Halloween Misfortunes

Posted: November 7, 2017 in Chastity, Fetish, Key-Holder, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial

One week ago, Halloween night, was not so great around our house.  It started off fun, getting the kids all dressed up in their costumes and feeding off of their excitement about going out to collect candy from all of the neighbors.  It was a cool evening, so we pulled out the fire pit to the front of the house and had a nice blaze going with some friends over to keep that going as well as hand out our own candy while Angel and I were gone with the boys.

Everything was going fine until the third house that we went to, maybe 100 yards from our own driveway.  Angel was walking back down the neighbor’s front hill towards the street, lost her footing and slipped down the hill, breaking her left leg and dislocating the ankle in the process.  Thankfully a police car just happened to be cruising down our street within minutes of the accident, so we managed to flag them down for help and they were able to get an ambulance very quickly as well.

The kids of course were very scared and distraught that mommy wouldn’t be able to keep walking around the neighborhood with them, so it pretty much put a huge damper on the whole evening for everyone.

In the ER, Angel was fixed up as much as they could do at the time and sent home on crutches.  The following day at a follow-up visit she learned that she was going to have to have a little surgery on it since ligaments on both sides of the angle were also torn.  That was scheduled and happened without any further complications on Friday.

canstockphoto10141500.jpgSo now Angel is pretty much going to be laid up for at least a few weeks, keeping her foot elevated as much as possible for it to heal.  Even after that, once she gets to a hard boot she won’t be very mobile for probably a good 8-12 weeks to get through therapy and what not.

What does that mean for me?  Well, I’m going to have a VERY busy 8-12 weeks!  It has already been very hectic trying to keep up with keeping a 6 & 3 year old in line and off to school/baby-sitters, and all other evening activities they have going on, while also caring for Angel at the same time.  Thankfully we do both have family in the immediate area so they have been a big help when they can, but of course everyone’s time is still limited so it still falls mostly on us to figure out some new routines until Angel is back on her feet.

canstockphoto13702433.jpgObviously, sex and chastity have pretty much just faded into the background for a while, but I am definitely still locked!  This just kind of goes to show that life for a chaste man is certainly not always fun and games.  Life still happens, and the majority of the time it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the locked dick!  But even in situations like this it is no reason to stop chastity.  In fact we very well could end up hitting a record here, being how I’m already sitting at 108 days of continuous lock-up and potentially could have at least 90 to go!  It especially could be a record since many of my previous chastity sessions included at least a couple times where I might be let out for at most 20 minutes for a “quick release” with Angel; but this time there have been ZERO such releases to date, and especially with the given circumstances I’m not seeing any on the horizon either!

Looking back through my Current Status page, I have hit 6 months of a chastity period before, but by this point I had at least been let out for about 3 quick orgasms at different times.  Now, looking at the possibility of at least 6 months with NO orgasms, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what that first one might feel like after that much time to “build up!”

Only time will tell, and I just pray that everything heals well and Angel doesn’t end up having problems with that ankle for the rest of her life.  I will keep doing my part to keep her as comfortable as possible, and not worry at all about when she might get back to being a “key-holder” again.  We’ll get back into the swing of things in due time and it will still be completely up to her on when I am to be released.  The part I miss the most through all of this is being able to give ANGEL a good orgasm; I truly don’t even care when MY next one might be!

  1. confewzhed says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThat really sucks for everyone. Worst Halloween ever! I hope her recovery goes well for everyone’s sake. Because when mom is sick or broken, it sucks for everyone.

  2. Oh, wow! Hope her healing and recovery are seamless.

  3. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsPlease accept my best wishes for Angel’s recovery. You’ve got a lot going on right now and all responsibility is on your shoulders, but I’m sure you’ll handle everything very well! You’re a strong man and the blessing in this is that your lovely Angel will recover. Keep us posted, my friend, and sending you both a hug.

  4. Must have been a helluva trip! I hope she heals perfectly and quickly. While orgasms are likely very far from her mind at the moment, as she begins to heal she will start to be horny again. There’s nothing to stop you using your mouth when she’s finally up to it again. Look after yourself in the meantime. Try not to become overly fatigued.

  5. nijntje says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I hope she heals up well and quickly, and I hope you all make out okay in the process. What an awful accident ….

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