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Posted: October 14, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial

I had a new reader question come in the other day that I wanted to address.  This one is all about wearing a chastity device with kids in the house!

infestenhaenden asked:

May I ask you a question?  How do you explain your cage to your kids?  They for sure feel it when they cuddle with you, or see it when they accidentally come in the bathroom?

This is a great question, thank you!  The short, simple answer is that so far [knocking on wood] I have never actually HAD to explain it to them!  The full answer does get a tad bit more involved, as there IS somewhat of a trick to “hiding” the chastity device from my children.

First of all, I have had no issues whatsoever with normal every day activities involving the kids.  That includes cuddling with them, playing with them on the floor, even letting them sit in my lap to read a book, etc!  If I’m pulling them up into my lap, of course I tend to just plant them up on one thigh or the other, but even at times when they’ve ended up straddling both legs and leaning back against my chest (directly on top of the cage) neither of them have ever given any indication of finding that position uncomfortable, or noticing anything out of the ordinary.

canstockphoto16816674That being said, here’s a link back to one rather humorous story that I posted about my oldest son a couple years ago where I almost could have been “found out!”

Innocence of a Child

Going to the bathroom, as you mentioned, presents its own unique challenges in this situation.  Anybody with small kids in the house knows that there is virtually no more expectation of privacy, including in the bathroom!  When my oldest son was potty training, I actually ended up taking a relatively long break from chastity since I was pretty nervous about him seeing the cage.  Even in hindsight, I think that was probably a wise move.  I rarely was in the bathroom alone during that period, and pretty much always had to “demo” the proper way to use the toilet, “aiming,” etc.  It seemed to take forever, but eventually he got it and stopped having accidents in his pants!  Now if I am using the bathroom at home it is easier to just lock the door, and if he comes knocking saying that HE needs to go, I can send him off to use the upstairs bathroom instead.

With my youngest son now, it remains to be seen if we will have similar issues or not.  He’s very close to being ready, and has already practiced sitting/going on his little potty chair, but we haven’t really started pressing the potty training too much yet.  The good thing is, he has big brother to watch (and already copies everything ELSE from, so why not this too?!)  So hopefully I won’t have to be the one showing him quite as much, and therefore staying locked shouldn’t be much of an issue.

canstockphoto40571573.jpgWhere the bathroom issue gets even more tricky, I think, is when it comes to going in public.   It’s one thing if I can just take a kid into a public restroom, help hold them up on the toilet seat long enough for them to take care of business, then take them back out for somebody else to watch while I go back into the bathroom to take care of MY needs.  But that is often much easier said than done!  Again, we haven’t quite gotten to this point yet with my youngest, but when it comes to my older son there have been plenty of times where we might be out somewhere by ourselves, or we’re in a hurry just making a quick pit stop while travelling, or whatever, and we have BOTH had to use the bathroom at the same time.

There are a couple of ways that this can be accomplished..

1) Once he learned to use a urinal (thank goodness so many places have at least one “shorter” version that he can reach on his own!) I am often able to let him stand and go at one urinal while I use another right next to it.  It’s nicer in that case if there are small dividers between the urinals, but even when there’s not I can still kind of turn my body a bit and/or cover with my hands to keep the cage out of sight.

[NOTE: Depending on the device, this may not even be possible with everyone either…  Fortunately with both my Queen’s Keep and now Jail Bird, I have found that I CAN at least line everything up enough to use a urinal while standing.  Any other time though, I must pee sitting down.]

2) In other instances, I just have to keep the kid in a stall with me until we both go.  This is of course the highest risk of being seen, but it can still be done!  I remember one instance where I was locked and in a store alone with my son, and he didn’t even have to go but I desperately had to do #2.  (Laugh all you want, but we’ve ALL been there! Lol) Obviously, I couldn’t just leave my 3-4 year old alone to roam the store while I went to the bathroom!  Fortunately in this case there was a “family” restroom nearby so I was able to take him in there and lock the door behind us.  At least now I didn’t have to worry about him crawling under the stall walls or anything!

My son spent most of his time roaming around playing with the sink, the air dryer, and pretty much anything else he could possibly get his hands on.  Any time he would come near me, I would just have to employ what I like to call the “Tuck & Turn” method, where I basically just sort of tuck the cage between my legs as much as possible while still covering the front with my hand, then also sort of turn my body as much in the other direction as possible, until the kid gets distracted and moves on to something else.  It’s really a fairly effective technique, which I’ve had to use on occasion at home as well in certain situations!

As time goes on, I’ve gotten to where I worry less and less about wearing a chastity device around my kids.  I really kind of think that in general kids are just very oblivious (“innocent” is probably a better term) about these kinds of things, and they just sort of adapt themselves to the realities of their environment, accepting pretty much everything they encounter as “normal.”  So even if one of them did happen to notice a “hard lump” in the middle of daddy’s lap, they’d probably have no real reason to question it!

I will never be one to just openly flaunt my chastity cage around the house in front of the kids, but I also don’t really see a point in completely hiding it (as in just not even wearing one at all for fear of being discovered.)  IF one of them ever actually saw it or asked about it…  Honestly at this point I don’t really know for sure how I would answer.  But that’s a bridge I’ll cross if/when it ever gets here!



  1. Something else I’ve never thought of! What a great question and a very real life answer.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes, one of the most unique things about long-term chastity is that it goes far beyond just being a fun, sexy game with your significant other in the bedroom. It stays with you through EVERY moment of your life, all the way down to mundane tasks like taking your kids to the bathroom!

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