Pros & Cons of CB-6000s

Posted: October 26, 2014 in CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Male Chastity


I have been wearing a CB-6000s chastity device on and off for a few years now. Once I got the fit right, it really has been a fairly good solution for long term wear. Of course as with anything, there are pros and cons to this particular device so I wanted to list a few of them here.  I will revisit this later to see how it stacks up to the Queen’s Keep, once I have broken in that device a bit.


  1. Price is very affordable for “first-timers” to try out chastity.
  2. Plastic cage is very lightweight.
  3. Cage is suprisingly sturdy considering it is all lightweight plastic.
  4. Appropriately spaced slots on side of cage allow adequate ventilation.
  5. I cannot touch myself at all through the cage.
  6. 3 piece base ring is easy to get on.
  7. Base ring is pretty much “continuous” once put together, so no really bad rub points.


  1. Padlock seems a little large hanging down the front of device.
  2. With loose-fitting underwear, can sometimes hear the lock banging up and down against the cage as I walk.
  3. Sometimes the pieces of the base ring will separate just enough to catch (and rather painfully pull out) a stray pubic hair.
  4. When not aroused, still only fill maybe half of the cage length (even though I have the “short” version.)
  5. Due to length of cage, peeing can be tricky without making a big mess (sitting down to pee is a given with chastity!)
  6. Keeping the cage clean (and not smelly!) can be a chore, especially after peeing.
  7. Though it fortunately has not happened to me [knocking on wood…] I have read plenty of reports of the plastic cages splitting down the middle seam, causing injury to the wearer.
  8. The space between the base ring and the cage seems to flex sometimes in extreme heat or cold.  On rare occasions, this has led to a testicle being able to sqeeze through (also rather painfully!)
  9. When completely flaccid, it could be possible to slip out the back of the cage (though I do not believe it would ever be possible to get back in without unlocking it.)

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