own as well! I suppose it might be different for a guy if he was just “locked and left,” without any sort of sexual interaction ever going on. Sometimes, life does get in the way and there might be a week or two of that, but fortunately at least in OUR relationship that’s not the norm!

As much as I would LIKE a release sometimes, I guess at the end of the day I don’t necessarily really NEED it all the time. Angel has also been becoming more and more adept at denying my orgasms, while still keeping me right there on the edge for very long periods at a time. Keeping me locked even seems to have been helping her get more in tune with her own body, in terms of what feels good and what can trigger the best orgasms–and she has grown to be much more assertive in being able to instruct ME on how to help her achieve those!

The bottom line is, as strange as being locked in a chastity device might seem to some, it has become a fairly important part of life for Angel and I. Even to the point where, when I’m NOT locked for very long at a time, we both feel it and are ready to start it back up again!

See, I knew this was going to get a little bit long winded! 🙂 Hopefully this answers your question; it is probably a LOT more information than you were looking for!


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