Queen’s Keep: Limp Through the Night

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


Yes, the title pun was intended! 🙂 I made it through my first nighttime trial of the Queen’s Keep last night and it brought out two big revelations for me that I probably should have known but must have forgotten:

  1. It’s amazing how many nighttime erections I tend to get.
  2. The CB-6000s had more room in it than I realized to get “partially hard” in.

Queen's Keep & CB-6000s comparison

The Queen’s Keep is so much smaller than the CB-6000s (at least with MY custom dimensions), that there is practically zero room to grow in it. But as involuntary as breathing, I sure did TRY to get hard often enough in it! I lost count of how many times I woke up straining against the bars of the cage. But sure enough there was no chance of any erections!

It really didn’t bother me much though, or keep me awake for very long each time. The CB-6000s seemed to take a little longer to adjust to at night. This may not be scientifically sound, but I would wonder if that might have been because I could still get partially hard in it, so would get sort of “stuck” in that state and almost would have needed a release to actually get it to go back down quicker. On the other hand, with the Queen’s Keep I’m not getting (very) hard at all, so after a short futile attempt at it I’m basically right back to where I started and can go right back to sleep.

I wonder now, how that will be once I give Angel the keys, and there’s a lot of teasing going on again from her side. My guess is that I will keep trying to get hard throughout any intimate time like that–it just may not last quite as long afterwards as what I was used to with the CB-6000s.

I’ve noticed one other nice thing about the Queen’s Keep. With the CB-6000s, when I would get hard it would fill up the cage then start pulling the whole thing straight out (including the base ring), putting a fair amount of pressure on the balls. It’s not too painful but certainly grabs my attention! With this one, everything fits so much more snug that I really don’t feel very much pressure there at all during “attempted” erections!

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