More on CB-xxxx: My Journey into Chastity

Posted: October 24, 2014 in CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Male Chastity


As I wait for my new Queen’s Keep to arrive I wanted to write a little more about my experiences with the CB-xxxx line of chastity devices.

I can’t remember exactly how long ago it was when I saw “The Curve” for sale at our local novelty shop, but that would have been my first introduction that this particular “kink” was even out there. I didn’t buy one right off the bat, but went back home and started doing a little research on the subject via the good ole internet! I was very intrigued by the thought of being locked in this cage, with no way of touching myself, masturbating, or anything like that! It didn’t take too long before I had to try it out, so back to the shop I went to make the purchase.

I’m writing off of distant memories right now so may miss some details or not remember some things correctly at all, but The Curve certainly did have some issues for me. Mainly it was just way too large… I was still able to get almost completely erect inside the thing, even though it did kind of force me into a little bit of a curved shape worthy of its name! It didn’t really seem to fit underneath my clothes at all, so wearing anywhere beyond my house was probably not going to happen. The base ring was actually hinged at the bottom. That seemed like a good idea, since it opened up very wide and was easy to get into, but it seemed like I was constantly getting pinched in that area too. I knew this wouldn’t be practical at all for anything long term, but as for chastity in general I was hooked! That feeling of confinement was incredible. It just made me extremely horny, and the fact that I couldn’t touch myself made me even more so!

I started looking around and found there was another model, the CB-2000 maybe? I don’t think they even make that one anymore.. I think it may have used the same base ring assembly but was just a different design on the cage. I ordered one to try it out. This cage had more of an angle to it rather than a smooth curve, so it pointed things down a little lower and was definitely a lot easier to conceal under clothing. I think I may have even ventured out of the house a few times wearing this one, getting quite a thrill from knowing that nobody knew what I had going on in my pants! 🙂 But it still just seemed like I was practically swimming inside this large cage, and after only a few hours the metal hinge at the bottom of the base ring was rubbing me raw, making the whole experience rather unpleasant.

Then came the next model of this product line, the CB-3000, so I gave that one a shot too.  I can’t remember for sure if that one still had the same hinged base ring or not.  They may have started to change up that design a little bit by then.  The cage did have a little bit different shape/angle than the CB-2000 though, which seemed a lot more comfortable for the long term. I experimented and played with this model for quite a while before the last of the CB-xxxx series (to date) was released: the CB-6000.

The CB-6000 did completely change up the base ring design and was very appealing from the moment I saw it. Instead of the big hinge at the bottom that I would always seem to get caught in, this ring had about 3 separate pieces to it. It was basically a full, solid ring, with an opening at the top. This still made it pretty easy to slide into. Then one of the other two pieces had a couple of guide posts that stick through the back of the ring, completing the circle. The last piece slips over the guideposts to fill in the front section of the ring. That design is soo much better than anything they had previously, and certainly lends itself very well to more of a long-term wear! If I’m not mistaken, I believe that the other remaining models in this line have since been adapted to include the same 3-piece ring design rather than the hinge. That is a very good move on their part!

Now, the CB-6000 came as a standard length, or they also had a model CB-6000s, with the “s” standing for “short.” As one of my biggest complaints about these models was always that it seemed way too big for me, I decided to try the short model. I am glad that I did this because it definitely made a very big difference in how it felt! I can still get partially erect now, but it certainly does block me from getting completely hard. That strain of pushing on the end of the cage when I’m aroused is… well, it’s very difficult to put into words just how amazing that feels! And it’s a big catch-22, because that just makes me even more aroused, and there’s no way I can “get it up” any more than what the cage allows!

I have used the CB-6000s on and off for several years now, either by myself or now with my wife. It took a little while, but she has really started to take to it and now does seem to rather enjoy holding the keys and denying my release until she’s ready for it!

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