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Posted: August 23, 2019 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


As written previously in my post titled “Flying Chaste,” I had my first experience this year with going through airport security while locked in a stainless steel chastity device. If you haven’t read that one, I would highly recommend going back to check it out before proceeding with this post. But the bottom line is, I went through the full body scanners at TWO different airports, with NO ISSUES whatsoever!

This was kind of an odd year travel-wise for me, because we really do not fly particularly often. But this year I ended up having two trips by plane! The first was a business trip that I wrote about previously, and the second was a family vacation to the great state of Hawaii that we had already planned for this summer.

When we were planning this, I REALLY did not expect to be locked for that vacation. I did not think for a second that there would be any remote possibility that Angel would even consider having me go through airport security while locked. I mean, what if I were stopped and had to explain what was going on in my pants that couldn’t be removed? What if a pat down wasn’t enough to satisfy TSA and they had to drag me off into some back room for a visual inspection before letting me make my flight?

Frankly I don’t think I would care about any of that if it happened to me — personally. But here were going on a trip with not only our two young boys, but also my mother and sister (and her husband and two kids). With 9 of us total going through the airport security lines basically together, SOMEBODY would be sure to notice if I was being hassled for some reason by a TSA agent. And they’d probably end up asking me about it, in front of the whole family of course, and what the hell kind of story would I be able to come up with to appease their curiosity? That is why I fully expected that Angel would have me unlocked prior to that trip.

Boy was I wrong!

Even though my EmlaLock session was technically ended more than a month before our vacation, we would still have to log in to close it out and get the code to the lockbox with my keys. Otherwise it will just continue counting the time locked in my current session. Angel knows this, and knows that it is up to her when we do that. I will not betray her trust and go get the code myself at this point. But as I’ve also written about recently, Angel has also come to really ENJOY keeping me chaste, and even has it in her head right now to possibly shoot for an entire year of lockup!

As the trip approached, I kept waiting for Angel to suggest getting the keys and unlocking me. But instead every night when she wanted an orgasm she would just continue to “use” me to that end the way our sex life has turned into over the past few years, and never said a word about the keys! Even the very night before we were to be boarding the plane, Angel climbed on top of me with her Magic Wand Vibrator tucked between my legs, and got herself off more times than I could count! Surely, I thought, the next morning before heading to the airport she would unlock me…

But the next morning came, and honestly I didn’t really think about it a whole lot as there were still a ton of last minute tasks to do to prepare for our trip. And still, Angel said nothing. I suppose she was very much emboldened by my last trip when we found out that I COULD indeed pass through TSA checkpoints undetected! On the drive to the airport, I did start thinking about my situation a lot more, and actually started getting a little bit nervous. It was a topic I could not exactly talk to Angel about within earshot of the family, so I just went on in silence.


After checking our luggage, all 9 of us were standing in the security line and I knew there was no backing out then. The moment of truth! When just the four of my immediate family got to the front of the line, the TSA Agents immediately waved us over to the regular metal detectors instead of the full body scanners. I can only assume that’s just policy for small kids instead of trying to explain to them how to stand still with arms raised inside the machine.

Still, my heart may have skipped another beat when I realized that’s where we were going, as it was different than my last experience at the airport! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through countless of these types of metal detectors at various places over the years while locked in chastity (sporting events, amusement parks, county courthouse, etc.) and have never been detected. But I do know that they can be set to different sensitivity levels, and I would expect that at an airport they would likely be more sensitive than most!


I just played it cool, made sure the kids and wife were successfully through first, then took a deep breath and stepped through the detector. BEEEP! BEEEP! BEEEP!

“Shit,” I thought. Everything I suspected was right, and my Jail Bird must be setting off the alarm!


I stepped back and they asked if I had anything else metal on, like a belt buckle or anything. I did, so I took off the belt and sent that through separate, then somewhat timidly stepped back through the detector.

To my great relief, this time NOTHING HAPPENED!! Whew, it was only my belt that set off the alarm, not the chastity cage. So no further explanation needed to anybody! 🙂

I did of course wonder, how my belt would have more metal in it than my Jail Bird. But this WAS actually a new belt that Angel recently got me that I can’t say I’d ever worn through a metal detector before. It does have a little bit larger buckle than I’m used to, with sort of a mechanical “catch” in there that lets the belt get sized to within 1/4″ increments instead of just having standard holes in the leather 1″ apart or whatever they usually are. So maybe there really is enough metal in there to trip me up. The good news was that it was NOT my chastity device!!


Being a good 4,000 miles from home, in an exotic setting like Hawaii, while locked and not ever able to touch myself in the least… well that’s a whole other story about the head trip involved with THAT! Lol But it was Angel’s decision, and I did get the chance to give HER a few orgasms that week, so that’s good enough for me! 🙂

On the return flight through Honolulu, I did make it a point to remove my belt first! Once again, they sent us along with the kids through the standard metal detectors instead of the full body scanners, and once again there were no issues in the least with wearing my cage!

Those are my experiences. Within about 2 1/2 months of each other this year I passed through TSA Checkpoints at 3 different airports using both the body scanners and standard metal detectors. And still, nobody besides my wife and the fine readers of my blog here know that I am locked in chastity!

DISCLAIMER I make NO guarantees that others will have the same results, especially if using other chastity devices that might have more metal or may not be stainless steel, or whatever the other differences may be. Your mileage may vary, so if you decide to go through TSA Checkpoints while locked do so at your own risk!

But if you do, whether your story is the same as mine or worse… Drop me a line and tell me about it, I’d love to hear from you!

  1. Clement K. says:

    I never hand a problem walking through a metal detector but I had had it go off with a hand held metal detector when the security guy waved it over my crotch. Fortunately, he didn’t make a big scene. I guess he assumed I had an accident or something.

  2. That’s so cool to hear. How long is your Jailbird? I’m curious to know if yours is about the same size as mine.

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