Chastity as a Game

Posted: November 3, 2014 in CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity


Well I have pretty much summarized in my last several posts how I have gotten to where I am today in regards to male chastity.  Of course there are some details I didn’t spend time to elaborate on, but in general that is a good description of my journey into the lifestyle.  Because chastity IS somewhat of a lifestyle change, as much as it is also a sexy game to play with your significant other/key-holder!

As a game, there’s the obvious between-the-sheets tease & denial aspect.  For our situation, Angel gets to use me however she likes to have as many orgasms as she wants.  She also gets to choose if/when I get to be unlocked to have an orgasm myself.  I on the other hand get the privilege to HELP her to orgasm, and can only HOPE she might decide to unlock me to have one myself.  So do I “win” if I get unlocked? Or is it more of a win to still be locked and teased? That is the conundrum of the chaste man!

For Angel’s part, does she “win” based on the number of orgasms she manages to get? Or is it a win when she keeps me locked? What if she WANTS to have me out, and inside her–would that be considered losing the game?  I don’t believe so. To me, at least with my experiences to date, this game can be likened to a bunch of toddlers running around chasing a soccer ball.. THERE ARE NO LOSERS, ONLY WINNERS!

Angel wins of course by getting multiple orgasms for herself and by getting to see my mixture of pleasure and frustration, from being able to help her achieve orgasm while being denied my own.  If she does choose to let me out, she wins by getting to feel me exploding inside her.  Either way she gets to feel the “power” she has over me and can pretty much get me to do ANYTHING for her without having to promise anything at all in return.  No matter what happens, I always feel like a winner as long as she’s happy, and satisfied.  Whether I get to orgasm in the end or not, there is something extremely satisfying about seeing/helping Angel have one or multiples of her own.  I would not trade that feeling for anything!

This is one sex game though, that generally continues far outside the bedroom.  All day long while locked up, every little twitch, or attempt to get the least bit hard, brings my mind straight back to Angel. She enjoys reminding me of my state from time to time, always making me (try to) jump to attention! When out in public, it’s our own inside joke; our “dirty little secret” that nobody around likely has any idea about.  When nobody is around (or looking) she’s not beyond sneaking a quick feel of her “property,” which just adds to the thrill even more.  All in all, no matter how we dice it, the male chastity game has been a big win-win for both of us!

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