Self Mummification

Posted: September 8, 2017 in BDSM, Bondage, Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Self Bondage

Many who read my blog very regularly would probably know that besides chastity I tend to have a little thing for being tied up as well.  There’s just something about being tightly restrained, unable to move, and completely at the mercy of my Wife/Mistress, Angel!

At least at this stage of our D/s relationship, Angel has never really taken very much to initiating such a scene. Sure, she will put the cuffs on me and draw them tight to the bed if I specifically ask her to do something like that, but generally speaking if I want to be tied up I have to get my “fix” by doing it myself.  Self-bondage can be a lot of fun in its own right, but if playing COMPLETELY alone I can’t really say I ever feel like it is truly secure, as there kind of has to be a somewhat easy escape plan (darn that whole “Safe” piece of SSC! Lol)

Luckily, Angel and I HAVE gotten to a point where I can occasionally tie myself up while she is perhaps in another room, then she will come in and find me completely helpless to deflect anything she wants to do with me.  More often than not, Angel doesn’t know it’s happening until she comes into the room, but she is usually pleasantly surprised and anxious to take advantage of the situation when she finds me like this!  The nice part about engaging in self-bondage with another person in the general vicinity, is that I can get much more elaborate with it and even get into positions that there’s probably no way I would ever escape from without some assistance!

This leads in nicely to a new experience that we had last weekend.  Angel was upstairs working for a little while and I had this sudden, overwhelming urge to be tied up again.  One thing I have always been extremely curious about in a BDSM context is mummification, at least in the form of being wrapped tightly with clear plastic wrap.  I do have this whole spool of wrap, mainly designed for things like packaging boxes, quickly holding a bunch of 2×4’s together for transport, etc.  Working quickly before I got out of the mood or Angel came downstairs before I was quite “ready,” I brought that spool up into the bedroom and began to prepare everything else I would need to set this scene.

Stripping naked, I climbed into bed and began wrapping around my feet, then up my lower legs.  I had to go around at least 2-3 times, stretching the wrap a little bit tighter with each pass, before it really felt like adequate “inescapable” bondage.  Before moving on to my upper legs, I even placed our Hitachi Magic Wand between them so Angel would have something fun to play with!  I then went ahead and wrapped all the way up to my waste, leaving only the wand head and my chastity cage sticking out.  I couldn’t help squirming around a bit and feeling the new sensations as I rubbed my legs/feet against the mattress but couldn’t feel near as much of the soft sheets through the plastic wrap!

Next came probably the most difficult question of any self-bondage situation.  What to do with my arms?? I would always love for those to be as tightly secured as my legs, but unfortunately I still have to USE my hands/arms in order to accomplish that!  I would love to just keep my arms at my sides and be completely & tightly wrapped all the way up to my shoulders, but clearly that’s not happening alone…  So I just did the next best thing and cuffed myself to the corners of the bed.  After strapping on just the cuffs, with enough slack in the tethers to still use my hands for a few other things, I centered myself on the bed and pulled the sheet up as high as I could on my body.  Then I went ahead and added a blindfold, grabbed the loose ends of our ratcheting tethers, stretched out my arms and drew in the slack.  Now I was stuck and completely committed to Angel finding me in this little predicament, only half mummified!

When Angel is upstairs working I never really know how long she might be.  Sometimes I have laid in self-bondage for an hour or more, waiting for her to come down and find me.  But that’s ok, if that had happened here I was comfortable enough that I could have easily even drifted off to sleep if I had to.  But in this case I didn’t have to wait very long at all.  I had only finished the final touches about 5 minutes or so before I heard her coming down the stairs.  She glanced in the bedroom and saw me blindfolded with my arms stretched out to the sides of the bed, but couldn’t see everything else under the sheet yet.  She came over chuckling and kind of whispered in my ear that she needed to go to the bathroom and get ready for bed, but she was definitely up for some play!  Of course that just made the cage get even tighter as I laid there imagining what Angel might have in store for me when she came back to bed!  At the same time though, I was also a little bit worried about what she might think about my legs being bound in that fashion?  I know I shouldn’t worry about things like that with Angel anymore, but any time I’m introducing something “new” that concern always still seems to creep up in my mind.

When Angel came back, she climbed on top of me still whispering in my ear how she was glad to find me like this and how much fun she was going to have using me.  When she pulled back the sheet, she WAS a bit surprised, but in a good way!  She asked what brought that on, and if I was trying to be some kind of “mermaid” or something.  I told her it was just something I had often thought could be fun to try out, and I wanted to feel completely secured and helpless under her control.  And I had thought of it more as a mummy than a mermaid, but could see it either way–it was her fantasy now too!

It didn’t take Angel very long to find that sliding her body up and down my legs created very unique sensations for BOTH of us!  She was so wet and turned on that when she started riding the vibrator she exploded with her first orgasm of the night almost immediately!  Then she wanted to try something else, but she thought I should be able to “see” it so she removed the blindfold for me.  Then she turned herself around  so her ass was facing me, and continued to ride the magic wand while she could bend forward and rub her boobs and face along my wrapped legs/feet.  All I could do was watch that nice ass, without even being able to touch it at all, while hearing and feeling Angel completely get herself off numerous times on top of me in that position!  There was no need to have worried about trying something new, as Angel absolutely LOVED sliding around on top of me in that state!

When Angel had her fill of that for at least a little while, she climbed up more towards the head of the bed and planted herself right on top of my face so I could lick her clean and bring her to at least one more orgasm with my tongue.  We’ve done things like this before but not very often where I don’t have any use of my hands at all.  So it was a little bit tricky on the positioning, but we got the job done!  From my side it was a very surreal experience to just be so completely immobile and feeling Angel using and getting off so much on top of me!  And I know that she was really enjoying her power and control over me as well!

After about a 5-10 minute break (where I was not untied at all), Angel was ready for round 2.  She spent most of that time again turned around backwards, embracing my slick, plastic-coated legs while she rode the magic wand and I could only watch that gorgeous ass bobbing up and down on top of me as she had a couple more earth-shattering orgasms for herself.

I am SUCH a lucky guy!



  1. love how you have the type of relationship that allows for such freedom and so much fun!

  2. bjsisal says: great. I am venturing into self ties, but the whole thing makes me nervous.

  3. Being completely wrapped is a pretty cool experience. I got to do it at a BDSM club this spring, and was wrapped from foot to just below my neck, standing and bound to a post. It was remarkably disabling as I wasn’t able to move anything other than my fingers. I was completely at the hands of someone else, and it was hot.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time!!

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