It’s All About The Feet

Posted: March 28, 2017 in BDSM, Chastity, Dominatrix, Fetish, Foot Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Submissive

As I’m locked in chastity longer and longer, I find that the things which turn me on are constantly expanding as well!  Lately, it has been feet.  Angel’s feet!  I never really knew that I had much of a foot fetish, but it would appear that I might have one now!

Maybe it started back around New Year’s this year, where I wrote about getting Angel a pair of very tall & sexy high heels for some of our playtime.  She still isn’t particularly fond of walking around in those, but does put them on for me once in a while anyway.  I’ve always loved how they look on her and always find myself wanting to get down on my knees and kiss those cute little toes sticking through them!  But up until lately I hadn’t seen that as an attraction to the feet themselves as much as just loving how much taller these heels make her (taller than me, even).  It is a very humbling and rewarding experience to be on my knees with Angel towering high above me, fully exercising her control over my entire body; most notably HER locked up dick!

Lately, it has been turning into more than that.  Quite often I will wake up in the mornings fairly close to our normal alarm time, and frankly I am horny as hell! Obviously, that can be expected from pretty much any guy, but especially those of us who are locked for months at a time! 🙂  Angel generally never seems to mind in those situations if I gently wake her up, as it frequently leads to some good orgasms to start HER day with!  Recently, there have been at least a few instances where I’ve been compelled to just completely reverse my position on the bed so that my head is down near Angel’s feet.  I will start with rubbing her feet & legs, and kissing/sucking on her toes, etc.  As she begins to stir and wake up, my mouth and hands move further up her legs until we hit OTHER areas and really make Angel a happy woman!

But what probably really started to identify this as a fetish for me, happened late last week.  Angel went out with a friend of hers for a pedicure, as she does at least every couple of months or so.  I didn’t really think anything of it until later that night before bed, when Angel began teasingly waving her feet in my face, saying she had some nice soft, freshly groomed feet/toes “in case I wanted to suck on them a little bit!”  How could I resist THAT offer?  I was immediately below her, beginning to rub, kiss, lick, and suck all over those sexy feet!  I loved it so much when she would plant both feet firmly on each respective side of my face, where I could take in a deep breath through my nose and completely absorb her scent.  Sometimes when I would be focusing on rubbing one specific foot, she would let the other wander down to tease me a bit inside the chastity cage which would drive me crazy with desire for her!

That session didn’t really last too long, but I don’t think I’ve looked at Angel’s feet the same since!  Or in many cases, it would describe it better to say that I CAN’T STOP looking at Angel’s feet!  Case in point: this past Sunday evening.  We were both kicked back watching some TV, Angel in the recliner and me on the couch.  At one point she got up to use the restroom, and when she came back she didn’t even put the footrest back up, but kind of crossed one leg over her body and was just very absent-mindedly rubbing her fingers along her foot as if just scratching a slight itch or something.  I’m quite sure Angel thought absolutely nothing of it, but glancing over watching this was VERY distracting to me (yes, even through “The Walking Dead!”)

Before long, I found myself putting my own footrest down, and repositioned myself to the floor in front of Angel.  I spent almost the last half of the show massaging both of Angel’s feet, and sneaking in plenty of little kisses along her soles, toes, and lower legs.  Angel of course very thoroughly enjoyed the extra attention, and every time I turned to look back at her and saw that appreciative smile on her face, it just completely warmed my heart (not to mention continued straight south, as I could feel the cage growing ever tighter knowing how much I was pleasing my “mistress” at that time!)

The deeper we go into this lifestyle the more my submissiveness surfaces!  I realize that there is virtually no end to how far this COULD go, it will only be a matter of how far Angel decides to take it with me.  As for this newfound foot fetish of mine..  I’m no doormat (outside of the bedroom, at least!) but I believe I would gladly throw myself down to be trampled under Angel’s beautiful feet any day!


  1. I knew I had a boot fetish based on how I felt every time I saw my wife wear long boots in the winter time. But the more we’ve been wading into the whole D/s, chastity, FLR stuff the more I realize that I also have a foot fetish. It is even more of a turn on when she is forceful in pushing her foot/toes into my face/mouth.

  2. Lovely post. You sound so happy serving her. I can’t wait to read more. <3

  3. furcissy says:

    Chastity does make many parts of a woman’s body feel rather attractive and desirable.

    While I don’t know if I would call my enjoyment of feet a fetish (yet?) it is particularly pleasing to have another part on her body that can bring her tremendous pleasure when stimulated.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. dave94015 says:

    It is often true that the more you put into the lifestyle, the more aroused you’ll both get!

  5. dave94015 says:

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    As a couple gets deeper into the #bdsm #lifestyle, their #dominance & #submission increases!

  6. I don’t have a foot fetish either but do really enjoy playing with my wife’s feet at times. Usually when I’m very excited! lol. Still I’ve always thought she had sexy feet.

  7. Mm, endless foot rubs❤️

  8. Welcome to the foot fetish club. There is nothing more sexy than MrsL’s feet…especially after a pedicure. This past two weeks at home without travel reignited my own desire and craving for her feet.

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